The Moneychangers book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The New York Times Number One bestseller from is back in. The Moneychangers is a novel written by Arthur Hailey. The plot revolves around the For example, one of the book's characters, Lewis D'Orsey, is a savvy investment advisor who writes a high-priced newsletter that is typewritten and. The Moneychangers [Arthur Hailey] on *FREE* shipping I bought this book on a whim but once started i knew I would finish it. Good character.

Money Changers Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. " “A suspenseful story replete with the kind of offbeat research that Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a . Philip Hensher: A book that changed me: Goodness knows why nobody took Arthur Hailey's blockbuster away from me, but it taught my. Moneychangers, The (Book): Book The Moneychangers by Arthur Hailey, revd by Peter Andrews.

Hailey is so repetitive and formulaic. I think he used "Find and Replace" option to write all his novels after the first one. Replace character names, replace technical terms of industry, replace setting of events - and you have a new Hailey novel in a different setting. Or maybe there is an X factor too - Hailey magic, that makes us return every now and then to pick up another novel. Afterall, the This was my 6th book by Hailey and thankfully this was one of the better ones along with Airport.

Afterall, the pacing is even and he never gets boring even at his worst. Recommended read for fiction-lovers. View all 3 comments.

Jul 03, Priyanka rated it really liked it Shelves: My second-favourite Hailey. Someone like me, who finds business- , finance- , stock market-related subjects boring, couldn't put it down. Simply brilliant!

Jul 31, John rated it it was ok. I am somewhat irritated that the villain is an uptight Episcopalian, but at least Hailey does make him struggle with his conscience. The book did give interesting insights into the moral issues of American banking about 25 years ago.

I was originally led to read it by the opening pages which set up an interesting quasi-locked-room back theft, but it was solved early on and became peripheral to the main plot. Well Researched. Crisp story.

Interesting tid-bits. The characters have a pre feel with clearly defined heroes and villains.. Technology seems like an afterthought which itself is amazing since it was written in Crimes seem less sophisticated..

Memorable characters.. Very futuristic on Corporate Governance and Insider trading.. Gold Standard explained.. This is a fun way to know an industry..

Read Hailey! After Airport,Hotel and Wheels,this Hailey bestseller is the story of a bank. Currency and credit card fraud,embezzlement,the mafia and the jockeying for power in the boardroom are elements which are skilfully combined to create a suspenseful story. This is a novel about greed, corruption and the consequences that follow.

May 29, Harshita rated it really liked it. This book is no different. This book is about an American bank First Mercantile American in s. At the start of the book, Ben Rosseli , the president of the bank announces that he has incurable lung cancer and will die soon. Consequently, the two vice-presidents, Alex Vandervoot and Roscoe Hayward start aggressive campaigning for the post of the president. Both characters are well-developed with shades of grey.

Roscoe Hayward is in a loveless asexual marriage and believes that wooing big businesses is the way forward for the bank. Alex Vandervoot is in a relationship outside of his marriage with a left-wing activist lawyer and his own wife is in an asylum due to schizophrenia.

He is more populist and public-friendly in his vision for the bank. An insider robbery also makes side-plot in the novel and is written rather well. The functioning of the bank branches is described very well by Arthur Hailey.

The most impressive detail according to me was about ATMs. The patent for first ATM was given in Arthur Hailey managed to predict such a major change in banking. This is the depth of detail to which he went in his novels! I believe that a book review should be detailed enough to engage and intrigue a reader but crisp enough to not reveal any major plot-lines.

With this thought I end my review and recommend this book for readers of good old-fashioned fiction.

Apr 22, Pawan rated it really liked it. When I read this book, Banks were just boring place for me where you go to put your money or take it out. The story has all the drama and feel of a thriller but at the same time teaches you a lot.

The protagonist of the book is running for the top position at the Bank an http: The protagonist of the book is running for the top position at the Bank and has to fight a rival to get there.

The Moneychangers

The story revolves around this fight between two ambitious individuals and takes us into murky politics of power in Banking industry. But the beauty of book for me was not in the main story. There were many sub-plots and details about various functions of Bank which made it more interesting for me. There are two specific things which are still fresh in my mind about this book. There is a depiction in the story about how a rumour can ruin a Bank if suddenly all the depositors come to the Bank to withdraw the money.

