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RPG Item Version. Black Tokyo: Unlimited Edition · d20 Modern · d20 Modern System. Nickname. PDF version. Alternate Names. Year Published. Format . Black Tokyo: The Hentai SRD Nickname. PDF Version. Alternate Names. Year Published. Format. Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product. Black Tokyo is a D20 Modern setting inspired by hentai anime, particularly the tentacle demon and bondage variety. It is particularly notable for its high.

Nikusui Ever see Hard Candy? Imagine that, only with Hayley as an immortal faerie who force-feeds Jeff his own balls, skins him, and then burns him alive one square inch at a time. Finally, a race option I think I could actually get behind in this fucking game! Racial weakness: Once you've sniffed out a pedophile, you suffer a morale penalty to attack and damage rolls against any other target. Not much of a weakness, if you ask me.

Shirime theists: The Race. Also they have hundreds of eyes on the inside of their bodies. Spider Souled Spider swarm capabilities not supported in this version. Natural psychopaths who Something like that, I have no idea. Looks like a sharp-toothed, beady-eyed human at a casual glance. Closer inspection will reveal short black hairs at the elbows and knees, and spinnerets at the wrists don't that sound familiar and genitals I hope that doesn't sound familiar. Female Spider Souled also have a black widow's hourglass mark above their vulva.

Racial traits: Monstrous Humanoid type; great big ol' Climb bonus, Take 10 or 20 even under threat, same bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks made while climbing; low-light vision, scent; Spinnarettes catches bad guys just like flies, also just noticed another word Chris can't spell ; Toxic Kiss saliva and sexual fluids are a paralytic contact poison. Racial weakness: Suffer a morale penalty to attack and damage rolls against a target unless you've spent at least an hour studying or researching them and at least fifteen minutes in conversation with them.

Also, romance with any sentient humanoid must either be broken off or end with their death at your hands within six months or you suffer permanent INT and CHA damage. Next time: actual chastity, Hanging Maidens at last, and samurai beetleborgs! I can't wait! Basically prestige classes in d20 form! Three of 'em! The Chaste Fields starts out the paragraph calling the Chaste Sisterhood "a warrior society older than Christianity by two millennium", then makes an attempt at more solid historical-fiction legitimacy by claiming Yang Kwei Fei , a legendarily beautiful Imperial consort in T'ang Dynasty China who was executed without charge to appease court politics, as their founding member.

This combination only works if you A didn't know who she was before, and B don't ever bother to look her up, since she lived and died in the 8th century of the Common Era, by which point any fool could tell you Christianity was quite well established. I wonder if this wasn't actually supposed to be the Erinyes Sisterhood that's been mentioned a few times before but never detailed since their missions are practically identical , then he saw the movie version somewhere and decided to change it.

Anyways, Fields' version of history says that instead of being simply executed, Yang Kwei Fei was sexually mutilated - clitoris cut out and labia sewn together with golden thread - then cast out into the wilderness to die. But instead of dying, she achieved enlightenment through suffering, becoming "stronger than any woman she knew", and retreated up a mountain to meditate.

Within a generation, an order of women had grown up around her, following her strictures of protecting women from natural and supernatural threats well into the modern age. Today, members just call themselves "The Sisterhood" so I guess they are the Erinyes, but I can't be bothered to go edit the previous paragraph to accommodate this revelation , with the Chaste as their top elite. While the Sisterhood's rank-and-file remain whole, the Chaste have their sexual organs ritualistically removed in emulation of their founder.

The power granted by this agony makes them the greatest martial artists in the Earth Realm, and the invisibility of their "mark" makes them ideally suited to blending in with the populace, only revealing themselves at the moment the trap is sprung. Class features: Unchanging Hand Technique : Actually a feat requirement, but reprinted for convenience. By either defeating an opponent's Defense by 5 points or more with an unarmed strike, or spending an action point alongside a hit, you can either lock a shapeshifter into their current form, or force them to revert to their true form.

