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Meanings of Muslim Names. Aadab (female)—Hope .. Mustafa (male)—Chosen (One of the Prophet Muhammad's names) . Waleed (male)—Newborn child. Muslim Baby Boys & Girls Names. ( .. The Prophet (S.A.W) intended to forbid such names as Yala, Barakah,. Afraz. Standing tall like a. . Ar, A$, and Adh etc. are used to make these names specifie attributes of. Allah. 9 Carnel, First bom, the child. Bakr. ~.

Choosing the Right Name Naturally there are limitations and rules needed for one's Quran name selection. Common sense mandates that words typically used to describe such themes are to be avoided. This is because they convey a negative sentiment and elicit unpleasant thoughts every time they are uttered. No one should have to bear the burden of such a name. Other words to avoid when name-searching in the Quran are words that have a strange or impractical meaning, though they are otherwise harmless.

Without an incredibly special story elaborating on this odd name choice, it is viewed as being out of place and socially uncooperative in the professional and intellectual settings of most cultures. Coming from a Western standpoint, there are of course many successful people with unusual, simple noun names and they have made this work for, rather than against them.

Sahabi Names: 75 Best Male Sahaba Names For Baby Boys

Beautiful names in the Quran are considered to be the pleasant adjectives, the meaningful participles and nouns, and the proper nouns mentioned within its pages. Adjectives used to describe aspects of Heaven and the nature of God and his rewards are plentiful in the Quran. We will share many of them with the reader in this book. Participles of speech are also mentioned frequently in verses and grammatically are verbs used as adjectives or nouns.

Along with nouns, when utilized in a meaningful way in the Quran, participles work fine as names. The last category to choose names from is the easiest category: Proper Nouns.

These are words that are already commonly used names of places or people or things such as Maryam It is important to note that all the known names of prophets and messengers are mentioned in the Quran and they are perfectly appropriate names for male children. We will list examples from each of the aforementioned categories to demonstrate what constitutes as appropriate name selections from the Quran. The list is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive. We encourage the reader to use the guidelines we have included in this book to find even more suitable names from the words in the Quran.

Transliteration Issues Because we are writers from the West, we have purposely used name spellings that are easiest for a Westerner to recognize and correctly pronounce. Admittedly this method disregards rules of the International Phonetic Alphabet and introduces uncustomary ways to spell certain household names, yet we want to give new life to the names with these alternate spellings and not make it more challenging for Muslim individuals living in the West.

The reader is free to spell the name however they want -and it will vary region by region and family by family- as long as they know the proper Arabic pronunciation. Regardless of how an Arabic name is spelled in English, most non-Arabic-speakers will have trouble pronouncing it.

Usually as long as the consonants are in the right order, the vowels are yours to play with thus: ahmad, ahmed, uhmud, ahmadde, and others like them are all correct, but not ahdam or adham.

Cultural Context and Usage The cultural context in which the name is going to be used should also be taken into account. Often the Quran only mentions the masculine version of a name or the feminine version, but not both.

But note that this process cannot be used on all names, there are many exceptions, and we hope that you will find this book useful for navigating the intricacies of the Arabic language as it applies to Quranic names.

For each name we have described in detail the correct usage, the exceptions, and whether the names are mentioned as masculine or feminine in the Quran. Arrangement Order of Names We have arranged the names by the number of times they are mentioned in the Quran. Details: Khair means good, it is the opposite of evil. It is mentioned in verse among about other Quranic mentions: And establish prayer and give zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves - you will find it with Allah.

Indeed Allah, of what you do, is Seeing. This feminine version of the name is used in description of the Huris of Paradise in verse 70 of Sura Rahman: In those gardens there are [Huris who are] good and beautiful. On a final note, the name Khairah has an alternate spelling and pronunciation in Arabic: Khayyirah which has three syllables instead of two khay-yi-rah as opposed to khai-rah. Both Khairah 2 syllables and Khayyirah three syllables have the exact same meaning and Quranic status according to Abu Mansur Al-Azhari, the great Arabic language linguist and Islamic scholar of the Abbasid era.

