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Besides, revenge was a dish best served cold, and I would get him back. I rubbed the belt buckle again, seeking the essence imprint.

Once I had it, my surroundings changed into the richly furnished room that our quarry was still standing in. He was staring out the window in horror at flames that leapt all the way up to the roof.


A hidden door swung open, and he darted inside a steel-lined room and closed the door before I could mentally switch channels. Branson has a panic room!

I sent to Vlad once I was tuned in to him. Vlad paused on his way up a long, curved staircase, giving an amused glance toward the second floor.

A red Porsche bursting through the wall of fire surprised me into dropping my link to Vlad. Maybe he was in league with Mircea, too. With Vlad busy trying to bust in the panic room, I was the only person standing in the way of this treacherous driver and his freedom.

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I chased after the car. The car shot forward with a burst of speed. Now he was only a dozen feet away from the driveway. I put everything I had into a desperate lunge. Two bullets whizzed over my head, and the third one struck me in the shoulder instead of the heart. From the burn, the bullets were silver.

Of course. Any other ammunition was useless against vampires.

Pain caused my powers to flare. A long, sizzling whip shot from my right hand and I cracked it toward the car. More gunshots had me spinning to avoid another volley of bullets, and I used my velocity to full advantage. When I swung back around, my electrical whip had lengthened, and I lashed the car with all the force I had in me.

Flames shot over the car, too thick and numerous to be from the electrical fire. Then Vlad slammed down next to me, the ground shuddering from the force of his impact. He shoved me behind him and rounded on the burning car. High-pitched, panicked screams made me wince from more than their assault on my enhanced hearing.

Mamie, Tacie i Morganowi,

I grabbed his arm. At once, his arm became so hot that my hand started to catch fire. I let him go, and he turned back to the car with a smile that made further argument useless. I knew that smile. It meant someone was about to die. I took a few steps backward as the screams from inside the car became even more frenzied. The screams stopped. So did the sounds of breaking glass and twisting steel.

Soon, all I heard was a hiss as the ground caught fire. I reached out to Vlad again, this time not dropping my hand even though his flesh still scorched me through the thin material of his shirt. A bark of laughter escaped him.

All I focused on was his kiss and the wave of love pouring through our connection, even more powerful than the rage that had caused him to melt a car as easily as a normal person could strike a match. When Vlad stopped kissing me, another emotion poured through the bond that had formed the moment Vlad had raised me as a vampire. In moments, I saw the inside of a small panic room.

It had a single chair, a twin set of control panels, and several screens that showed live video feed from both the interior and the exterior of the manor. Branson was staring at the screen that showed Vlad and me next to the smoking, misshapen remains of the Porsche. Then he looked at the steel walls of his panic room, and an expression of horror crossed his features.

Vlad began striding toward the manor, and I watched as Branson reached into a drawer. He came up with a gun, and with shaking hands, he checked the clip to make sure that it was loaded. It was, and from the look of them, they were silver bullets. He snorted. Then, very calmly, Branson put the gun to his chest and pulled the trigger.

Paulson attacked me. I paused. Had I? The idea that I might be having blackouts in addition to hallucinations soured my already bleak mood. I got out of the car and went to my hotel room.

Once inside, I dropped my purse as though it were a fifty-pound anchor, then flicked on the light. Everything in me stiffened. Strong brows, a straight nose, high cheekbones and a sensual mouth made up a face that was striking enough to adorn billboards. Gorgeous guys do not spend their evenings waiting around for me.

My hallucinations had never spoken to me before. That was the only logical response, but I stood there, somehow unafraid of my intruder. My sister? By comparison, being robbed sounded like a vacation. Brain damage from the head wound? He rose. Despite my baffling lack of fear, I flinched as he came nearer. He had to be a foot taller than my five-six height, with shoulders that would fill a door frame and muscles no bulky overcoat could hide. The only thing more striking was his eyes: a deep blue rimmed with gray so light, it almost gleamed.

I darted away. Then again, I realized with an inner groan, why would he?

He came toward me, and my heart started to hammer. Three hard raps on the door startled me. We met this morning at the police station. Miracles did happen! To my shock, my intruder turned around and opened the door.

The two men stared at each other, and though the intruder had his back to me, I saw Detective Kroger size him up.

I expected Kroger to reach for his handcuffs. Instead, he came inside, shut the door, and turned off the lights. I felt around the bedroom until I reached the nightstand, then turned on the lamp. Light flooded the room, showing that my intruder was still in the mini lounge area with Kroger.

What was going on? My jaw dropped. Then he frowned, as if surprised that it had no effect. Then, understanding seemed to dawn. I was about to ask what the hell was going on when shots rang out.

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I dropped down right as one of the men hurtled toward me, too fast to see who. I managed to leap away without getting flattened, though I took out the nightstand in my wild lunge. The room went dark as the lamp broke. My heart pounded at the instant blindness. I began to feel my way around the bed again, and this time, stumbled on something big.

That something grabbed me, and I freaked out, kicking, punching and clawing to get free. Then I was yanked away and shoved viciously into the wall.Jak moc ma Samson? Jak to moe by, e wszyscy naokoo przez cae ycie uczyli mnie, aby po- stpowa inaczej?

W sesji czynnie uczestniczyli: It was, and from the look of them, they were silver bullets. Instead, it was a glimpse of a realm that hovered right over this one.

Nikt nie dokona tego przez wieki. The above examination proved to be efficient and thought provoking. Janet Holmes a:

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