In EMPOWERED: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business (Harvard. Business by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler. Josh Bernoff · Ted Schadler You can build a strategy around empowering employees to solve customers' problems—but it will challenge your organization . Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business. book. Josh Bernoff · Ted Schadler.

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Harvard Business Press Josh Bernoff Ted Schadler in Business & Empowered Download Empowered ebook PDF or Read Online books in PDF. wanted Josh Bernoff Ted Schadler author readers around the world.[PDF] Download? Empowered: Unleash Your Employees The reality is that your. In Empowered, Forrester's Josh Bernoff- coauthor of the pioneering book Groundswell- and Ted Schadler explain how to transform your. Review the key ideas in.

The key is to let employees experiment with technology, make high-profile decisions on the fly, build systems that customers can see, and publicly speak for the organization.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

A crucial part of the solution is the HERO Compact—a three-way agreement for managing technological innovation. The list of examples is endless, because these days anyone with a smartphone or a computer can instantly inflict lasting brand damage. Employees can, too.

Mark Betka and Tim Receveur, of the U. State Department, used off-the-shelf software called Adobe Connect to create Co. Nx, a public diplomacy outreach project that presents webchats with U.

The webchats now have international audiences in the tens of thousands and more than , Facebook fans. Freeing employees to experiment with new technologies, to make high-profile decisions on the fly, to build systems that customers see, and to effectively speak for the organization in public is not something most corporations or government agencies are accustomed to doing.

They may be concerned, for example, about how employees will use the technology. Far better than trying to prevent such activity is to acknowledge that your employees have technology power.

Then you can set policy, train them in permissible communications and activities, and harness their creativity as a strategic force to power your company.

It could be.

Best download Empowers Its Staff

It could behave like Best download. A good example is Twelpforce. More than 2, Best download employees have signed up for this system, which enables them to see Best download—related problems that customers have aired on Twitter and respond to them.

Twelpforce includes customer service staff, in-store sales associates called Blue Shirts , and Geek Squad, the service reps who make house calls for technical assistance.

When the iPhone stopped working, the in-store staff offered him a BlackBerry as a loaner replacement. Even though it was over a weekend, a customer service rep, Coral Biegler, responded quickly on Twitter.

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By the next day she had arranged for him to get a replacement iPhone. So did his wife, who has more than 3, Twitter followers. Twelpforce exists because Best download empowers its employees to come up with technological solutions. John Bernier, a marketing manager, took charge of the project and triumphed over legal obstacles including labor laws.

In one case, commenters from outside the company complained about a lack of sensitivity in a commercial describing how a Blue Shirt helped a customer in the armed forces.

The commercial never aired. Best download has also taken the innovative step of opening up the programming interfaces to Bestdownload. All these activities were developed by marketing staffers. All involved risk. And all went forward. HEROes exist because technologies like Twitter, online communities, cloud computing, and online video are so easy to master and so cheap to set up.

As for managers, both senior and midlevel, they want to encourage innovation but worry about the risks associated with these projects. And the HEROes have trouble executing their plans at scale in the absence of consistent support. In most companies, cultural resistance to empowering employees to use technology is systemwide.

It limits risk and prevents chaos. This traditional approach would be fine if not for the actions of all those empowered customers. Their employees are ready to do so.

The challenge is to encourage HERO-driven innovation without generating chaos. The challenge is to encourage employee innovation without generating chaos.

Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business

A crucial part of the solution is what we call the HERO Compact—an agreement among the three groups to work together to manage technological innovation. Under the compact: HEROes agree to innovate within a safe framework. The employees who come up with these projects must work within business structures. They must respond to support from management and IT by innovating in directions that align with corporate strategy and by observing security, legal, and other corporate policies.

Having succeeded with a project, a HERO is responsible for spreading newly won knowledge to others in the organization who might benefit from it.

Managers agree to encourage innovation and manage risk.

Managers must communicate their openness to employee innovation, not just with words but by recognizing examples publicly and not punishing failures. To ensure that HERO activity is productive, managers must also clearly and regularly communicate strategic goals. And they must work with IT to understand and deal with the risks associated with HERO projects, modifying them or even shutting them down if the legal or regulatory risks are out of line with any expected benefit.

At PTC, a Massachusetts-based supplier of computer-aided design and product life-cycle management software, after the marketing department came up with the idea for a customer community and provided funding, IT played a key role in evaluating technology vendors for the community.

IT must assess and mitigate risk and give managers the tools to understand the risks in the context of the business benefits. It must also recognize when HERO projects have become strategic and help scale them up. None of this can succeed unless the company and its technology policies are ready. This radically improves the agility with which companies can address the needs of their empowered customers.

We identified two dimensions that determine whether people are able and willing to innovate in creating customer solutions. The first dimension is cultural.

The second dimension is practical. We counted people who engaged in either of these activities as acting resourceful.

Technology Products and Services Workers Further analysis reveals patterns by industry. The industries with the lowest proportion of information workers in the HERO quadrant are retail, government, health care, and education.

Marketing and Sales Staff We also analyzed workers by job description. The market is highly competitive. They need ways to work together rapidly and without frictionat the speed of empowered customers. Thats where internal systems come in. In fact, one of the most important new jobs for IT people is to get those systems working well. For example, at BBVA, a large multinational bank based in Spain, executives collaborate on an internal blogosphere called Blogsfera.

Traffic and posts on the site continue to rise, and workers use it to learn from each othersearches lead to information, which leads to the knowledgeable people who posted it.

They also use it for collaborating and getting everyones input on strategy for example, on a project to determine if BBVA should back a new mobile initiative. In this world of hyperconnected, mobileempowered customers, youd better find ways to support innovation from all of your employees. Deloitte Australiathe Australian affiliate of the large accounting firmis involved in not just accounting, but Web development and management consulting as well.

Expertise needed by one person could be anywhere in the heads of the companys thousands of employees. Yammer works like Twitter, but its internalonly other members of the company can see your comments.We counted people who engaged in either of these activities as acting resourceful.

Then look not only at the value you will create, but also at how you can prove that value, in decreased costs, increased revenues, additional leads, or other metrics that matter to the business.

All these activities were developed by marketing staffers. Who is the roadblock right now within a lot of businesses that you are looking at? The first dimension is cultural.

In fact, one of the most important new jobs for IT people is to get those systems working well.

In the book, Li and Bernoff write on how to epmowered professional activities and the activities of the organization you work with into 21st century-relevant frameworks.

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