Details: Salih means righteous, virtuous, intact, and good, it is the opposite of corrupt. Verse is one of about Quranic mentions. He said, "O my people, worship Allah ; you have no deity other than Him.

There has come to you clear evidence from your Lord. Girls: Hadeya, Haadiya, Hadia three syllables, emphasis on Ha. Whoever Allah sends astray - there is no guide for him.

Another popular variant is Huda, which has exactly the same meaning as Hidaayah guidance , and it is mentioned in the Quran about 74 times, and it is only used for girls.

Hakeem and Hakeemah Pronunciation Aide: Boys: Hakim, Hukeem two syllables, emphasis on keem Girls: Hakeema, Hakymahs three syllables, emphasis on keem Details: Hakeem means wise, insightful, and decisive. On that night it is made distinct, every wise, decisive command [of your Lord]. It is mentioned about 48 times in the Quran. Their example is that of one who sited a fire, but when it illuminated what was around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness [so] they could not see.

Details: There is a lot of different opinions on what this name actually means, but the only thing we know for certain is that it is the name of the mother of Prophet Isaa alaihuma salam. This name is mentioned about thirty six times in the Quran, and it can only be used for girls. And We did certainly give Moses the Torah and followed up after him with messengers. She guarded her chastity, so We breathed into her from Our spirit. Girls: Shamsah, Shemsa 2 syllables, emphasis on Sham.

Details: Shams stands for [The] Sun. It is mentioned about 35 times in the Quran. Girls: Aminah, Amyna, Ameeyna two syllables, emphasis on meen. Details: Ameen means someone who is trusted, loyal, or has strong Imaan belief in Allah.

Verse is one of about 19 mentions. Her name is Ahmenah emphasis on Ah , which is mentioned later in this book. And the king said, "Bring him to me; I will appoint him exclusively for myself. Details: Dhahab means gold the precious metal and not the color. It is mentioned about eight times in the Quran. Dishes and goblets of gold will be passed around them with all that their souls desire and their eyes delight in. Words in Arabic are either masculine or feminine, and this affects their grammatical treatment, but not whether they can be used as names for boys or girls.

The word dahab is only used for girls. Girls: Mohamada, Muhamada, Mohameda four syllabes, emphasis on ham. Details: Muhammad means a person in which praiseworthy characteristics are abundant, or a person who deserves constant praise due to their good traits.

Before Islam, only seven people among the Arabs were known to have this name according to Lisan al- Arab. It is mentioned seven times in the Quran. Muhammad is not but a messenger. So if he was to die or be killed, would you turn back on your heels [to unbelief]? Girls: Jamilah, Jameela, Jamyla two syllables, emphasis on meel.

Details: This name means beautiful. While it means both beauty in shape and beauty in behavior, the Quran uses it only to refer to beauty in behavior. Add Kaukab Female Star. Add Kausar Female River in janna paradise. Add Kayan Female Morning light of the sun. Add Kaysah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.

Add Kehara Female Precious. Add Kehkashan Female Galaxy. Khadijah Female First wife of the Prophet S. Add Green, Green of the Jennah. Add Khalilah Female Good friend. Add Khalisah Female Pure, clear. Add Khansa Female Old Arabic name. Add Kharqa Female Strong, wind. Add Khatera Female Memory.

Add Khatira Female Precious memory. Add Khatoon Female Lady. Add Khawlah Female One who has beautiful features. Add Khayrah Female Good. Add Khayriyah Female Charitable, good. Add Khayriyyah Female Charitable. Add Khazanah Female Treasure.

Add Khidrah Female Green. Add Khudrah Female Greenery. Khulud Female Immorality. Add Khusbakht Female Lucky. Add Khuwaylah Female Gazelle. Add Khuzamah Female Lavender. Add Kiswar Female Territory. Add Koila Female Charcoal. Add Komal Female Beautiful. Add Komila Female Complete. Add A distinguished woman of her times was so named; she was the daughter of Sad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance bayah to the Prophet Kuaybah Female Add S.

