Breached by K.I. Lynn. by K.I. Lynn on July 20, File Namebreached-by-k-i; Original TitleBreached (Breach #4); CreatorK. I. Lynn; Languageen. Breach. Breach 1 - Breach (Volume 1) - K. I. KB. Breach - Dissolution - K. I. KB. Breach 2 - Infraction - K. I. KB. KB. 2 Pucked Off ( The Pucked Series) - Helena .. K. I. Lynn - Breach

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K I Lynn - [Breach ] - Breach; Dissolution; Infraction; Reciprocity; Release (3rd A - dokument [*.epub] Breach 3rd Anniversary Special Edition Boxset. Editorial Reviews. Review. "It's a dark, gritty, captivating roller coaster ride from start to finish and will leave you eager to jump right into the next book!" Aestas . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. K.I. Lynn spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always.

I want everyone to hear what I do to you. I obeyed and let go, no longer holding back. My screams echoed around the room, and that trademark smirk of his formed on his perfect features. His mouth moved down to my breasts where he began licking and nipping. The combination of sensations from his body's assault was too much. His name spilled from my lips on a scream as my back arched off the bed. My hands grabbed his arms, nails digging in as my walls constricted around him.

He was still going. Both hands were back on my hips as he drove into me. His stamina was unparalleled. How many times in the past had I been forced to come multiple times before he spilled inside me? I whimpered at the loss, but I knew what he was doing. What he wanted from me. I managed to turn my body around, coming face to face with his cock, and took him into my eager mouth.

I lapped up my juices from him as my tongue swirled around his length. His eyes were on me, watching his cock disappear between my lips. He loved to watch me suck him after being buried in my pussy. I sucked hard, punishing him as he had me. I was rewarded with a hiss and a flex of his hips. My teeth grazed his skin. He moaned deep in his chest, his panting gaining speed, muscles tensing. His hands wrapped up in my hair just as he began to thrust, fucking my mouth.

He was grunting and moaning as he hit the back of my throat. I reached up to massage his balls, adding to the sensations.

See a Problem?

His hips flexed forward before jerking. He came hard, spurt after spurt sliding into my mouth and down my throat. After licking him clean, I released him from my mouth. I smiled up at him, and he leaned down to kiss me. The kiss was passionate, as were all his kisses.

The Executive by K.I. Lynn

It was also harsh, his teeth biting on my lip, scraping it, tasting himself. He got a rag to clean me up before we lay down and curled into one another.

Tomorrow was closing in. Another day of wearing masks and hiding what we wanted-what we were-from the world. Another day of denying each other. Another night of punishment to look forward to.

Why was he punishing me? Because I called to him, and I let him do whatever he wanted to me.

Breached by K.I. Lynn

Punishing himself for wanting me and doing whatever he desired to me. Punishing us both for our breach. It didn't help that I only had three hours of sleep, thanks to work keeping me up at night.

My brain was unable to shut down. I needed coffee. The day had to get better-the new hire was starting.

Maybe I wouldn't be in the office until midnight almost every night. The prospect of having a life again, thanks to the new employee, was wonderful. Not that I had much of one before. I'd been working sixty to seventy hours a week for the last four months since Vivian left us high and dry.

I needed a vacation. Hell, I'd settle for leaving before five one evening a week. I pulled into the parking lot, zipping into my usual spot, and looked into the rearview mirror. My usually bright, expressive eyes were dull and bloodshot from lack of sleep, reflecting dark circles underneath and standing out against my pale skin. My hair was not cooperating, dirty blonde strands sticking up in all directions.

I brushed it before I left, right? In my current state, I wasn't sure of the answer to my internal question. I dug through my purse, locating my hair screws-the most wonderful hair invention ever-and threw the bird's nest up into a quick, tight bun. Looking down, I noticed a run in my hose that started from my knee and ran all the way down my calf.

Another thing to add to my already spectacular morning. I hated wearing pantyhose, but they helped keep my legs a little warmer when I wore skirts in the winter.

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Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version. Download now. download a paper book. Welcome to the Cameo Hotel by K. Becoming Mrs. Lockwood by K. Take by K. Need by K. Be the first to reply. Sign in to Comment. Don't have an account? Join Epub.It's by an author who never needs to question her skills or doubt herself.

Disgust doesn't quite cover it. No one has ever understood them better than they understand each other. Still, whenever their together in their own private world, they make each other forget about their past and focus on the present.

Vivian Wood Covet. They were proof, a reminder of his need, his pleasure. site Edition. Thorne Go Stars!! Don't get me wrong, it was nice to know that Delilah and Nathan loved each other enough that they wanted to better themselves in a healty way, and grow as a couple. Such an awesome feeling!

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