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Soak-away Pits - a drainage pit is a large hole filled with sand or rubble. Water collects in the pit and gradually seeps away into the lower layers of the soil. The hole is best to be long and deep, not square or circular if possible, and at least 1 2 cu.

Dispersing rather then Concentrating Run-off It should be noted that some countries or situations, do not encourage the use of solid spoon drains as a first option in drainage because it tends to concentrate rather then disperse water. Drainage should be directed to spread and dissipate rather then be captured in a concentrated area. When directing drainage always spread and dissipate - do not concentrate the source.

Capture rainfall into planting beds or small holding areas such as constructed creek beds, which can act as small scale infiltration device and can be more cost effective than traditional storm-water designs. Soft Drainage Options 1. Sand slitting — this technique involves making narrow cuts in the soil and filling them with sand.

These sandy areas drain excess water quickly. Grassed Waterways — these are areas of lawn or depressed channels in a field or paddock which excess water can collect in, and move along. These have an advantage over a spoon drain in that water can not only move along the waterway, but also be absorbed into the ground beneath.

The one disadvantage is that excessive flow in such channels may kill or dislodge the grass particularly of the slope is too great.

Examples include: Shallow, grassy swales; Steeper swales, lined with ground-cover, grasses, or shrubs and trees that tolerate wet conditions. Constructed creek beds with stones of a size to resist excessive current force. A permit may be required. For intense rainfall areas where you need to slow down water which may not be immediately absorbed, incorporate bio-swales, sumps, and impound basins into design of the site.

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These areas will also provide habitat for birds and animals. Avoid the use of hard surfaced culverts which divert water as these can cause problems to neighbours or further down-stream.

See the schools bookstore - www. On a quest for a more chemical-free lifestyle?

Learn how simple it is to recycle weeds, seashells, spent beer grains and more to improve your soil, save money and conserve resources. Create your own organic fertilizers and soil amendments using many of these common materials: Alfalfa, banana peels, beans, beer spent grains , borage, borax, comfrey, coffee grounds, compost, cover crops and green manures, crustacean shells, egg shells, Epsom salt, fish, grass, hair, leaves, manure chicken, cow, goat, horse, rabbit, sheep , milk, nut shells, pet food, pine needles and straw, rainwater, rock dust, seaweed an kelp, urine warnings too , weeds, wood and plant ashes and worm castings.

Get critical tips in the eBook to stay safe! Do you know which type of manure works best for pumpkins?

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For tomatoes? Manures from different animals do not perform the same. They contain different nutrients.

Certain plants will respond better to specific manures. Find out which manure to use depending on what you plant.

Do you know how to use manures safely? Get key warnings and procedures to ensure your food does not get contaminated.

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Find out why the answers to these questions matter for your garden: How do plants absorb nutrients? What is the difference between fertilizers and soil amendments and why is this important?

What are the pros and cons of synthetic and natural fertilizers?As a two part payment plan As a four part payment plan If you pay in full on enrolment, the fees are discounted. Scented climbers are especially appealing because their fragrance is trapped within the enclosed space.

Value-added tree products to double your profits. Any time you can use it.

Examples include: Shallow, grassy swales; Steeper swales, lined with ground-cover, grasses, or shrubs and trees that tolerate wet conditions. Thanks alot for all these useful new knowledge in agriculture.

Particles smaller then 5mm should be avoided as these can cause blockage of flow. The sense of enclosure can be increased by planting tall hedging.

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