W after hijrah; she treated the ill and performed surgery on Saeed bin Muuaz when he was hit in the Battle of Trenches. Name of a pious woman who was a Kuhaylah Female Add good speaker. Daughter of Ahmad bin Ali al- Asiwatiyah was a righteous woman who had memorised the Quran; Kulthum Female there were many other women of Add this name including a daughter of the Prophet S.

W a daughter of Sayyidina Abu Bakar R. A etc. Kunza Female Hidden treasure. Add Kurat-ul-Ain Female Coolness of eyes. Add Kuwaysah Female Pretty. Add Kwairah Female The prettiest. Add Kyda Female Preserved, Strong. She will be in jannat al firdous.

Naming Children In Islam

Laaiqah Female Worthy, deserving, capable. Add Labeebah Female Intelligent, wise, brillant. Add Labibah Female Understanding, intelligent. Add Laiba Female Angel of heaven. Add Laila Female Of the Night. Add Laiqa Female Intelligent, smile.

Add Lama Female Darkness of lips. Add Lamees Female Pure silk. Add Lamis Female Soft. Add Lamisa Female Soft to the touch. Add Lamisah Female Soft to the touch. Add Lamiya Female Dark lipped. Add Lamya Female Of dark lips. Add Lana Female Wool. Add Lanika Female The Best. Add Laraib Female Without a doubt. Add Lashirah Female Very intelligent. Add Latifa Female Gentle. Pleasant, Friendly. Add Latifah Female Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly. Add Layla Female Born at night, dark beauty.

Add Layyah Female Twist, Flexure. Add Leem Female Peace. Add Leen Female Tender. Add Leena Female Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency. Add Leila Female Night. Add Lina Female Palm tree.

Add Liyana Female Softness, tenderness. Add Lu'lu Female Pearls. Add Lubabah Female The innermost essence. Add Lubena Female Purity. Add Lubna Female Storaz, Systrax. Add Lujain Female Silver. Add Luna Female Moon. Add Lutfiyah Female Delicate, graceful. Add A noble hearted, generous lady, Ma as-sama Female daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this Add name; she built a religious school. Ma'isah Female Walking with a proud, swinging gait.

Add Maahnoor Female Glow of Moon. Add Madaniyah Female Civilised, cultured. Add Madeeha Female Praiseworty. Add Madia Female Praiseworthy. Add Madiha Female Praiseworthy. Add Madihah Female Praiseworthy.

Add Maha Female Large eyes. Add Maha Female Moon like. Add Mahasin Female Beauty. Add Mahbasah Female A narrator of Hadith. Add Mahek Female Fragrance. Add Mahfuzah Female The protected one.

Add Mahirah Female Adept, Expert. Add Mahjabeen Female Powerful. Add Mahneera Female First born of a pair.

Add Mahneerah Female First born of a pair. Add Mahnoor Female Light of the moon. Add Mahreen Female Bright and Beautiful as the sun. Add Mahrosh Female Piece of moon, pleasant.

Add Mahrukh Female Face like a moon, beautiful. Add Mahtob Female Moonlight. Add Mahum Female Moon's Light. Add Mahveen Female Light of the Sun. Add Mahvish Female Moon-face. Add Mahwish Female Beautiful like the moon. Add Mahwush Female As beautiful as the Moon. Add Maida Female Beautiful. Add Maira Female Moon. Add Maisarah Female Wealth, Richness.

Add Maisha Female Pretty. Add Majidah Female Glorious, noble, respected. Add Makhtooma Female Name of a female singer of the past. Add Name of a singer and a beautiful Makhtoonah Female Add lady of the past.

