IELTS Maxirniser Educational Book, Memarzadeh Alireza.l. .. achieve a band score of6 or 7 on the Speaking Test of the IELTS exam, although candidates. IELTS Maximiser Educational Book - Speaking Ielts Writing Task 2, Writing Skills, Essay . Book 4 Joy: Essential Speaking for IELTS English Grammar Book Pdf. IELTS Maximizer Educational Book has been primarily designed for candidates aiming to achieve a band score of 6 or 7 on the Speaking Test of the IELTS.

Ielts Maximiser Educational Book Speaking

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IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. کتاب IELTS Speaking maximizer دکتر معمارزاده. IELTS Maximizer Educational Book - Speaking has been primarily designed for candidates aiming to achieve a band score of 6 or 7 on the Speaking Test of the. IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking. ISBN: , | edition | PDF | pages | 40 mb.

Lan guage Sportsmanship Charity Famine Law 9 1. Stress Child care Fashion, clothin g Life ex pectancy Success Child labou r Fear Marria ge Tou rism Childhood Festivals Mass media Tra mc Children's education Field trips Memory TV City life Film Mi gration Unemployment Climate Friendshi p Modern life Urban spraw l Computer games Generation gap Music Violencc Computerisation Global warm ing Natural disasters Watcr pollu tion Country life Global isalion Noise pollution You answcr general questions about yoursel f, your home, your job, your interests and a range of simi lar topic areas.

They will expect you to speak up so don't give one or two word answers. First, answer the question then give 'Added In formation'. Candidate: That's fOr sure. I 'd like to major in chemical engineering. Examiner: Do you like swimming? Candidate: Yes, I but I don't get much time to go swimming these days.

Besides, it helps me be in shape. Main idea Support ing idea 1 Supporting idea 2 Use appropriate linlting words. Because, Besides. He 's the sort of person - She's so punctual. She's never late; always on time. Always add some extra information to your answer; you are unlikely to get a second chance to answer them, but don't anticipate related questions. For example, if you are asked what your job is, a sui table answer would be: 1 workfor a market research company.

We do market research for companies thaI are planning to develop new products. My job is very demanding. The best thing about my job is the team that I work with. My work starts at 9 am andfinishes at 7 pm. As this sounds li ke a 'learned answer' and the examiner's next question might be: How do you like your job? OR Tell me about your working hours. That sounds like jlln You know, a beautiful city with a great climate. My parents have been living there for th e past twenty years or so.

I grew up there. You know.. But actually, llive about twenty kilometres out of town on a sma ll farm. I am from a sma ll village in the mountains; a long way from the capital city of my country. How long have you li ved in [ Since I was le n. AJternative answers: When I was a c hild ; at the age of 10, my parents moved to [ J because ormy father's job.

We have been living here si nce Ten years in total. I hope I' ll have made a career move and taken a management position by the time I'm thirty five. Most army income is spent on rent. My goal is to run a compa ny of my own someday. Well, I would like to improve my career prospects by obtaining a university degree. My ambition is bein g ab le to speak Spanish flu ent ly. I'm reall y interested in Spani sh.

In my job, being familiar with office programmes is a must. Tell me about your mili tary service.

Lcompleted my military service in the A ir Force just five years ago. Actually, I was exempted from military service because of my poor eyesight. I am doing my military service as an offi cer in [.. What was your military se rvice like? Pretty hard. Travel ling around th e world. T certainly need a lot of money to do that Seemingly, the chances are pretty s lim.

Ex aminer: Do you think your military service he lped you become more mature? Candid ate: Oh, very much so. Although it was hard, it helped me develop my character and discip line. It reall y helped me discover my hidden talents. How do you like your name? If you could change your name, what would it be? What is the mos t common name in your country? Why have you chosen to live overseas? What country do you wa nt to li ve in? What were the best years of you r life?

What were th e worst years of your life? If you had three wishes, what would they be, and why? How do YOli inte nd to achieve your goa ls? What important goals have you sct in the past, and how successful ha ve you been. What do you hope to accomplish w ithin the nex t ten years? How do YOll seek to fulfil these. How have your dreams and goa ls changed th rough your life? If you could re- live your last 10 years, what changes wou ld you makc? As you look back on your life, what accomplishments do you tak e the most pride in?

How would you compare yourse lf today and yoursclfwith five years ago, in what ways are yo u the sa me or different? How would you feel if you failed to achieve any of your goals? Tell me about some of your recent goals, and what you did to achieve them? Describe the most significant success that you had in the last two years.

Tell me about something you did that now you wish you had not done. Tell me abo ut a typical day in your life. I have a hectic lifestyle. During the week I usua ll y get up at 6: I11, you know , I am an early bird.

