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Lady Isabella Scranton scandalized London by leaving her husband, notorious artist Lord Mac Mackenzie, after only three turbulent years of marriage. But Mac. Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage. byJennifer Ashley For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Only one man could match a lady like this—scan.

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The Duke and I With 2nd Epilogue. Jennifer Ashley. Dukes by the Dozen. A Shifter Christmas Carol. Lone Wolf. A Death in Norfolk.

Ashley Gardner. The Longest Night. The Pirate Next Door. The Devilish Lord Will. Perfect Mate. It's a few years later and Mac feels he has given Isabella enough time. He misses his wife, and he is ready to win her back!

Isabella still loves her husband and misses him so much it hurts. He says he has changed, but he said it many times before. She just doesn't know if she can stand to be hurt again.

Can Mac win his wife back, and get her to trust him again? Mac is so funny, charming, playful, and sexy. I loved Mac. He knows he made huge mistakes in his marriage, and he works hard to do right by his wife. I love that he and Isabella are faithful to each other even when apart. He is patience while working to win his wife back. He is an artist so he is very passionate. Mac is very giving, and protective of those he loves.

He has a very big heart, and is a all around good man. But understand this: I want to take you to bed and have you wake up with me, unashamed, no regrets, no tossing me out before anyone catches us. I want your trust, whole and unblemished.

I will keep fighting until I have that. Mac inhaled sharply. Is that the sort of thing you learned in finishing school, young lady? I learned deportment and how to wear a fine hat.

Miss Pringle must have handed out models of cocks, made of plaster of paris maybe. One, two, one, two. You are real. I know what your flesh feels like under my hand. I know how slick your cleft is to my fingers, how your breath tastes in my mouth. I love every part of you. That is what I painted, and no one in the world will get to see these pictures but the two of us.

I never was a whole person until I met you. She was so young when she married. Her family disowned her for eloping with Mac, her husband drinking and running off all the time then she suffers such a big loss, and Mac isn't there for her. Living in an age when women let their husbands do as they please and just take it, I loved that Isabella respected herself enough to demand her husband treat her right. When he didn't change she left even though she still was madly in love with Mac.

She had a lot of courage to stand on her own back then. I understood where she was coming from. She was hurt , but she was still sweet, and caring to him and his family.

Isabella is independent, strong willed, playful, and a cheerful person! She is determined to be as happy as she can even when life didn't go the way she planned. I total understand her reluctances to let her husband have another chance.

I gave tea parties for your friends, so they would be my friends too. I ran fetes to help people who needed help, because I wanted to emulate the way you helped poor artists.

I love your charm. When you were playing with the band on the street corner, you rose to the occasion with aplomb and made your friends look like idiots for ridiculing people.

I was so proud to be your wife that night. Of a husband and wife that made many mistakes, but found their way back to each other. Their love stronger than ever. Mac and Isabella have explosive passion. They love each other and have a deep bond that just made their sex hotter! I love that you get to see a lot of their past relationship in this book, you get to see them meet , fall in love, fight, and see how it all went wrong. So you don't feel like you are missing half the story, like it sometimes feels in second chance love stories.

There is lots of Ian and Beth in this book too which just rocks! I was freaking out, all girly giddy , bouncing up and down in my chair and doing a lil happy dance. The ending was so good.

It was like a super size happy ending. This series is a hit for me! Anyone who likes beautiful loves stories and sexy Scots in kilts should read this series! So Good. Do you believe me when I tell you I realize that now? Going for a walk in a public place will be most proper.

And agreeable. Be on your guard. I believe he paints women—with their clothes off. View all 81 comments. I will make certain we see each other quite, quite often. And there will be no growing jaded with each other. Because you see, my dear, when I at last take you home again, it will be forever. Three years after that they got separated which created another scandal of the year. Now, Mac has decided to do all he can to get Isabella back, even if it means making another scandal of the year Well basically, there isn't that much story and happenings in this one, it's about Mac and isabelly, trying to make it better between them, Mac showing he's changed and trying his best to get her back: Absolutely loved all of that The mistery part Not so much.