Malaika Female Angel. Add Malaikah Female Angel. Add Malak Female Angel. Add Malayeka Female Angel. Add Maliha Female Beautiful. Add Malika Female Queen. Add Malikah Female Queen.

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Add Malmal Female Soft. Add Manahel Female Special flower. Add Manahil Female Spring of fresh water. Add Manal Female Attainment, achievement. Add Manar Female Guiding light lighthouse.

Manha Female Gift of Allah. Add Manhalah Female Spring. Add Mansurah Female Supporter, victorious. Marah Female Happiness, joy. Add Maram Female Aspiration. Add One who is loved and respected by Mardhiah Female Add all. Marhabah Female Welcome. Mariam Female Mother of Isa Jesus. Mariya Female Purity. Add Mariyah Female Oryx, Addax. Add Marjanah Female Precious stone. Add Masabeeh Female Lamps, Lights.

Add Mashaal Female Light, bright. Add Mashal Female Light. Add Masooma Female Innocent. Add Masoomah Female Innocent. Add Mastura Female Protected. Add Masumah Female Innocent. Add Mateenah Female Firm, Solid, determined. Add Mawahib Female Talents. Add Mawara Female Superior. Add Mawiya Female Old arabic name. Add Mawiyah Female The mirror. Add Maya Female Princess. Add Mayameen Female The blessed, the brave. Maymunah Female Auspicious, Blessed.

Add Maysa Female To walk with a proud, swinging gait. Add The pollen in the flower, honey, Maysam Female Add sweet. Add Maysun Female Of beautiful face and body. Add Mayyadah Female To walk with a swinging gait.

Add Maznah Female Glorius. Add Mazneen Female Shining of gold. Add Meena Female Light. Add Mehak Female Fragrance. Add Mehek Female Smell, fragrance. Add Meher Female Benevolence. Add Meheroon Female Charming. Add Meherunissa Female Benevolent. Add Beautiful as the moon, beloved Mehjabeen Female Add person. Mehmuda Female Beautiful garden in medinah.

Add Mehnaz Female Prouded like a moon. Add Mehndi Female Beautiful colour. Add Mehnoor Female Light of the moon. Add Mehr Female Full Moon. Add Mehreen Female Loving nature. Add Mehriban Female Kind, Gentle. Add Mehrish Female Wonderfull smell mehak.

Add Mehrnaz Female Kindness and sweetness. Add Mehrunisa Female Pretty woman. Add Mehvesh Female Light of the moon.

Add Mehvish Female Bright Star. Add Mehwish Female Moon, beautiful. Add Memoona Female Gladful. Add Menaal Female Special flower of heaven. Add Mersiha Female The most beautiful. Add Mevish Female Strong. Add Meymona Female Good Fortune. Add Mid'haa Female Appreciate. Add Midhaa Female Appreciate. Add Midhah Female Praise. Add Mina Female Light. Add Minaal Female To reach your destination. Add Minal Female Gift, achievement. Add Minnah Female Mercy, gift from Allah.

Add Misba Female Innocent. Add Misha Female Beautiful, Pretty. Add Mishall Female A light, beautiful, pretty. Add Mishel Female A Light. Add Miskeenah Female Humble. Add Mobena Female Cool. Add Mohaddisa Female Story teller. Add Mohga Female The light of happiness. Add Mohsina Female Righteous. Add Mona Female Wish, desire. Add Monera Female Shinning light, or guiding light. Add Mouna Female Water. Add Mounia Female A wish or dream come true.

Add Muazah Female She was a narrator of hadith. Add Mubarakah Female Blessed. Add Mubashirah Female Bringer of good news. Add Mubassirah Female One who comments.

Add Mubeenah Female One who makes something clear. Add Muhsinah Female Charitable and kind. Add The empowerer, the honourer, the Muizza Female Add strengthener. Mumina Female Lovely, sweet girl. Add Muna Female Water.

