GameRoom (USPS )(ISSN ) Vol 18 No 3 March Published monthly by Steele Publishing LLC, Kingston Way, North Royalton. GameRoom February, Exidy's Death Race is arguably one of the most identifiable arcade games ever. This game's place in gaming history was solidi-. GameRoom Magazine. 14K likes. GameRoom Magazine is being re-launched as a quarterly publication focused on home gameroom products and the people.

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48 GameRoom April, Confessions of a. Coin-Op Addict. History. My coin op addiction began on my 39th birthday when my wife, Carole, bought me a The Vintage Vault Arcade and Game Room. I had the privilege of growing up during the golden age of videogames. The sights, the sounds and the freedom of . 44 GameRoom May, Tales of the. Silverball. Rob Craig's. Lighting It Up With LEDs. My first experience with LEDs for pinball displays was at Expo I.

But see yourself by seeing their web page or click on the Magazine to the left to jump to the web edition of Replays latest issue. Gameroom Magazine GameRoom Magazine is targeted for the collector of game room items. Subscribe today or sample some of the magazine online.

View the current issue here! Who has the highest score in Pac Man? You'll find all the info here in the "Guinness book" of video game records It's Twin Galaxies!

Well here is my arcade diary that documents other arcade game I have come across in my journeys. Visits to other collectors houses, game rooms, classics found in hotels, Etc. I don't travel too often but when I do, I have my camera with me. Museums View my collection of Control Panel Overlays. You know The stickers that give you game directions and tell you which way to push the joystick.

Side Art is in here too! The Arcade Art Museum. Here you'll find actual cabinet photos of some of your favorite games. Basement TV! Video clips and streams for everything arcade related! If you don't have this wonderful product, click on this and get it now!. Most files here are maintained by myself to minimize dead links but sponsors of other linked manuals are listed here as well and may have their files compressed in other ways.

Choose the first letter of the game in question. All monitor manuals are under "M" for monitor Enter the Manual area! We all have had these "bad days of collection" Here is a great story once posted on the Arcade news group that I found interesting. Back in the 80s when the video game craze was at its peek, there was talk about Mob involvement in the business.

How Nic2049 started their logo design journey

The following story sort of kills that idea.. Here is another topic of conversation once posted in the Arcade news group.

The topic was one of the Videotopia shows and how it is handled. No group of collectors work harder in classic collection then the Videotopia guys so Jeff responded Here is another topic of conversation once posted in the Arcade news group on the topic of game moving.

The last issue produced was October - volume 22 number On May 1, , The Pinball Company announced it had acquired the assets of GameRoom and had plans to re-launch the magazine in the fall of that year. The magazine is now a quarterly publication and provides more high quality images of new and classic pinball machines and arcades.

It continues to feature articles related to game room products and those who play and collect them. Coverage of pinball games, jukeboxes, arcade video games, and arcade emulation cabinets are frequent topics, as are tips on repairing and restoring these machines. Interviews with game creators and programmers, spotlights on individual collector's home game room layouts, reviews of topical books and DVDs, and news items of interest to those with game rooms are also featured monthly.

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October Learn how and when to remove this template message. You wont learn any restoration tips here, but you will see the "roots" of the silver ball.

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I don't think so. I have a bit of Pac-man items myself, adorning the game room that are not in this book. None-the-less, LOTS of picture and the price guide is cool too. It also gave me the opportunity to show more of this cultural Icon to the next generation of players my kids.

Meet Shaggy and Norm. These two bozos will show you how to fix your old pinball machine to make it look and act like new.

In this, their primer tape, the two go over electromechanical machines from soup to nuts. Although the film works is amateur, the delivery, humor, tip and tricks is vital.

You can't beet the price too. I must get for all into amusement games! I got mine Here! This time, the dynamic duo, take at a baseball game and give the whole tape a baseball flavor. Another good two hour tape of info and tips with Norm hamming it up in the background.

Mill Amusement

Shaggy goes over the dreaded Clock in the TZ and gives a an overall. I really cant say enough on the help these tape could be to anyone collecting pin games. Even if you don't own a TZ, the tips on all these tapes cant be missed.. The camera work and cinematography is getting better to! Another great tape with ideas on pin repair. Littered with clips of the IJ movies to break up Norms bad jokes, you can find out why you would ever want to take a blowtorch to a pinball part!

That's right, get this tape and you will see why you would want to torch parts as a repair. An in depth look at both these games. After watching this 2 part set, I actually want a Black Hole now Or do I want a Black House? Click Here! Followed by Gene Cunningham's "state of the union address" on the status of Illinois pinball.Of course half the fun of being a collector was fixing these games up.

Luckily, as time went on I picked up all my favorite games from my youth, with the exception of a Star Wars. Bickers' magazine articles which first appeared in GameRoom Magazine and Jukebox Collector Magazine between the years and All Rights Reserved.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It also gave me the opportunity to show more of this cultural Icon to the next generation of players my kids.

I bought mine at site. After watching this 2 part set, I actually want a Black Hole now There was the low lighting, the sound of 30 games playing at once, and no matter what game you were playing you always had an audience.

Or do I want a Black House?

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