Unchanging Hand Mastery 1st : 3 points instead of 5.

No Lesser Agony 1st : Immunity to all pain and fear effects, and to harmful sexual feats or abilities; harmless or beneficial ones may be allowed or rejected at will. Living Weapon 1st : May make unarmed strikes even when their hands are full since I guess the default is just punches and no kicks or such , and with no off-hand. Also deals extra unarmed damage, dice increasing every five levels.

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Decoy Deception 2nd : Add half your class level to Bluff or Disguise checks made to blend in with a crowd or appear weak and helpless. Eyrines Ironfist 4th : Guess that answers that, then.

No maximum limit. Ironclad Soul 7th : Turn your whole body into metal? Sure, why not. A whole host of new immunities, plus hefty STR and Defense bonuses, at the bargain cost of lower land speed and a stiff penalty to Hide and Move Silently checks.

All Undead and Outsiders in your presence are subject to a penalty-inducing fear effect, even mindless and otherwise fear-immune targets. The Hanging Maiden The Hanging Academy is a massive girl's school in the Tatakama, built around an ancient tree that is possibly different from the World Tree or possibly not. Staff are all rokurokubi , and students come from the Earth Realm, "non-conformists, outcasts, anorexic girls and rape victims, weak and belittled femininity in all its varied forms", drawn by urban legends about the place that have circulated among Japan's schoolgirls for generations, and graduation is at the end of a noose.

Hence the name. The curriculum consists mostly of exercises designed to make the student's eventual death as aesthetically pleasing as possible these hangings are big spectator events, apparently , but the biggest lesson comes at the end: the student is granted enlightenment while they're hanging, a unique insight into the nature of the World Tree and a free pass out of the cycle of reincarnation straight to a purer world.

Some of them, though, are so profoundly changed by this experience that they rise again as oracles; these are the Hanging Maidens. Y'know, for all the infodump on these things, it still seems kind of scarce with the actual info. I dunno. I guess my questions were answered, but I still feel like I don't know that much about them.

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Ain't gonna let it worry me too much, though. Class features: Immortality of the Noose 1st : Creature type becomes Undead, with a few caveats. Maidens still have a soul, so they don't get the typical Undead immunity to mental effects; their Hit Die remains based on character class; cannot be turned or revoked by divine casters; destroyed at 0 HP instead of incapacitated, and can only be willingly resurrected.

Play Dead 2nd : Spend an action point and specify a form of harm from an energy type to a specific attacker or weapon. For the rest of the encounter, if you're destroyed by that method, you just collapse for 2D6 rounds, after which you hop back up with full HP.

Dying Insight 4th : Gain a permanent bonus to any two Knowledge skills, which triples for 48 hours after you return from the dead. Also, when "dying" with Play Dead, concentrate on any one person known to you to receive a full psychic dossier on their location and state of being.

For another action point, open up a telepathic channel with them, too. Artful Demise 5th : "As you die, you take direct control of your bodies final throes and dying tremors, shaping your last moments into a sensual performance that is impossible to forget. Activates automatically with Play Dead. Maiden of the Dead Temple 7th : As a medium and mediator between the living and the dead, you get a bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks against sentient undead and souls in the afterlife.

Also comes with a built-in optional side quest, where helping a spirit settle their mortal affairs while in the middle of another adventure is rewarded with an action point. Death and Life Entwined 8th : Drain levels while grappling. Use the life energy to either regain HP or convert it into temporary action points. Loving Execution 10th : Spend an action point during sex to let your partner use Play Dead for a single encounter.

As a bonus, any lover who dies and comes back in this manner gets to reassign up to four skill ranks and retrain any one feat choice upon return. The Omukame Were the beetleborgs even samurai? I probably got shows mixed up.