Add Munawar Female Bright. Add Munazzah Female Sacred, clean, honest. Add Muneeba Female Beautiful. Add Splendid, bright shine of light, Muneerah Female Add illuminous. Munerah Female Illuminating, Shining. Munira Female Light, sunshine. Add Muqadaas Female Holy, Pure. Add Muqbalah Female Name of a narrator of Hadith. Add Murdiyyah Female Chosen one.

Add Murshidah Female Guide. Add Musaddiqah Female One who affirms the Truth. Mushira Female Advisor, Guide. Add Muskaan Female Smile. Add Muskan Female Smile, Happy. Add Muslimah Female Devout believer. Add Mussah Female She narrated Hadith. Add Mussaret Female Happiness.

Add Musta'eenah Female One who prays for help. Add Mutahharah Female Purified, chaste. Add Mutazah Female A narrator of Hadith. Add Muzaynah Female Adornment. Add Muznah Female The cloud that carries the rain. Add Myreen Female Same as Mahreen. Add Mysha Female Happy for entire life. Add Na'eemah Female Joyful. Add Na'ilah Female Acquirer, obtainer, winner. Add Na'imah Female Comfort, tranquillity. Add Naa'irah Female Bright, Shining. Add Naailah Female Some thing special.

Add Naajidah Female Courage. Add Naazneen Female Beautiful. Add Naba Female Great News. Add Nabeelah Female Noble. Add Nabiha Female Honest. Add Nabihah Female Intelligent, noble, eminent.

Add Nabila Female Happiness, generosity. Add Nabilah Female Noble, magnanimous. Add Nada Female Generosity, dew. Add Nadeen Female Hope. Add Nadesh Female Hope. Add Nadia Female Hope. Add Nadimah Female Friend. Add Nadira Female Presious and rare. Add Nadirah Female Rare, precious. Add Nadiyah Female Caller, announcer. Add Nadra Female Rare, unique. Add Nafeesa Female Precious. Add Nafeesah Female Precious gem. Add Nafiah Female Profitable.

Add Nafisah Female Precious gem. Add Nageen Female Precious stone. Add Nageenah Female Precious Stone. Add Nagheen Female Pearl. Add Nagina Female Diamond. Add Nahal Female Small Plant. Add Naheed Female Honorable. Add Naheeda Female Beautiful. Add Nahida Female Elevated, delightful. Add Nahleejah Female Down to earth, cool.

Add This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her Naifah Female kindness and generosity, her advice Add was sought by the people in different affairs. Nailah Female One who succeeds.

Add Naima Female Powerful, strong minded person. Add Naimah Female Tranquility. Add Nain Female Eye. Add Naina Female Eyes. Add Najat Female Safety, Security. Add Najdah Female Courage, bravery. Add Najibah Female Of noble birth, distinguished. Add Najidah Female Succour, Help. Add Najihah Female Victory.

Add Najiyah Female Safe. Add Najma Female A Star, in middle of a group of stars. Add Najmah Female Star. Add Najmiyyah Female Star. Add Confidential talk, secret Najwa Female Add conversation. Nakhat Female Fragrance. Add Nakia Female Pure, faithful.

Add Namra Female Delicious water. Add Namyla Female Quiet, Serious. Add Naraiman Female Pious angel. Add Nargis Female Narcissus. Add Narmin Female A flower, delicate, soft, slender. Add Nusuk arabic sacrifice , piece of Naseeka Female Add gold.

Naseemah Female Breeze. Add Naseerah Female Helper. Add Nasha Female Scent, perfume. Add Nasheed Female Beautiful one. Add Nasheelah Female Honey comb. Add Nashema Female Wise, Blossom. Add Nashitah Female Active, energetic. Add Nashmia Female Garden of flowers.

Add Nashwa Female Elated, flushed. Add Nasifah Female Just, equitable. Add Nasimah Female Gentle breeze, zephyr. Add Nasira Female Glowing star. Add Nasirah Female Helper, protector. Add Nasra Female Helper. Add Nasreen Female Wild Rose. Add Nasrin Female Blue scented flower.

