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This is Joe from Grant Cardone's office. 2. Mr. Cardone asked me to call and give your company a tool he created that has increased sales at companies like. Grant Cardone. Author, Entrepreneur, Sales. Expert, Cardone Enterprises,. The Cardone Group. Ken Krogue. President, Founder and. Chief Strategy Officer. GRANT CARDONE'S. SECRETS TONY @ GrantCardone #CloseThesale. CLOSING Secrets THE SALE.

Follow up until one of you dies. Before we dated, it took me 13 months to get my future wife to go out with me. You need to become an all-star at following up with your customers.

Your Complete Sales Follow Up Guide

Here are some advanced follow-up strategies you can employ 1 I saw this and thought of you I love this follow-up. The only reason I read the news is to use that information to follow up my customers. If he says yes, he likes books, then I can send it. You need to pull out all the stops here. I really was in this magazine, no photoshop! Before you discount this like everyone has around me, people use telegrams every day.

Try the telegram. Just think about how hard I will work to keep your business.

You have to be creative. You have to love gatekeepers—not hate them. You need to think like they think. They were given a task to protect their boss from people getting to them.

You want to treat the gatekeeper like a million bucks. They have the keys to the deal. Send gifts.

Tell them you appreciate them—pour it on. They have the keys to the gate! They are great ways for you to stay in touch, establish, justify, and bring credibility to your brand.

Grant Cardone's Free eBooks

What do you do in a newsletter? That means you have to give data. I want to remind people who I am, what I do and give data.

Keep dripping and keep paying attention to them. Newsletters should be filled with helpful information. Boom, you got no 1. The thing to remember here is that you are in conversation and communication. Your question might be put another way—these are just examples. Can we do this? Can I get you to change your mind on this? Now the next call is where the flip is, where management makes a call for you to find out from this customer why they have not bought.

First of all, I have two questions for you, number one, do you have 25 seconds? Follow Up Stats If you want to really max-out the income opportunities in your career , you must make sure that you stay interested in your customer, no matter the outcome. Remember people are more concerned and interested in themselves, their families, their businesses and their lives than they are in your products, plans and programs.

It is vital that you continue to stay in touch with people and show interest in them throughout the year, not just when they are shopping or downloading. Technology can make this so much easier today.

If you could get to me I could get it done. Most vendors had no idea I was the most influential person in the company.

“The 10X Rule Quotes”

The point is, proper follow up can show you who the real influencers are and give you monster numbers of new sales. Great sales people are creative, not at selling, but as entrepreneurs.

Look for creative solutions to show interest in your clients. That takes dedication and motivation on your part. Creative follow up only comes after a commitment to making investments in staying interested in people. Then you must be consistent not sporadic and most importantly persist over a long duration until the person you are taking interest in actually becomes touched at your genuine interest in them.

This will forever separate you from the rest of the field. I talk about these sales concepts and more in my bestselling books, which you can get for free. Most all salespeople neglect staying interested in their clientele and they pay the price when they finally get in front of the neglected customer. Persistent contact, for example, 12 contacts over a six-month period of time, will make the next sale more possible and more profitable.

Once I was bidding on a large apartment complex in Tampa, Florida. Does this group think I was only interested in their product and will never download another apartment building? Or maybe their business is so good right now that they can afford to ignore me as a potential downloader? The reality is, he had more downloaders looking for apartment product than he could fulfill.

This guy must have thought that the good times will last forever when we all know it will not. I once bought units in Austin, Texas. The broker that sold me the property never even called me back to thank me or to see if I was interested in other product.

On top of that, the person that provided me with the Fannie Mae loan, who did an unbelievable job for me, did follow up but not creatively, consistently and with persistence over a period of time. Since closing on that deal, I have sold the Austin property, using a different broker, and I have bought or have under contract many more units.

The lender could have provided me with funding on six more deals since that time. Every contact is greasing the line, lubricating the relationship, separating yourself from all the other players and demonstrating to your customer that you are there for them all the time, not just when its time to close the deal. I will overview each part now and give examples later. Every script will need to follow this outline, and you will need to nail each part of the call.

Quit using your first and your last name.

You must be interesting first. You must grab and hook attention.

The 10X Rule: Summary & Review in PDF

What is the reason you are calling? Why are you in my face, why are you on the phone? Cardone, how are you doing today? Nobody likes that. Quickly give your reason for calling and make your BIG claim.

You also need to find the decision maker.

Can we get together tonight? If I can make time tonight, can you see me tonight?

Number one, always be transparent and straight-forward. Second, you have to be interesting and interested.

Believe you can make a sale on every call. You must believe, that you can make a sale on every call. I believe every time I pick up the phone, I can make the sale. You must identify and solve problems—be logical and structured.

Be respectful, be enthusiastic, be memorable, be entertaining, and be credible using third party data. Next, I will give you some example scripts to show you how this can work for you in reality. Cold Call Scripts A good cold call is like a good elevator pitch. Let me tell you the wrong call. I would like to meet with you to discuss how our company can benefit your company.You have to love gatekeepers—not hate them.

Why are you in my face, why are you on the phone? Tyson Fitzgerald changed description of Grant cardone. A massive action allows you to go beyond business cliches and pursue daring and risky ways to fulfill your dreams.

You have to be creative.

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