E46 Ski bag retrofit guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. E46 skibag retrofit guide. 4) Done. Go laugh at yourself for such a simple project. I have the BMW ski bag retrofit (PDF). However, you don't even need it. It is so simple. ski bag retrofit pdf E46 ( - ) Here are instuctions on how to retrofit a ski bag or just remove the center piece. Attached Files.

E46 Ski Bag Retrofit Pdf

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Bought a ski bag cassette from an on-line store to retrofit into a xi with a fixed rear seat. Cant figure out Check this link for a pdf on installation that might help: Plus countless other links including e46 fanatics, etc. Retrofitting skibag into coupe. Can't remove the PDF guide here http://www. bestthing.info hlight=ski+bag. PN: 72 60 8 e46 M3 wagon (mechanically/electronically, stock body) · i3. Obioban is E39 bestthing.info · Share. Share this.

BMW E46 convertible AVIN Avant-2 Backup Camera Installation Guide

Work slowly and carefully, don t force anything and don t rush. For roughly two hours total of time, you can save a significant amount on install costs and have pride in upgrading your car. When in doubt, stop, step back and ask for help if something isn t working. It s temping, but one wrong move and you can punch a screwdriver through your seat. Lastly: Several of the example pictures may show the original OEM deck or other combinations of equipment.

As you do follow this guide, this is just my attempt to get this work done. Feel free to provide feedback on the forums.

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You can start at the front or back of the car, direction doesn t matter. Dash trim will need to be removed first, and are held in with a series of 5 attached aluminum pins pushed back into the dash. Go slowly and carefully as you do this work.

The dash itself is soft padded material and will dent and tear if you are not careful. The trim tools are the best option to slowly fulcrum out the pins in the dash and not damage anything along the way. Don t be hasty and make a thousand dollar mistake.

Use a flat bladed screwdriver covered with a shop rag, or better, the plastic trim tool to carefully pry up the trim, starting at point 1 slowly prying right to left to point It is not uncommon for the orange trim clips to break or even come out attached still to the aluminum pin on the trim. These will break or will be broken, but are easy to replace.

BMW EBA Online – Installation Instructions

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to grip and then remove the trim clips. Turn the clip to a vertical orientation to remove and pull out. Insert the new clip vertically and then turn horizontal to lock into place.

The blade of the pliers works well to turn back into place. Remove the two screws then the center vent assembly by freeing the four pressure clips on the vents themselves.

Do this by using the plastic trim tool, or an old credit card to slide between the dash and the vent. When all four are loose, the vent will pull straight out of the dash.

I did not remove the vent control wire as I saw no need, and put the vent on the dash with a shop towel to prevent scratching. Locate your 1 wiring harness including backup camera RCA plug and green backup wire, 2 moving the canbus module, input port and USB and 3 GPS module pulled out of the way.


Remove the note screw first with the glove box closed, as it is on a little tab right above the trim. Open and empty the glove box, then remove the six additional screws.

Slide passenger side door sill cover off. Remove the trim plugs with a pair of pliers by rocking forward to free one side, then back to free the other. Slide plugs back into the trim for reinstallation later.

Remove the back seat base by pulling up on the front edge and set aside. Remove the cover for the ski bag pass through.

Remove two nuts one indicated by arrow and pull the seat back out and up to remove as well. Set seat base and back in a safe place. Maybe use this opportunity to condition and clean your rear seat, and vacuum out the desiccated cheerios and wrappers that have somehow found themselves under the seat!

Remove the trunk lining by removing all indicated pressure pins, the two securing screws for the tool tray, and unhooking the safety handle.

Use a flat screwdriver or the trim tool to carefully pry up the pressure pins without breaking them. Remove trunk floor tray, and then the battery cover tray and two pressure pins.

Remove side carpeting pressure pin and unhook gas door pull.

Retrofit, ski bag

Remove side carpeting carefully by pulling down and out, and set both liners aside. Using t torx remove the 4 screws on the underside of the trim.

The rear badge is held on with a circle of adhesive so gently pry free with a screwdriver bad , trim tool better or thin bladed scraper. Remove torx screw under the badge. Unclip the power line to the trim and pull the trim off and out. Here is the fun part making a rectangular camera housing into a wedge shape.

If you have a dremel tool with the right blades, this effort will be substantially easier than my experience. Specialised knowledge is required. The retrofit was a joke.

Insert the ski bag 1 in the opening and secure it with Torx screws 2. Find more threads by wallyorange. I easily popped it out on regrofit old for sub woofer reasons. Originally Posted by Baer Glad to hear bah us so easy! Find more threads bg Guest Originally Posted by chong Better off to fold the seat down if you can.

Find More Posts by Jackboot. I ran across some info I wanted to earmark.

BMW & MINI Navigation Update

In a scale of 10 being the hardest this retrofit project is like a 1. Originally Posted by danewilson You would add unwanted flex over bumps and hard driving conditions. Find all threads started by sidneyj. Here are instuctions on how to retrofit a ski bag or just bav the center piece.

Find More Posts by Jackboot. How did it turn out? The DIY said it was done on a pre-facelift car. Find all posts by Mack. Find more threads by KevinB.

Find all posts by sidneyj. Find More Posts by Retrfoit.Ignore the wire taps in the picture, they were crap.

Remove the two screws then the center vent assembly by freeing the four pressure clips on the vents themselves. TOP 10 Related. Flip on your headlights and check the LED license plate light. Originally Posted by Baer Glad to hear bah us so easy!

Remove this ridge down to the L shape of the securing notch. The ski bag frame 2 must audibly engage. Route RCA cable along the existing wiring harness, behind the convertible top pocket and the through the cable hole into the back seat. I used a clamp to ensure a good seal.

Remove side carpeting pressure pin and unhook gas door pull.

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