I take a lunch break about 1: Most nights I go to bed at about I I: I think the best way to gel the most o ut of a day is to usc your time efficiently. I have a very free and easy lifesty le.

J usually get up late, around I usua ll y ha ve dinner around II: Maybe I sho uld chan ge my lifestyle and break the habit of staying up too late. I get home fairly late; about 9: Perhaps my life isn' t very exciting, but I lik e it. What do you usually do at weekends? Since J li ve alone, at weekends, I usuall y stay at home and do the household chorcs Alternativc answers: At weekends, I usually stay at home and rel ax.

A fter a busy week, I feel I deserve some rest and relaxation. Sometimes, I have my friends ove r for dinner. What is your daily rout in e like?

How do you feel and react when thi s routine is interrupted for some reason? Would you like to change an ything in yo ur dai ly routine? If you could, what would you like to change in your daily routin e?

How do you usually schedule your time? How many hours per day do yo u usuall y sleep? Can you tell me a little about your family? Well, T have a brother and a s ister.

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I am the eldest, my brother is the youngest and my sister is the second child. I am the youngest. One of my brothers sti ll li ves with my parents. My other sib lin gs have all married and moved to their. I have three brothers and two sisters. I'm the youngest. I come from a relatively large family. I have an elder brother and three younger sisters.

Well, there are five of us altogether including my grandparents. I'm the middle child. I'm an only child. I live with my parents. Where are your pa rents from? D My mother is from a city called [ J, and my father is originally from [ J city. D They are from [ Do you live with you r parents? Yes, I do. D I used to live with my parents until two years ago, but now, I live on my own. D At present, I live with my parents. Of course, I am goi ng to live independently in no time. Are you married?

Yes, I am. D Yes, I am. Next month, J will have been married fo r ten years. D Weil , I got engaged three months ago and I'm getting married next month. D Your answer: Do you have any chi ldren? I have a daughter. She is three years old. No, I don't. But we arc planning to start a family as soon as we have our own house. Tell me about you r grandparents. Actually, my grandpa rents passed away when 1 was a chjld. She used to tell me lots of heart-warming stories when I was a child, but unfortunately I did not have the privilege or seeing my grandfather.

Exam iner: Do your grandparents li ve with you? Yes, my matemal grandmother does. She 's been living with us for te n yea rs.

She is such a blessing in our family. How would you describe your father's character? I-Ie is so thoughtfu l and open-minded. As a matter of fact, he has many good qualities and has been always a mode l of behavi ou r for me. T think his life has been an inspiration to me on many occasions.

What is your mother like? It's really difficult to describe her in words, but the only thing I can say now is that she has a heart of go ld; ext re mely kind-hearted and devoted to family. She bas done incredible things over the years for all members of my family.

She is very patient, understanding a nd so kind. She is my nearest and dearest. Which one do you resemble more your mother or your father? I look more like my father, mainly in my eyes an d facial features. Of course, my hair is darker and curlier, but in character, Ttake after my mother more, I suppose. In terms of appearance, I look more like my mother, but in character, I' m morc s imilar to my father. Who a re you closer to, your mother or your tather?

It' s a difficult question , in fact, I adore both of them. We are mentally very close. Despite the fact that we are from di fferent generations, and age gap exists between us, J get on with them very well.

IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking

So I can't say which one I am closer to, as I love. Do you often argue w ith your mother or father? To tell the truth, sometimes 1 do. Of course, after arguing, 1 ask them to make up with me. Not really. My parents are so understanding and T have the greatest regard for them.

Our parents love us, that's what. Are you going to bring up your children any differently to the way your parents did? Yes and no. Let me exp lain , I believe my parents raised me well, and gave me a good education. IfI could do the same for my children I would be happy. Maybe I would be a little more flexible. For examp le, 1 believe my parents were unreasonably strict at times. I would try to keep a balance between discipline and flexibility.

Oh, that's for sure. We are mentally very much a like. DOh, yes, totally. We have a lot of things in common.

Ielts speaking sample

Yes, so well. We spend most of our lime together Who are you closer to, your mother or your father? It's a difficult question, in fact, I adore both of them. Despite the fact that we are from different generation s, and age gap exists between us, I get on with them very well.

So I can't say which one I am closer to, as 1 love. Do you often argue with your mother or father? To tell the truth, sometimes I do. Of course, after arguing, I ask them to make up wilh me.

My parents are so understanding and I bave the greatest regard for them. Our parents love us, that's what Let me explain, I believe my parents raised me well, and gave me a good education. If I could do the same for my children 1 would be happy. For example, I believe my parents were unreasonably stri ct at times. I wou ld try to keep a balance between discipline and Oex ibility. I intend to raise my children in the same way [ was brought up.

