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valuable book. J.D. CLEMENS. Keary, P. The New Penguin Dictionary of Geology. x. + pp. Penguin Books. Price s ISBN. Over entriesThe fourth edition of this leading dictionary (previously A Dictionary this is the ideal reference for students of geography, geology, earth sciences, and Michael Allaby has written many books on environmental science and. A photo makes most things easier to understand. We have included lots of photos in our Geology and Earth Science Dictionary.

In map view it has the shape of an open fan.

Alluvial fans typically form in arid or semiarid climates. A conspicuous hill with steep sides and a flat top. The top is usually a cap-rock of resistant material. This structure is frequently an erosional remnant in an area of flat-lying sedimentary rocks. A hollow cylindrical drill bit used for cutting a cylinder of rock, called a "core," from a well. The bottom of the bit is made of metal with embedded diamond abrasives for grinding through rocks.

As the bit cuts down through the rock, the "core" is contained within the last section of drill pipe. About every thirty feet, all of the drill pipe and the drill bit are pulled from the well so the core can be lifted to the surface and removed.

The Penguin Dictionary of Geology

Coring is very slow and very expensive work. A gravity-driven flow of a dense fluid down a slope through a fluid of lower density. They occur on land pyroclastic flows or underwater turbidity currents.

Density currents often occur underwater where the fluids have differences in temperature, salinity, or concentration of suspended particles. The image shows a pyroclastic flow descending down the south flank of Merapi Volcano Indonesia in Earth Science is the study of the Earth and its neighbors in space.

It includes the study of solar system astronomy, geology, oceanography and meteorology. Some people assume that " geology " and " earth science " are identical, but that is not true. Colored flashes of light emitted from a gemstone that result from incident light being separated into its component colors as it passes through the stone. Each gem material has a characteristic dispersion.

Some have exceptional dispersion and produce a very intese fire. Although many people believe that diamond has the strongest dispersion of all gems, a few gems such as sphalerite , demantoid garnet shown in the photo , sphene , and zircon have an even greater dispersion.


Garnet is the name of a group of silicate minerals that share a common crystal structure, but they vary in composition. Most garnets are red in color, but the mineral also occurs in orange, yellow, purple, green, pink, black, and other colors.

Shown in the photo from top to bottom are: In addition to being used as a gem, garnet is used as an abrasive, filter medium, sand-blasting granule and waterjet cutting granule. There is no universally agreed upon definition for the word "gemstone. Some people believe that gemstones should also be durable, rare, valuable and skillfully cut - but some items formally called "gemstones" lack all of these.

Examples of “geology”

Many gemstones are rocks , organic materials , mineraloids or even objects from space that lack durability, rarity, intrinsic value and are used in their natural state. As an example consider a small pearl used in an inexpensive necklace sold at Walmart. Hundreds of materials have been used as gemstones, see photos of over here. Geology is the study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials, and the processes acting upon them. It includes the study of organisms that have inhabited our planet.

An area of increased dip in otherwise gently dipping strata. The image shows a monocline over a reverse fault. A fault with vertical movement and an inclined fault plane.

Challinor’s Dictionary of Geology

The block above the fault has moved down relative to the block below the fault. The dip angle of the fault plane is between 45 and 90 degrees. Normal faults are the typical structural style of divergent plate boundaries and portions of the crust under extensional stress such as the East Africa Rift.

A Hawaiian term for a lava flow that has a surface flow structure that looks like coiled rope or cord. Lavas with a relatively low viscosity can form a "ropy" surface. The term is also used for the rock materials after the flow has cooled.

Roughneck is a slang term for an oil field worker who does hard manual labor on the floor of a drilling rig. Much of their work is the repetitive manipulation of drill pipe as the well is being drilled and when all of the pipe must be pulled to change the bit.

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About Michael Allaby. Michael Allaby. John Michael Allaby is an Aventis Junior prize-winning author. He was born on 18 September in Belper, Derbyshire in England. He was a police cadet from to After that he served in the RAF from to , becoming a pilot.

After leaving the RAF, he worked as an actor from to He married Marthe McGregor on 3 January From to , he a worked as an editor for the John Michael Allaby is an Aventis Junior prize-winning author.

From to , he a worked as an editor for the Soil Association in Suffolk, England, editing Span magazine from to He was a member of the board of directors for Ecosystems Ltd. He became a managing editor in In , he became a freelance writer.

He has written widely about science, particularly about ecology and weather. He edits and writes dictionaries and encyclopaedias for Macmillan Publishers and Oxford University Press.

He co-authored James Lovelock's first two books: Hurricanes as one of its books for the teenage in Jackson, 3rd edition, , Doubleday Anchor Press will be useful for those of the general public who are adventuresome enough to track down and try to understand this scientific literature.

Alt, D.

"geology" in American English

See more. site Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Return to Book Page. Much of their work is the repetitive manipulation of drill pipe as the well is being drilled and when all of the pipe must be pulled to change the bit.

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Students may be more likely to favor these more focused titles, whereas librarians may be more enthralled with the larger, more encompassing mother work. Chapin, C. This leading dictionary - now in its fourth edition - offers wide-ranging and authoritative coverage of the earth sciences and related topics in over 7, clear and accessible entries.

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