Add Nasrullah Female Victory of Allah. Add Natara Female Guardian. Add Natasha Female Strong. Add Nathifa Female Pure, Clean. Add Naureen Female Bright light. Add Naurus Female Bird in Arabic. Add Naushaba Female Elixir. Add Nausheen Female Sweet, pleasant, agreeable. Add Naushin Female Sweet. Add Naveda Female Glad things. Navil Female To be blessed. Add Nawal Female Gift. Add Nawar Female Flower. Add Naweed Female Good news. Add Nawel Female Gift. Add Nawlah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.

Add Nawwal Female Gift. Add Nayila Female Queen of river Nile. Add Nayyirah Female Luminary. Add Nazahah Female Purity, righteousness, honesty. Add Nazanin Female Beautiful, pretty. Add Nazeefah Female Clean. Add Nazeeha Female Honest. Add Nazeerah Female Warner. Add Nazia Female Pride. Add Nazimah Female Administrator. Nazirah Female Observer, supervisor. Add Nazish Female Fragrance, Proud. Add This was the name of an intelligent, learned woman who had command Nazli Female over different languages, Turkish, Add Arabic, French, English and was an expert in different fields.

Nazma Female Star.

Add Nazmin Female Light. Add Nazneen Female Beautiful. Add Nazraana Female Gift. Add Nazuk Female Delicate. Add Neelam Female Sapphire. Add Neeshad Female Cheerful. Add Neha Female Love, rain.

Add Nejat Female Freedom, stress free. Add Nelam Female Precious stone. Add Nelofar Female Lotus, Water lily. Add Nesrin Female A field of wild roses. Add Nevaeh Female Heaven, peace, angels. Add Ni'ja Female Saved One. Add Ni'mah Female Blessing, loan, favour.

Add Nida Female Call. Add Nidaa Female Call. Add Nidda Female Call. Add Nigar Female Beautiful. Add Nighat Female Vision, sight. Add Nijah Female Success. Add Nilofar Female Waterlily. Add Nimat Female Blessing. Add Tigeress, beauty, strength, modesty, Nimerah Female Add power. Nimra Female Soft, Lion. Add Nimrah Female Pure, clean. Add Nina Female Gracious One. Add Nisa Female Women. Add Nisha Female Whole World.

Add Nishat Female Happiness. Add Nisreen Female Flower. Add Nissa Female Ladylike. Add Noor-ul-ann Female Light. Add Noorie Female Light. Add Nooriya Female Light.

Add Noorjahan Female Light of the world. Add Nora Female Light. Add Norah Female Light. Add Noreen Female Lovable, bright. Add Norhan Female Light. Add Noriza Female Light of contentment. Add Noshaba Female Elixir, water of life. Add Nosheen Female Sweet Thing. Add Noureen Female Light. Add Nu'aymah Female Name of a narrator of hadith. Add Nudrat Female Singularity. Add Nuha Female Intelligence. Add Nuhaa Female Intelligent. Add Numa Female Beautiful and pleasant. Add The light, e. Nurah Female Light.

A'idah Female Guest, the one who's returning. Add

Add Nurayda Female Intelligence. Add Nuriya Female Light. Add Nuriyah Female Light. Add Nurjenna Female Light of Paradise. Add Nuryn Female Light. Add Nusaybah Female One with good lineage.

Add Nusrah Female Helpful. Add Nusrat Female Help, Victory. Add Nuwayla Female Archiver. Add Nuwaylah Female Winner. Add Nuzhah Female Excursion spot. Add Nuzhat Female Cheerfulness. Add Nyasia Female Most beautiful one. Add Ojala Female Light, sunshine.

Add One who posses an inspiring and Omera Female great personality, enjoys having a Add positive attitude. Pakeezah Female Pure. Add Parinda Female Bird. Add Pariza Female Fairy, flower. Add Parveen Female Very Noble. Add Parvina Female Shining star. Add Qabalah Female Responsibility. Add Qabilah Female Consenting.