That really wasn't my thing and i didn't find it that interesting, that's why it's 4 stars. But the romance pulls it through, if only the suspense was a bit better it would have complete 5 rating.

The writing is wonderful, just like in the first book! The sex still seems modern, I mean, it would pass as a contemporary if you just plucked it out and put in a modern story. There was a teaser about Cameron and Ainsley, I think they know each other!!! And there was the mention of Hart's ex-fiance, so yeah, can't wait for his book too: But perhaps, if we agree to become more, well, easy with each other, perhaps we could catch sight of each other without simmering.

One day. I promise. I won't say exactly what happened, but it was tough and i totally understand her. I fell in love with her in the first book, she's such a great character, a strong woman, and one thing just made me love her more view spoiler [ about the baby and the baby's father hide spoiler ].

She still loves Mac, but he hurt her too much, and she's just afraid to go back and be hurt again. Mac has changed though, and she slowly lets him in, they start seeing each other more, and Mac being mac, he seduces her again and we have some very smexy scenes between them It was pretty hard to read the glimpses into their history, but I loved it still, every second of it.

The romance was beautifully written, and the slow build was great!

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Isabella didn't let herself be manipulated, and it took her time to come to terms with what happened, and make herself let go of the past and start fresh with Mac.

Loved her! He—or she—is stealing a part of you. Mac I love the man. I really do. One fact was enough for him to get my adoration. They've been separated for three years, and he hasn't been with anyone else same as Isabella.

So Mac was uber-awesome right from the start! He's an artist and he loves to paint, he doesn't sell his work, he doest it for him, for enjoyment. Since the separation he hasn't been able to pain a single good painting, but now it looks like his "muse" is back, and in the form of Isabella: D Loved their painting sessions sexy and hot, so well described, would have looked good as a movie scene: He's just awesme.

Just amazing! Even though the mystery isn't that special, it's still such a great book and it would be a shame to miss it! View all 60 comments. But let me just say, it was well worth the wait!

From the first book in the Highland Pleasures series, we learned that they had married under unconventional, AKA scandalous , circumstances, then separated a few years later. It was clear that their relationship had been intense, a roller coaster ride of epic proportions, and that there were still deep, unresolved feelings between them. This book gives us a much closer look into their relationship and what went wrong. In this case, I found the first book to be incredibly phenomenal and the second book merely wonderfully splendid!!!

Jennifer Ashley has the Mackenzie family down to an art. Each brother has his very own quirks and peculiarities, which was quite fashionable during that time period which means that while in some circles they were merely tolerated, in others they were nearly worshipped.

But what I adored about him was that he was so willing and able to accept the blame for what went wrong in his marriage, and he believes that most, if not all, of their problems were his fault. My grandmother, on the other hand, was the queen of disingenuous martyrdom!

Ummm… yeah, so, where was I? Oh, yes! There was nothing like this about Mac. How refreshing is it to find that in a man?!? Isabella was so, so young when they met and married. For one so young, she was amazingly insightful. All of the Mackenzie brothers were.

They adored her and still saw her as a member of their family. They watched out for her, protected her, and loved her every bit as much as they ever had — in fact, even though blood is thicker than water, I think if they had had to choose between Mac and Isabella, they would have chosen her. Their unfailing devotion to her was a brilliant bit of storytelling because it allowed us to accept her easy, believable return to the family when it happened.

I found that odd and it had me questioning whether or not I was remembering correctly exactly who Inspector Fellows was. View all 65 comments. He was a fun loving, drunk bastard that didn't have a care in the world. He crashed a debutant's coming out party on a dare, but the joke turned out to be on him because he fell madly in love with the debutant. Mac Isabella needed an out. Her father had planned to marry her off to some old crone that she had no interest in.