The Banking industry works on the basis of taking money from people and then investing it to make more money. If everybody comes to ask their money back at the same time, no Bank would be able to return it and would go bankrupt. Banking works on trust of depositors and if that is lost, Bank is gone.

Much later I had read a short story to the similar effect but more about that some other time. In this book, the protagonist saves the Bank by making sure that all the people who turned up to get their money got it, but in reality it will most likely result in bankruptcy. Another incident is about a teller who is able to keep track of her cash to the last penny while doing all the transactions and how her ability saves her from the accusation of theft.

Overall, a great book. I am able to remember so much even after 20 years. I wish I could remember my text books like that. Oct 29, Debapriya Ghosh rated it really liked it Shelves: Reread this after a long time.

Actually, I didn't even realize that I had read this earlier, way back in my teens, until a few plot-lines started to appear familiar. Arthur Hailey is known for his deep research on the topics that he picks up, and then weaving an interesting story around his observations and learning.

This one is based on the banking system in 70s.

Though quite a few things have changed in how banks and financial system works today, but the core concepts still remain relevant, jus Reread this after a long time. Though quite a few things have changed in how banks and financial system works today, but the core concepts still remain relevant, just as the human factors driving those - greed, ambition, altruism, and personal inner conflicts of morality and rationality.

It was great fun to read and learn many things about the workings of the financial system in general. Many have complained about the style of prose, but Hailey was a story-teller and not a poet.

And his literary style might not be classical, but is not vain either. Jan 05, L. You like my book?

Gee, thanks. Just bought it. Sound familiar? Sep 14, Raunak Ramakrishnan rated it really liked it. An Arthur Hailey classic on the innards of the Banking System before the now ubiquitous internet banking.

The plot winds its way through counterfeiting, bank heists, phony companies and general corporate culture in the largest banks. A very interesting read. Feb 25, Teddy rated it liked it.

The Moneychangers

This book is left of center. Had a good plot that kept my interest. Had some bad language. I wouldn't reccommed you download it. I read it because it was handy. Dec 17, Tao rated it really liked it. Maybe a little outdated, but still a good read.

A very informative thriller about banking, fake money, and crimes. View 1 comment. Amusing, but very dated. Not recommended for the faint of heart, as it contains some pretty heavy stuff. Good if you're really bored. Not as good as the other books I have read by him, but I gave it an extra star because I happened to be working for Bank of America at the time and a lot of it rang true. Very good novel once you get past all the info on banking the first couple of chapters.

Jul 13, Mugizi Rwebangira rated it really liked it.

This is another pulpy thriller I read as a kid. He is hypocritical and a scheming super banker. He is also rich and well-settled. Vandervoort has a troubled personal life. His wife is in a psychiatric facility and he is in a relationship with Margot Bracken, an attorney and activist. The workings of the bank come under the spotlight when the senior teller Miles Eastin defrauds the bank.

Later, he is arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he meets many shady characters. What does Miles promise them? Does he keep his promise once he is released?

What is his decision and where does it take him? As hard winds continue to blow, an economic recession completely buries the present and future of the bank.

How will the bank survive? Will Vandervoort and Heyward bail the bank out of the crisis?

The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to E-Cash

Will Vandervoort be united with Bracken? The Money Changers answers these questions and more. Suspense and mystery grip the fascination of the reader as Hailey takes them through the novel. He reveals the inner workings of the banking industry in this book.See all Questions. What I really love is a story about a group of people tied together by a joint venture, arguing, getting frustrated, forming bonds and breaking up again.

It is indeed a joy to read as one see's Arthur Hailey deft weave not only the growth of the character but the very greed of man to touch the vice that will pull him down.

Arthur Hailey managed to predict such a major change in banking.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. No sooner is his contract inked than mighty lumberjacks start to make their axes ring. Senior bank teller Miles Eastin is discovered to be defrauding the bank whilst casting guilt on another teller, a young single mother named Juanita Nunez. No sooner is his contract inked than mighty lumberjacks start to make their axes ring.

Each of his novels has a different industrial or commercial setting and includes, in addition to dramatic human conflict, carefully researched information about the way that particular environment and system functions and how these affect society and its inhabitants. This Hailey Tour-du-Industry has definitely aged, but still

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