Please answer the 36 questions of the Health Survey completely, honestly, and without interruptions. GENERAL HEALTH: In general, would you say your health . Medical Outcomes Study Questionnaire Short Form 36 Scoring: The SF has eight scaled scores; the scores are weighted sums of the questions in each. MOS Item Short Form Survey Instrument (SF) (Arabic PDF) This manual describes self-administered patient questionnaires that were developed for.

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Scoring[edit]. The SF consists of eight scaled scores, which are the weighted sums of the questions in their section. Each scale is. Please fill out this questionnaire as though it were SF is a registered trademark of Medical Outcomes Trust. (SFv2 Standard, US Version ) to get more. healthy as anybody I know. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I expect my health to get worse. 1. 2 . 3. 4. 5. My health is excellent. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Comments: Patient Signature.

Draugalis , Ron D. Additional studies need to be conducted in a sample of the Saudi population to further assess the psychometric properties of the Arabic version.

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For those interested in information about the physical and mental health summary scores and the work done to create a single score, we suggest the following articles:. Anita Stewart , John E. This book provides a set of ready-to-use generic measures that are applicable to all adults, including those well and chronically ill, as well as a methodological guide to collecting health data and constructing health measures.

Ron D. Hays , Cathy D.

Sherbourne , Rebecca Mazel. This manual describes self-administered patient questionnaires that were developed for patients participating in the Medical Outcomes Study.

Hays Conceptualization of physical and mental health and associations on different scales may be different for Asian immigrants than for other groups. Hays Additional studies need to be conducted in a sample of the Saudi population to further assess the psychometric properties of the Arabic version. Higher scores indicate better health status.

The time to fulfill the questionnaire, from 5 to 10 minutes, and the versatility of its application by self-filling, telephone or personal interviews with people aged more than 14 years old, with reliability and validation levels that exceed the minimum recommended standards make this instrument an attractive tool to be combined with other population surveys. In Brazil, the SF was used in studies about quality of life of patients with terminal chronic renal insufficiency in outpatient hemodialysis 11 Souza FF.

Silqueira SMF.

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Rev Panam Salud Publica ; Health related quality of life among the elderly: a population-based study using SF survey.

These studies shows that scores for the SF domains obtained in adult populations presented high reliability and good criterion validity when compared to other instruments that assess the quality of life. The analysis of SF data coming from a probabilistic sample of Brazilian households showed that the obtained scales meet the minimum psychometric standards required for quality of data, grading conjectures, reliability and validity of the instrument, and that these reproduce the physical and mental hypothetical dimensions.

The relationship standards between factors and scales are predictive of their associations with external factors of physical and mental health 16 Psychometric evaluation of the SF v. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes ; 9: Besides, this analysis enabled the estimation of national scores to determine if a group or individual is above or below the average for their country, age or gender. Since health status is a social construction in which the assessment of the health of a person is made within a specific cultural comprehension of health 17 Gandek B, Ware JE.

Therefore, the objective of this article was to present the descriptive measures of the scale scores and measures composing the SF according to age and age group obtained in a probabilistic sample of Brazilian households. Materials and Methods The sample is entirely probabilistic and stratified in multiple stages, which allows accurate inferences of population parameters.

SF-36v2 Health Survey

The sample was in accordance with a probabilistic procedure in three stages, in which at first the cities were selected, followed by the census sectors inside the cities and, finally, the households inside the sectors. Basic information about schooling and work was collected for all of the individuals aged 10 years old or more.

Questions concern the four weeks prior to the interview 18 Acta Reumatol Port ; The eight SF scales are: physical functioning 10 items , role-physical 4 items , bodily pain 2 items , general health 5 items , vitality 4 items , social functioning 2 items , role-emotional 3 items and mental health 5 items , and there are two summary measures - physical health and mental health.

The procedures to calculate scores were in accordance with the recommendations of the creators of SF 19 Lincoln RI: QualityMetric; For each scale of SF, the following measures were taken: mean, respective confidence interval, ground and ceiling effect.

The ground and ceiling effects are the percentage of subjects who had the lowest score - zero, or the highest score - one hundred - in each of the eight domains, respectively.

The adopted limiting values for the ground effect were scores lower than Data of the heads of families and spouses were weighted to represent the total Brazilian population in the analyses conducted with SPSS v. The size of the sample obtained in this study meets the criteria established by the International Quality of Life Assessment IQOLA project for the comparison between genders and age groups 17 The pair of answers that presented more inconsistency 3.

The distribution of items demonstrated that all of the categories were used by the respondents, with inclination towards the most favorable health status among male participants, aged less than 40 years old, with higher schooling. The age-standardized scores for the eight scale domains and the two components physical and mental health of the SF ranged according to age, being higher among the younger age groups and decreasing with age Table 1.

Even though several domains had shown ceiling effect Thumbnail Table 1 Descriptive measures of the standardized scores for the eight domains of the item Short Form and for the two summary measures physical and mental health of the Brazilian population by age groups. As expected, mean scores of Brazilian men and women ranged according to age and gender Tables 2 and 3.

Among men, vitality in the younger age groups and general health in the other age groups presented with the lowest values.

Among women, the scores of mental health in the age groups younger than 35 years old, as well as functional capacity, in age groups older than 64 years old, showed the lowest values. As in the general sample, several domains exhibited strong ceiling effect Men presented higher scores in relation to women for all of the domains and the two summary measures.

Even though the confidence intervals are not superposed for any of the domains or summary measures, the magnitude of the difference should be considered. Except for general health and physical and mental health, all of the other domains had more than five points of difference, which is considered to be clinically and socially significant.

Health Status Questionnaire (SF-36)

Thumbnail Table 2 Descriptive measures of the standardized scores for the eight domains of the item Short Form and for the two summary measures physical and mental component of the Brazilian male population by age groups. Thumbnail Table 3 Descriptive measures of the standardized scores for the eight domains of the item Short Form and for the two summary measures physical and mental component of the Brazilian female population by age groups.Clinical prodromes of neurodegeneration in Anderson-Fabry disease.

SF health survey , http: Questionnaires The SF questionnaire includes eight multiple-item subscales that evaluate physical function, social functioning, role limitations due to physical problems, role limitations due to emotional problems, mental health, vitality, pain, and general health perception [ 7 ].

Effect of mindfulness based stress reduction on quality of life SF and spirometry parameters, in chemically pulmonary injured veterans. Population-based normative data on the SF is available for the United States and some other countries as well.

Iran J Public Health ; BJOG ; In total, The SF is a measure of health status and an abbreviated variant of it, the SF-6D, is commonly used in health economics as a variable in the quality-adjusted life year calculation to determine the cost-effectiveness of a health treatment.

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