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Don't remember me.

Best audiobooks in English. Post search Best audiobooks in English pinned post 6 Feb Rather than report the matter to the police, he wrote a note and stuck it up on lamppost near his house: Anyone who has lost such a sum should apply to the phone number below.

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Portobello 8 of 8. Ruth Rendell - Portobello. Natalie Isabel. Thank so much for posting this - I love the Ruth Rendells. Has anyone got the audio for 'The Crocodile Bird'? Best audiobooks in English pinned post 5 Feb Expand text… When the police started asking questions, Jean Taylor turned into a different woman. One who enabled her and her husband to carry on, when more bad things began to happen She was too busy being the perfect wife, standing by her man while living with the accusing glares and the anonymous harassment.

There are people who want to hear her story. They want to know what it was like living with that man. She can tell them that there were secrets. There always are in a marriage. But the one lesson Jean has learned in the last few years is that she can make people believe anything….

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Everything You Want Me to Be 5 of 5. Best audiobooks in English pinned post 10 Jan Expand text… This taut psychological thriller begins when Karen and her nine-year- old daughter, Alice, pick up Rex from a ten-year stint in prison for murder.

Flash back to the sultry summer in s London when Karen, a straight-A student on the verge of college graduation, first meets the exotic, flamboyant Biba and joins her louche life in a crumbling mansion in Highgate.

She begins a relationship with Biba's enigmatic and protective older brother, Rex, and falls into a blissful rhythm of sex, alcohol, and endless summer nights.

But Biba and Rex have a complicated family history-one of abandonment, suicide, and crippling guilt-and Karen's summer of freedom is about to end in blood. When old ghosts come back to destroy the life it has taken Karen a decade to build, she has everything to lose.

She will do whatever it takes to protect her family and keep her secret. Alternating between the fragile present and the lingering past with a shocker of an ending, The Poison Tree is a brilliant suspense debut that will appeal to readers of Kate Atkinson, Donna Tartt, and Tana French. Erin Kelly. The Poison Tree 1 of 6. The Poison Tree 2 of 6.

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The Poison Tree 6 of 6. The Poison Tree - Erin Kelly. Best audiobooks in English pinned post 5 Dec When Audrey Kepler inherits an abandoned homestead in rural Queensland, she jumps at the chance to escape her loveless existence in the city and make a fresh start.

In a dusty back room of the old house, she discovers the crumbling photo of a handsome World War II medic - Samuel Riordan, the homestead's former occupant - and soon finds herself becoming obsessed with him. But as Audrey digs deeper into Samuel's story, she discovers he was accused of bashing to death a young woman on his return from the war in When she learns about other unexplained deaths in recent years - one of them a young woman with injuries echoing those of the first victim - she begins to suspect that the killer is still very much alive.

And now Audrey, thanks to her need to uncover the past, has provided him with good reason to want to kill again. Anna Romer.

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Best audiobooks in English pinned post 11 Nov Suspicion immediately focuses on the parents, but the truth is a much more complicated story. Inside the curtained house, an unsettling account of what actually happened unfolds. Detective Rasbach knows that the panicked couple is hiding something. Both Anne and Marco soon discover that the other is keeping secrets, secrets they've kept for years.

What follows is the nerve-racking unraveling of a family, a chilling tale of deception, duplicity, and unfaithfulness that will keep you breathless until the final shocking twist.

Shari Lapena.

The Couple Next Door 1 of 7. The Couple Next Door 2 of 7. The Couple Next Door 3 of 7. The Couple Next Door 4 of 7. The Couple Next Door 5 of 7.

The Couple Next Door 6 of 7. The Couple Next Door 7 of 7. Donna Hauger. Thanks BABE! Not a dull moment. Christina Psaltaki. The humidity in Natchez was wilting her clothes, not to mention what it was doing to her hair, which she had tamed into a semblance of control this morning.

Now she knew it must be curling around her head in wild abandon. She heard the crunch of tires on the driveway outside and then the loudly squeaking sound of a car door being slammed shut. She counted the three steps that she remembered leading up to the porch as someone took them quickly and then three more long steps across the front porch to the door.

The knob on the door turned and it was flung open. It swung back and crashed into the wall before the looming figure standing silhouetted against the afternoon sun reached behind himself to close it. He stamped into the entrance hall, leaving muddy scuff marks on the parqueted oak floor.

He moved with an easy gait that was vaguely familiar, but Camille was so infuriated with his negligent disregard for the abused floor, the door, and the wall, that she didn't give the familiarity a conscious thought.

Download Deadline ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

Before she reasoned against speaking out, she blurted, "It's no wonder this house is in such deplorable shape. If everyone who came in here was as careless as you are and as unappreciative of its beauty, it would be falling down within a week! He had just come in from the blindingly bright sunlight, and it took a moment for him to adjust his eyes and spot her sitting in the shadows of the hallway.