One look at Lord MacKEnzie and she never looked back. She created scandal by eloping with him the night of her coming out party. Their marriage was full of love, and turmoil. Three years of was enough for Isabella. She'd had enough of Mac's selfish ways and left his sorry ass. Though three years have passed, these two still love each other passionately, and Mac wants his wife back in his bed!!!

This was a nice follow up to Ian's book. This one had a little more angst and a bit more adventure. I love it when there is more to the plot than, boy chases girl, boy wins girl.

PDF Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Mackenzies Series Book 2) Ebook

There was a bit of a mystery plot also. This wasn't as wonderful as book 1, but it was a solid 4.

Sexxy MacKenzie Reviews: View all 31 comments. From which part of my anatomy would you like to lick this cream? This book 2 in the Mackenzie series and I will have to say that, once again, I'm in love with another Mackenzie brother. Good lord these men are so delicious and they wear kilts This is Lord "Mac" Mckenzie and Isabella's story.

They were married 6 years ago but they have been separat "Now I dare you, my fine lady from Miss Pringle's Academy: They were married 6 years ago but they have been separated from each other for 3 years. However they have always remained deeply in love with one another. Now circumstances have brought them back together and Mac will stop at nothing to win Isabella back.

I will keep fighting until I have that," Mac is wealthy by his birth right and a renowned artist because of his talent He doesn't sell his paintings but gives them away to his friends and relatives.

The art is what is what brought them back together when Isabella finds a forgery with Mac's name on it. Mac also paints in a kilt and bandanna Now as a lover of all things artistic, this image is now burned in my head and had me panting through most of the book I just had to share that with you all. Isabella is a strong and beautiful woman, she's not typical for this era, she stands up for what she believes in, even from Mac. She knows how she wants to be treated as a wife and she will not accept anything less than the standard she has set.

Issues arise His painting has even suffered through all his changes, he needs his muse back and Isabella is definitely his muse. She just isn't so sure because Mac has a gypsy soul and loves to wonder about.

Will he change her mind and show her how much he loves her? I'm not going to tell you but I will say it was a beautiful journey! I like you wild. That's encouraging. My Thoughts I absolutely love this book and this series as a whole is fantastic.

I just don't know what else to say, if you are looking for a great historical series pick it up and READ people!!! Buddy read with my friend View all 64 comments. And other parts of my anatomy. Rumor has it that a Scotsman wears nothing at all under his kilt.

Book Preview

Mac had hurt her and kept hurting her. Yet Isabella hurt him back. Mac is an artist and since their separation he lost his magic brushstroke. He not only lost his wife but also his muse. Mac wants Isabella back, and his attempt at courtship and seduction is quite successful! He promises her that there will be a forever and he fully intends to win her back. No regrets and no games anymore. They will be man and wife again.

Ultimately, Isabella is the reason that Mac got his inspiration back. When Mac's painting Isabella, there's love in every brushstroke, every dab of paint. That yes, those are the best things I've ever done, that they come from part of my soul that craves what it can't have? That they scream what I see when I look at you? They're the only things I've been able to paint in years. My favorite quote: I know that now. Once I sobered up I couldn't shut out my anger at you for leaving me, and at myself for causing it.

I buried my love, because it hurt me too damn much to feel it. And my paintings were awful. When I decided to let myself love you - just love you, what you are, no matter what you thought of me, it came flooding back. I really liked the scandalous Mac. He is such a humorous guy and he liked to tease Isabella.

I really appreciate it when a hero makes me smile and laugh.

And believe me, I had to smile quite a lot while reading this story. I totally enjoyed the witty dialogs! Oh, yes, I should not forget to mention that Mac in a kilt and painting is a sight for sore eyes! Of course I absolutely loved to see these two together. Wow, their hunger, passion, and need was utterly palpable! So was their pain. Mac wanted to sin with Isabella. The story is enhanced by a nice little touch of suspense.