We are mentally very much alike. D Oh, yes, totally. We have a lot of things ir co mmon. D Yes, so we ll. We spend most of our time together. We arc very close and For instance, we both like documentaries, and neither of us ever watches chat shows. Oh, yes, of course.

IELTS Maximiser Educational Book : Speaking

In spite of our age difference, we do get along well. Do you spend a lot of time with your sib lings? Yes, exactly so. I come from a very close-knit family. We're so dependent on each other, and spend lots of time together. Actua ll y, we don't live in the same city. In fact, we are very similar in character, for example, we arc both outgoing. D We arc very similar in personality, and have lots of things in common. For instance, we enjoy the same sort of sports and music.

Tn what ways are you different from your brother! We arc so a like that peop le often get us muddl ed up; like two peas in a pod! How do you us ually he lp your rami ly members with housework? Ho w is hou se work usually shared in your family?

J usua lly he lp my wife with the housework and the ch ildren w ith the ir schoo l ass ignm ents. Alte r native answers: To hel p my parents, I usually do the shopp ing and. I do the cook in g. I usua lly ta ke care of the househo ld affa irs by do ing the shopping. Although responsibilities have been rela ti ve ly divided in our hom e. We wi lling ly help one another. I mea n the re is great sense of cooperation in my fa mil y.

For exa mpl e, everyo ne helps with the washi ng up. Who does most o f the shopping in your fa mil y? Cand idat e: I usua ll y do the shopping myself. Examin er: Do yO ll like being a n onl y c hild? Yes, why not! Perhaps the reason is that 1 get al l my parents' attenti on. When you 're an only chi ld, you'll be the apple of your parents' eyes! What would you like best aboulli vilJg in ao extended fam il y?

We ll , the best thin g that I like about li ving in a large family is e nj oying family gath erin gs, urn.. I wou ld say feel ing secure, be ing supported and sympathi sed.

How often do you see your family? If you mean my immediate famil y, pretty frequ ently; three or four times a week.

But if you mean my extended family, not very ofte n; maybe once or twice a month. It's a matte r of dis tance. D Actually, I li ve with them. Being with my fami ly gives me a wonderful sense of well-being. How often do you have a fa mily get-together? Ma inly on ho lidays. Allernative answers: Arc you happy with YOll married life?

Yes, very much. I ha ve a good partner and feel tru ly blessed with my famil y life. DYes, indecd. Why do you think so? Yes, absolutely. We have a lot of thi ngs in common; a well-matched coupl e. We cnjoy the same th ings and have the same ideas, and general ly were just made for each other.

Iike most married couples, we have had our own ups and downs, bll t now. Successfu l marriages don 't occur, they are created. From my po int of view, the real secret of any successful marriages is to 'forgi ve and forget'.

I' m happy with my life in spite of the fact we sometimes get into trouble. In my view, 'give and take' is an important clement of any successfu l marri ages. Would you like to live with your parents after you get married? I don 't think so I'd prefer to be independent Do you have any siblings? Have you got any twins brothers! How close and wa rm is your family?

How much do you rem ember from yo ur grandparents? How many aunts and uncles do you have? How ma ny first cousins do yOlI have? Is there a nyone in your famil y who is not re lated but considered part of the fam il y any way? Have you got a ny members of the family li ving with you? What hope or fears do you have for them? Do you have an y 'black sheep' in your fa mil y? A person who is strong ly d isapproved What do you like best about your fam ily?

How wou ld yo u describe your rel ati onship with your parents? Do you think your parents understa nd you?

How was your relationship with your parents while yo u were grow ing up? Did yo ur mother or father ever tell you w hat their c hi ldhood was like? How is your relationship with your siblings? Do you share your personal secrets with your family? Who do you usua lly speak to when you have a problem? How much influence do yo u have on your fami ly? Who is the breadwinner in yo ur family? Who takes the greatest responsibility for bringing up the chil dren in your fa mily?

Who does mOSl of the hou sehold chores in yo ur family? Whaljob do you least enj oy doing in the house? Do YOli have any pa rtic ular nil es in your famil y? Do you enj oy spendin g time with your family?

How muc h time do you usua lly spend with the members of yo ur fam ily? How often do you have a family get together? Have you ever had a big family reunion? On what occas ions does yo ur fami ly get together?

Which of your relati ves do you spend the most time with? Do you ha ve much contact with your distant re latives? If so. Are there any special times in tbe year that you spend with your relati ves? Do you socialise with them at ot her times? Tell me about one of your family 's important tradition s. In what ways arc you proud of your ancestry? Do you have any in-laws? Do you get along well with th em? How did. Who is your best friend?