Without speaking, he removed his wide-brimmed straw hat and raked his arm across a perspiring forehead. Then, still holding his hat in one hand, he put both hands on his hips and looked at her fully for the first time. He took five steps forward and stopped within a few feet of her chair.

Their gazes met and locked and there was a simultaneous sharp intake of breath from the two people staring at each other. It couldn't be!

He couldn't be here! What was he doing here? Is it him? It can't be! Camille's mouth had gone as dry as cotton and she tried convulsively to swallow.

Her heart was pounding so hard she knew he must be able to see it stirring the fabric across her breasts. She flushed hot all over and then shivered with cold. The roaring in her ears was like a cannon blast. She knew by his stance and shocked expression that he was as dumbstruck as she. He looked the same as he had in Utah almost two years ago. Maybe there were a few more web-like lines fanning out from the corners of his eyes, but the irises were as blue as ever, startling, piercing, hypnotizing.

She knew all too well their hypnotic power! Was he taller? It must seem so because she was sitting down, but she knew that if she stood, she would still only reach his collarbone.

Sandra Brown

He was as broad of shoulder and narrow of hip as she remembered. The physique that had been a part of her fantasies for these many months had not been exaggerated in her memory as she sometimes convinced herself that it was.

His brown hair was streaked with sun-bleached strands. The tan skin drawn tightly over the lean lines of his face intensified the blue of his eyes, which studied her with the same hungry stare she felt in her own. He wasn't dressed in the tight ski pants and soft sweaters she remembered. He wore western-cut jeans and cowboy boots-muddy boots that scuffed up floors. His blue chambray shirt was unbuttoned to the middle of his chest, the sleeves rolled to his elbows. It was damp and stained with perspiration.

The hair on his arms and chest was bleached almost completely blond, and nestled in the curls on his chest was the gold ornament that Camille remembered tenderly. He told her the cross had belonged to his late mother. The chain that suspended it around his neck was heavy. In no way did the piece of jewelry look feminine, especially lying as it was in the damp hair of his chest. When Mr. Rayburn Prescott had introduced himself to her, said his name, she felt that sharp pang around her heart that accompanied any reminder of the skiing vacation she had taken after her graduation from college.

She would never have imagined that those two men would be related. Zack had never told her where he called home. Had she ever asked? Had she cared? The tightness in Camille's throat relaxed long enough for her to say, "You told me you were a farmer, but I assumed you were joking.

The muscles of her face wouldn't work. The lines on either side of his mouth hardened. I'd be curious to know. Then the familiar regrets that had haunted her for days, months, years came back and with them the guilt and shame he had caused her to suffer. Anger flared from the golden depths of her eyes as she snarled, "What do you think I assumed about a man who so heartlessly seduced an innocent girl.

I despise you for what you did to me-" "You have an unconvincing way of displaying your aversion, Camille," he interrupted her, and she wanted to slap his arrogant face.

But the sound of her name coming from those full, soft, sensual lips halted any action she would have taken. She had the overwhelming compulsion to reach out and stroke his lean, brown cheek.

She clenched her fists to stymie the impulse.

They stared at each other for a long moment before they heard Simon's footsteps coming down the hall. Camille whirled away from Zack and tried vainly to compose her features. Prescott will see you now.

Hello, Zack.

Have you met Miss Jameson? Prescott hopes you don't mind meeting him on the terrace. She followed Simon down the hall without looking back.

Cancel Remove. Watch fullscreen. Martynika Wilson. Dawson Scott is a well-respected journalist recently returned from Afghanistan. Haunted by everything he experienced, he's privately suffering from battle fatigue which is a threat to every aspect of his life. But then he gets a call from a source within the FBI. A new development has come to light in a story that began 40 years ago.

It could be the BIG story of Dawson's career one in which he has a vested interest. Soon, Dawson is covering the disappearance and presumed murder of former Marine Jeremy Wesson, the biological son of the pair of terrorists who remain on the FBI's Most Wanted list. As Dawson delves into the story, he finds himself developing feelings for Wesson's ex-wife, Amelia, and her two young sons. But when Amelia's nanny turns up dead, the case takes a stunning new turn, with Dawson himself becoming a suspect.

Haunted by his own demons, Dawson takes up the chase for the notorious outlaws. Browse more videos. Playing next 0: Stephanie Johnson.Southerners like Rayburn Prescott were scrupulous about manners and etiquette. The lady behind the desk told her that the lane leading to the old mansion would be on her left just before the road she was on intersected with Highway Make Death Love Me 1 of 6. Evonne Annie. For more information you ca She couldn't help her features, so she saw to it that she was always dressed with utmost care.

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