I won't give away too much but it revolves around Mac's paintings. Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage is another sensual and enticing story written by the talented Jennifer Ashley. If you want to read a sensual historical romance novel then give the series Highland Pleasures a go.

I think you won't regret it. I'd like to conclude my review with this quote: All of society will swoon to behold our decadent ways. View all 28 comments. Calling Sigmund Freud. Mac needs an intervention or some serious psychoanalysis. Yep Sexy times: Oh sure. This is Jennifer Ashley. She writes hot historicals. Plan on reading more by the author: There is something mesmerizing about her books. The marriage, of course, was a whirlwind affair and his reputation is less than perfect.

Lady I's family gave her the Calling Sigmund Freud. Lady I's family gave her the boot for picking Mac, as a matter of fact.

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

So, she boots him out and keeps him out. He spends the years of their separation getting sober and trying to get his head together and not painting. Because he can't paint without Lady I, apparently. Or something like that. Anyhoo, cue the forger faking Mac's paintings and selling them and Lady I is back in Mac's life because she may have left the man, but she will be damned if someone is gonna fake his art.

Now, we're off to explore the dynamics of their relationship, the Mackenzie family and some forgery. May the adventure begin. Lady I. She's just fine with me. Strong, intelligent, independent. He's a mess. He's a narcissistic mess and he simply couldn't stop believing he wasn't the center of the world. I mean, eventually, he does, but his grovel?

That shite needs some work. As in get down on your knees and praise the woman you messed with, man-boy. Do it. Don't ask questions. I can generally troop through a mediocre romance novel, but this was just dumb and I had to give it up in the middle This was such a waste of time.

The story was tedious; there was no tension; and the whole damn thing was repetitive. There was one conversation between Isabella and her sister Louisa, when they were first reunited, that was so cringeworthy in its lack of subtlety. Despite the fact that they both love each other, they each hurt each other, and its a never ending cycle.

Now after having been separated for three years, Mac enters back into Isabella's life, much to her dismay. She wonders what game he is playing at, but the more he appears in her life, the more she becomes convinced that he is sincere in wanting her wholly into her life.

However she remembers the pain they have both suffered in the past, and her fears holds her back from embracing their marriage as it was in the beginning. But with all the turbulent storms that are rising between them, there is also a danger that could threaten both of them.

I found both of these characters a delight, and loved seeing both sides to their story. Both Isabella and Mac have suffered pain and loss, and having caused pain to one another, but they are also very deep and were brought out vividly throughout the story, that I felt I got to know them both as separate individuals, which was a treat.

I have adored reading this story, as much as I adored the first one in the series. There was the perfect mixture of passion, intrigue, danger, and love that brought out a delectable story that had me until the very last page.

Truly a romance that was heartfelt throughout the whole by this reader!!! It is a keeper and one of my all time favorite books. It was a great introduction to this fun, loving, and mysterious family. From the first book, I had the impression that Isabella is a serious and logical person, and that Mac was a passionate and troubled man. This book has gone deeper and explained to me in very S-L-O-W detail of how and why they separated.

She was so young and impressionable when he whisked her away, and he on the other hand was such a fun and debauched rake that the innocence of her attracted him from the get go. I, as a reader, could see that this union was doomed from the start. Both characters are dealing with real problems and neither of them is fully blameless in their separation.

Mac on the other hand has realized that it was his fault and never blamed her for it.

He accepted his dues, and decided to quit his childish behavior and do anything to get her back, no matter how long it took.

I absolutely adored both characters.

Item Preview

She used the time of the separation to reflect on what went wrong. Again, I actually liked the s-l-o-w development of the book, as it allowed me to feel what they felt, and did not just rush the outcome, or the eventual forgiveness that she was able to give him.Time apart has changed them both. He was looking for Isabella to soothe and coddle him.

The book, for me, was full of intensity, tension and heartbreak that I cried. Ummm… yeah, so, where was I? Silk and Shadows.

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