My best friend 's name is [.. We've known each other for about tcn years. In fact , helshe' s a di stant cousin of mine. Helshe is such a supportive person that I can always count on. Your ans,"ver: Why do you ca ll this person your best friend? I a lways treasure hi slher friendship. I think very hi ghly ofh imlher. Na me three words that can be best used to desc ribe your best friend. I would say 'inspiring', 'conscientious' and 'understanding'.

Well,l wou ld think 'dignified', 'tactful' and 'perceptive'. It's an interesti ng question. Do you have a lot friend? Yes, quite a few. Of course, some of th em are on ly casua l friends like my friends at work, but I a lso ha ve some intima te fri e nd s. You cou ld say a load of friends! In general , I prefer to socialise with all people who are around me, that's why I have so many friends. Perhaps, it is because of my persona lity type. In your free time, would yo u prefer to be alone or to be with friends?

I tend to be with my fr iends. At work, I spend most o f my time alone in my office, so after work, I enjoy the company of my friends. I oHen inv ite my friend s over, we chat the whole eveni ng. I wish I had a larger circle of friends. It depends, fo r example, sometimes l prefer to be with my fr iends and sometimes I just want to relax without anyone di sturbing mc. What does friendship mea n to you? In a word, ' trust'. D Friendsh ip means a lot to me.

Truly good friends are hard to fi nd, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. D I can hardl y defi ne the word ' fri endship ' as it goes further th an a simpl e se ntence, but the on ly thi ng that I can say is that it is the sou rce of inspiration, affecti on and encouragement.

D A good friendship is priceless. It is a lifelong, and worthwhile j ob. It is tru ly the basis of any good relation ship. It can be defi ned as a harmo nious re lation ship between two people. D To me, friendship is a sweet responsibility; never an opportunity. D True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.

Fal se friends arc like autumn leaves fo und everywhere. A mutual relationshi p. Within a good friend ship , we feel totally free. There is no need to pretend anythi ng because we know we are accepted as we are.

If you had to choose three words to describe your room mate, what wou ld you say? We ll, it is a difficult question Altcrnative answers: Let me think ' independent-m inded', 'introspective' and has a 'competitive sp irit '.

Your answer:. In general, what are fri ends for? Talk about yo ur best friend. How did you get acquainted with each other? What mak es thi s friend closer than your other friend s? What do you like bes t about your friendship? What are so me o f the ways your best friend has influe nced yo ur life in a positi ve way?

What are yo ur ex pectation s Of YOUf friend? What qualities he lp you to have good relation ships w ith your fri e nds? In what ways are your friends important to you? Ho w ma ny first cou sin s do you hav e?

Is there any one in you r family wh o is not rela ted but con sid ere d par t of the fam ily any way? Hav e you got any me mb ers of the fam ily livi ng wit h you? Wh at hop e or fears do you hav e for the m? Do you hav e any 'bla ck she ep' in you r family? A per son wh o is stro ngl y dis app rov ed 1 l. Wh at do you like bes t abo ut you r fam ily? Ho w wo uld you des crib e you r rela tion shi p wit h you r par ent s? Do you thin k you r par ent s und ers tan d you?

Ho w was you r rela tion shi p wit h you r par ent s while you we re gro win g up? Did you r mo the r or father eve r tell you wh at the ir chi ldh ood wa s like? Ho w is you r rela tion shi p wit h you r sib lings?

Do you share you r per son al secrets wit h you r family? Wh o do you usu ally spe ak to wh en you hav e a pro ble m? Ho w mu ch infl uen ce do you hav e on you r family? Wh o is the bre adw inn er in you r fam ily?

Wh o tak es the gre ate st res pon sib ility for brin gin g up the chi ldre n in you r fam ily? Wh o does mo st of the hou seh old cho res in you r family? Wh at job do you least enj oy doi ng in the hou se? Do you hav e any par ticu lar rule s in you r family? Do you enj oy spe ndi ng tim e wit h you r family? Ho w mu ch tim e do you usually spe nd wit h the me mb ers of you r family? Ho w ofte n do you hav e a fam ily get tog eth er? Ha ve you eve r had a big family reu nio n?

On wh at occ asio ns does you r fam ily get tog eth er? Wh ich of you r relatives do you spe nd the mo st tim e wit h? Part 1 17 Do you have much contact with your distant relatives? If so, when? Are there any special times in the year that you spend with your relatives?Well, a house should basically meet the personal needs of the owner.

Introduction and interview: What important goals have you set in the past, and how successful have you been m achieving them? I particularl y lik e to do land scape. Talk about the most beautiful place that you have ever bee n to.

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