Easy Strength. Pros. Deep Roots in Lifting History. PosiYve (and Shocked) Feedback from Users. Excellent for non-PED Using Athletes. Great for QIII Athletes. Easy Strength is a strength training protocol consisting of performing the same lifts on conclusion is that the Easy Strength training program can be an effective. Easy Strength. Pros. Deep Roots in Lifting History. Positive (and Shocked) Feedback from Users. Excellent for non-PED Using Athletes. Great for QIII Athletes.

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How Even Easier Strength Training Differs from Easy Strength. Principle 1: The Whole-Body Movements and the “Rule of 10”. Principle 2: Grinding Lifts . pages. PDF eBook. Read Easy Strength foreword by Listen to the Easy Strength Secrets Teleseminar with Pavel & Dan here. Read the Transcript of the. A simple workout program that will help you break multiple personal records in just 8 weeks. Guaranteed.

I finally studied up on Easy Strength after trying it for a while, and I like it. I am very intrigued by this program.

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I want to do it but I cannot commit to it right now. I will do another version of PTTP, but this is on my todo list when things normalize. Anyone have experience with Even Easier Strength? Can it be done in an hour? Last edited: Feb 16, Geoff Chafe , Feb 16, Geoff Chafe , in your first link, to your training log, if you could post a link to the specific post where you talk about the program you mention, that would be helpful.

Steve Freides , Feb 16, This is a typical one hour training session: Lee Hunt , Feb 16, I searched the forum before posting, and I could not find much information. Thanks Lee Hunt.

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Stuart Elliott likes this. Dan John was pretty accurate when he says you hit your goal around day I did neutral chin ups, bench press, deads, ab wheel and a carry of some type. Funny how I've switch things up and moved away from ES, my lifts dropped and I'm injured. ShawnM , Feb 16, Played allot of beach volleyball that time and didn't account for the volume well read lifted to heavy for my recovery state so didn't made allot of progress, but made some.

I stopped because my home setup is deadlift unfriendly at to much of my focus went to the setup Shahaf Levin , Feb 16, I used EES principles in my deload weeks.


For upper body it was ok, but squatting three days in a row even with little volume was too much for me. My legs need more rest days. It's not an easy program and it was my mistake to do it as a light deload week.

Go as light as you need to go and don't go over ten reps for any of the movements in a workout. It's going to seem easy. When the weights feel light, simply add more weight. I picked five exercises I needed to do and did them. Old PR's fell, and yes, it seemed "easy.

The Workout Strength Challenge You need to pick five exercises. All five will be performed on each training day, five days per week. Pick one from each of the following categories: Press Movement: Flat bench press, incline bench press, or military press.

Pull Movement: Thick bar deadlift, snatch-grip deadlift, clean-grip deadlift, orthodox deadlift, Jefferson lift, or hack squat. Hinge Movement: You can combine the pull movement and the hinge movement — as most of deadlift exercise are also hinge movements — or do an exclusively hinge movement like kettlebell swings in the range. Squat Movement: Front squat, back squat, overhead squat, zercher squat, or safety squat.

Loaded Carry: Farmer's walk, waiter's walk, etc. Vary the distance and load every time. Incline Bench Press Press Movement : for 5 reps x 2 sets, assuming a pound max single.

Thick Bar Deadlift Hinge Movement : for 5 reps x 2 sets, assuming a pound max single. This counts as a pull and a hinge movement. Front Squat Squat Movement : x 5 reps for 2 sets, assuming a pound max single. Farmer's Walk Loaded Carry Movement : pounds in each hand, meters out and back with three stops.

Ab Wheel Optional Add-On : 5 reps x 2 sets. Again, you'll repeat each of these movements every training day.

Even Easier Strength

Tuesday Day 2 — 2 x 5 This can be heavier or lighter depending on mood and feel. The important thing is to show up and get the movements in.

If one day is too hard and compromises the next day's workout, that's fine as long as you lighten the load and continue getting the reps in without compromising speed. Then add some weight for three reps, and finally add some weight for two reps.

Be sure to get the double. Most people on this program find that this workout is the test for how things are progressing.

Easy Strength

The weights should begin to fly up on the double. That's good, but stop there. Remember, this is a long-term approach to getting strong. Don't keep testing yourself. Friday and Saturday Days 4 and 5 — 2 x 5 These are potentially the most confusing days in that the load on the bar depends on how you feel.

If the effort feels easy and light, "nudge" the load up. Here's the secret again : The goal of this program is to gently raise your efforts load on the easy days so that the bar feels light. If you start out lifting a weight, say at one effort level, and in a few weeks you're lifting at the same perceived effort and speed, you're definitely stronger.

Monday Day 6 — 2 x 5 After a day of rest, day 6 is going to feel easy and that's how it should be. Get the reps in. Tuesday Day 7 — 6 x 1 Day 7 has a simple rule: You'll do six singles, adding weight each rep.Yet, for all his charismatic delivery and astounding results, I could see that the Evil Russian did still have one weapon missing in his bid for World Domination.

Nothing kills your gains like a lifting injury.

The weight is so much more counterbalanced than the back squat and easier to control than the front squat. And it is undoubtedly this admirable quality that led to the birth of Easy Strength.

Pharma Opinion. Simply fill out the form below and put Easy Strength eBook to work for you right now.

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