Add Qabool Female Accepted. Add Qadriyyah Female Strong. Add Qailah Female One who speaks. Add Qamayr Female She was a narrator of Hadith. Qaniah Female Contended. Add Qaraah Female Cloudlet.

Add Qarasafahl Female She was a narrator of Hadith. Add Qareebah Female Near. Add Qasoomah Female She was a poetess. Add Two women companions had this Qaylah Female Add name.

Qaymayriyah Female She was a student of Hadith. Add Qaysar Female A name of women. Add Qindeel Female Light. Add Qiyyama Female Stand for Allah. Add Quadriyyah Female Strong. Add Quddusiyyah Female Sacred, Pious. Add Qudsiyah Female Holy. Add Quraybah Female Utricle.

Add Qurrat-ul-ain Female Delights of an eye. Add Qurratul Ayn Female Delights of the eye, darling. Add Qutaylah Female She was a companion. Add Qutayyah Female She was a student of Hadith. Raameen Female Obedient. Add Rabab Female White cloud. Add Rabail Female A veil of flowers.

Add Rabbiya Female Cool breeze of spring season. Add Rabeea Female Springtime, garden. Add Rabia Female Spring, Springtime. Add Rabitah Female Bond, tie. Add Radhia Female Pleasant, satisfied. Add Raeesah Female Princess; Noble lady. Add Rafeeqah Female Friend; Soft-hearted. Add Rafia Female High, Sublime. Add Rafiah Female High, sublime, exquisite. Add Rafida Female Gift. Add Rafiqah Female Friend, companion. Add Raghad Female Pleasant.

Add Raghibah Female Desiring, desirous. Add Raheemah Female Merciful. Add Rahila Female One who travels. Add Rahilah Female One who travels. Add Rahimah Female Merciful, companionate, kind.

Add Rahma Female Mercy. Add Rahmaa Female To have mercy upon. Add Rahmah Female Compassion, mercy. Add Raidah Female Leader, pioneer. Add Raihana Female The fragrance of a rose. Add Raima Female Happiness.

Add Raina Female Peaceful Queen. Add Raitah Female A narrator of Hadith. Add Rajiyah Female Hoping, full of hope. Add Rameen Female Obedient. Add Rameesha Female A bunch of roses. Add Ramia Female Sender. Add Ramidha Female White rose. Add Ramisa Female White rose. Add Ramsha Female Face like moon. Add Ramzia Female Gift. Add Rana Female To gaze. Add From the arabic name meaning queen. Rania Female Queen. Add Ranya Female Conquerer.

Add Rasha Female A young deer. Add Rasheedah Female Intelligent one, Sober. Add Rashida Female Intelligent, Sober. Add Raudzah Female Garden in paradise. Add Its the door of heaven that opens in Rayann Female Add the month of ramadhan. Rayna Female Pure, Clean. Add Rayya Female Light. Add Razaana Female One who is calm. Add Razan Female Balanced. Add Razia Female Content, Satisfied.

Add Reeha Female Air. Add Reeham Female Little, light rain. Add Reem Female Beautiful Gazelle. Add Reema Female White antalope. Add Reena Female Beautiful. Add Reham Female Rain drops.

Add Rehana Female A handfull of sweet basil. Add Rehemat Female Gift. Add Reja Female Good News. Add Reyah Female Comfort. Add Reyhana Female Sweet smelling flower of paradise. Add Rifat Female Happy. Add Rifaya Female Brilliance. Add Riffat Female High. Add Rija Female Desire, Hope. Add Rijja Female Heavens beauty. Add Rimsha Female Bunch of flowers.Add Erina Female Beautiful lady. Rafi High, High-ranking, cultured, refined. Need an account? Add Trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, Amena Female Add honest.

Bahira Female Dazzling, brilliant. Bringa, Tone. Kajji An authority of hadith at Baghdad

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