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Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) has been around for nearly 20 years and now you can easily browse through their very first issue in PDF. EGM's Video Game Accessory Guide, (PDF, MB) EA Sports Unofficial Tournament Gaming Guide (EGM October ) · Unofficial Tournament. Amiga Format Issue (October ).pdfJan M .. Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue (March ).cbrJan M.

What really sold the joke was the Photoshop work, which created a convincing doctored picture. The character looked a little like an older Ken, he had a long ponytail and a massive uppercut.

And if it wasn't for a couple of shadow errors, the pictures would have been good enough to fool the entire world. Sadly there was no secret boss, but this popular prank fooled you anyway.

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In this issue EGM decided to introduce a very special contest to see if anybody could sniff out their clever April Fool's joke. And where did they put the information for this contest? On the same page as the April Fool's joke.

And yet there are still people that fell for this joke. You stupid, stupid people! Take a look at that ponytail, where have we seen that before?

And it's not just physical, either. Check out the flaming uppercut; that became a staple move for Ken in later iterations of Street Fighter II. Yet this joke was played by an American game magazine that had nothing to do with the developers of Street Fighter II. Could it be that EGM saw the future, or did they just have a really good idea that Capcom stole.

You be the judge. Final Word: This is an April Fool's joke without equal. While it was not the first prank played by the jokesters at EGM, it was definitely the one that had the biggest impact. Not only did they fool the gullible readers, but EGM also managed to fool the international presses.

Mortal Kombat II/Promotional material

It's a well known fact that this very code was picked up and rewritten in various other languages in foreign games magazines. That's not something that happens very often, and that's a good argument for why this Sheng Long trick is the greatest April Fool's joke ever played by a games magazine. I don't care if you like Street Fighter II or not, every so often it's important to bow down to the greatness that is this Sheng Long prank.

The Joke: Take a look at that picture. Do you see the April Fool's joke?

That's right, they followed it up with a Jaguar joke, and a not-so-funny one at that. Of course they weren't, because nobody in their right mind is going to develop an Adventure sequel. Still, the idea of updating these "classics" is not as far-fetched as it sounds. The Jaguar saw updates to Defender, Tempest and Missile Commander, and in somebody had the good idea Tempest is one of the Jaguar's best game, though you wouldn't know it by this cover art!

What the Wikipedia: You know how we all rely on Wikipedia to answer the tough questions? Well, maybe we should be a little more skeptical in the future. If you surf on over to their EGM April Fool's section you'll find this description: "There was a listing for 4 games for the not-yet-released Atari Jaguar game system.

Somebody should really fix that bizarre error.

Final Word: When it comes right down to it, this Jaguar prank really isn't all that funny. There's just so much material to work with when it comes to the Jaguar - it claims to be "bit," it only had a few good games; the CD drive looked like a toilet.

With all this to work with, why go with Virtua Pong 64? This joke reeks of last second filler, which may explain why EGM took a four year hiatus from making April Fool's jokes.

Electronic.gaming.monthly.magazine.issue.180.July.2004.PDF.ebook DEMENTiA

Again Click here to make larger! I guess even in EGM was creatively bankrupt. Either way, this joke brought back most of the same tricks, including doctored pictures, a lengthy article and just enough facts to seem plausible. Plus, most people didn't expect the magazine to pull the same joke twice. Well, they didn't. It was a big fat joke.

You're not alone.

Could it be that the joke wasn't as memorable the second time around? At that time gamers were too enamored by first-person shooters and 3D fighting games. So don't feel bad EGM, your only crime was making a clever joke about a game nobody was interested in. Just blame it on the times. Final Word: Who uses the same joke twice?

Apparently EGM does. It would be easy for me to complain about this joke's redundancy and call it a day, but it's clear that a lot of time and attention went into recreating this joke. For one thing, the article is actually worth reading. It's full of history and brilliant touches. And the pictures are fantastic, easily besting their previous attempt. This joke's production is outstanding; this was EGM at the top of their game. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Media in category "Electronic Gaming Monthly scans"

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