The manual covers regulations under the South African Road Traffic Act that directly affect driver and to ensure safer driving. South Africa K53 Road traffic signs, signals and markings. All traffic departments within the Western Cape. The learner's section explains the K53 Defensive Driving principles, road signs INCLUDES THE LATEST INFORMATION Learners Licence: Rules of the (Print) ISBN (PDF) PLEASE NOTE: The. Everything you need to know about the learners test (traffic theory). Download/ View. Follow up. Practice your learners test, Cars. Practice your learners test.

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Section 1: Rules of the Road. 1 INTRODUCTION . .. 1. 2 ACRONYMS AND DEFINITIONS. K53 South Africa is the most popular FREE Learner's license app in South Africa, Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. K53 South Africa app. The Safeways K53 Learners and Drivers Manual has been designed with you in mind. It's so easy to use. Each section, from road traffic signs to rules of the road.

This way, regardless of the question paper you receive on your test day, you will be ready. What you need to know: To start the test, select the appropriate vehicle class below If you would like to study the questions and answers, you can Enable Study Mode, this will reveal all the answers.

To take maximum benefit, we encourage you to signed in to your toda. Tips: Do not rush, take your time and make sure you understand each question before you answer.

If you find a question that you don't understand, ask the community. Do not reveal the correct answer until you have tried to answer it on your own.

If you are completely inexperienced, you should Enable Study Mode for all the questions and start the test when you are ready. Once you've done the test and you are confident in your progress, start again from the beginning but set a time limit of 50 minutes.

Remember, if you fail the official test, you have to re-book again and wait for your appointment date. Rather apply yourself here and pass the first time.

Please note: Although each question shows the correct answer, the purpose of this learners test is not for you to memorise the right answer, this learners test and study guide is to help new drivers understand the rules of the road. Once you understand and apply the correct observations and K53 driving standard you will automatically pass the learners test and become a safe and courteous driver.

The difference between this mock test and the official test is: We've changed the sequence of the questions.

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Well Caltex have a directory where you can search for your nearest Caltex petrol station. Find a flat, stable and safe place to change your tire.

You need a solid, level surface that will restrict the car from rolling. If you are near a road, park as far from traffic as possible and turn on your emergency flashers hazard lights. Avoid soft ground and hills. Apply the parking brake and put car into "Park" position. If you have a standard transmission, put your vehicle in first or reverse.

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Place a heavy object e. Take out the spare tire and the jack.

Place the jack under the frame near the tire that you are going to change. Ensure that the jack is in contact with the metal portion of your car's frame. Many cars have molded plastic along the bottom.

If you don't place the jack in the right spot, it will crack the plastic when you start lifting.

The New Official K53 Manual for the Learner's and Driver's Licence tests

If you're not sure about the right place to put the jack, read your owner's manual. For most modern uni-body cars, there is a small notch or mark just behind the front wheel wells, or in front of the rear wheel wells where the jack is intended to be placed. Raise the jack until it is supporting but not lifting the car. The jack should be firmly in place against the underside of the vehicle. Check to make sure that the jack is perpendicular to the ground 6.

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Remove the hub cap and loosen the nuts by turning counterclockwise. Don't take them all the way off and just break the resistance. Having the wheel on the ground means that you're turning the nuts instead of the wheel. Use the wrench that came with your car or a standard cross wrench.

Your wrench may have different sizes of openings on different ends. A correctly-sized wrench will slip easily over the nut, but will not rattle.

It can take quite a lot of force to break your lug nuts free. If all else fails, you can use your body weight or stomp on the wrench be absolutely certain you are turning it the right way - counter clockwise.

A cross wrench will give you much more torque than a standard single-handled wrench. Pump or crank the jack to lift the tire off the ground.Time limits for completing the test Motorcycles: No time limit Light and heavy motor vehicles yard test: 20 minutes plus 59 seconds grace period including the pre-trip vehicle inspection.

More From Random House Struik. What can disqualify me from obtaining a learners licence?

The K53 driving licence test

Speed trapping Know your rights when it comes to speed traps. For example, if you forget to do a observation during a particular manoeuvre which requires that action, you will be penalized 5 points.

Turn them counter clockwise until they are loose. Study this overview well and you will more easily understand and remember all the road signs, signals and road markings detailed in the pages that follow.

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