More like a race than a class, the Omukame are the earthly avatars of the Celestial Centipedes that guard the border between the Tatakama and the Black Else, preying on the Else's demonic spiders. They act as the samurai of the Tatakama, upholding the ideals of bushido , fighting with katana , wakazashi , and Phallic Spear. Yeah, remember that trick? Omukame are among the greatest warriors in any realm, chosen by Heaven to protect their mortal vassals in the Tatakama from incursions by the Black Else, and a major factor in their strategy involves swinging their dicks around.

Oh, and they don't work for free: tsujigiri posted: Their station gives them the right to claim any low-born girl they desire as a reward for their fine service, a privilege the centipede lords take full advantage of. Bawdy haiku and ukio-e commemorate passionate couplings between wandering Omukame and village maidens. Most of these legendary orgies last for days, and are celebrated in art and haiku long after the maiden involved has become a grey haired old matron.

Also a permanent insight bonus to CHA-based skill checks against any woman who's previously "rewarded" you. Chittering Jade 1st : As part of the ritual inducting you as an Omukame, your body becomes covered in a greenish-black exoskeleton, shaped in a parody of traditional samurai armor or, if Fields had really thought this through, vice versa.

Hefty bonuses to defense that increase with level, and bonuses to Handle Animal and Survival checks involving "mindless vermin", which I guess would be insects? So why doesn't he just say "insects"? Endless Vitality 1st : Omukame "are trained to use their cocks with as much skill as they wield their katana, and are equally tireless when fighting with either". Use your Phallic Spear Technique at will, with no daily limit.

Also, you can drop to all fours and sprout hundreds of tiny insect legs from your armor for a land speed bonus, but you have to drop anything you're holding to do so. Permanent spider climb effect at 3rd level. Scent 3rd : Use Survival to track by scent, and recognize odors as easily as faces. Veterans are notorious for their panty-sniffing habits. Add a die of acid damage to all melee attacks.

Black Tokyo

Phallic Razor 10th : Your "already impressive combat penis [ Spend an action point to add the vorpal quality for CON mod rounds, instantly beheading your opponent on a crit. With your cock. How does a body write something like this with a straight face? It boggles my mind, it does. Next time: Child's Play in reverse, vagina-mounted wave motion guns, and ponies! Chaotic Aura : Everything just seems to go wrong aroud you. Anyone within range, or anyone who's just moved out of it, cannot use or benefit from Flanking or Aid Another, nor can they take 10 or 20 on any skill check.

Fearsome Violence : Any opponent who sees you kill a living creature must make a WILL save difficulty scales with how many you've killed already this encouter or be shaken. Frivolous Pleasure : Tantric energy surrounds any area in which you have had a sexual encounter within the past 24 hours, repelling undead and speeding up healing. Ganguro Beauty : A Tokyo fashion craze from years ago, where young women bleach their hair blond and bake themselves brown in tanning booths.

I always thought it was ugly as hell, but Fields apparently thought they rated a daily bonus pool that can be applied at will to CHA-based skill checks.

Heavenly Virgin female only : You radiate an aura of childlike purity which protects you from demonic attacks and frustrates their actions while in your presence. Benefit is lost for 24 hours after engaging in consensual penetrative sex. Targets receive no saving throws if you're at least partially nude, though, since the light shines out of your cooch. Of course it fucking does. Lesser Toymaker : The ability to make Living Toy servants shapes limited to humanoid or smaller fantastic creatures with a Craft check and a sacrifice of "memories and life energy" in the form of XP.

Another baseline requisite feat with expansions and add-ons: Dark Toymaker requires evil alignment : Instead of your own XP, murder a child or children to give your creation Hit Dice. Master Toymaker : Harder skill check and higher price, but you're no longer limited in the shape or size of the Toys you can make.

Toymaker's Secret : Instead of semi-sentient items, the Living Toys you create are fully alive, first-level characters. Roll 'em up!

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Masochistic Willpower : Immune to pain-based attacks. Also, bonus to WILL or Craft, Perform or Profession checks for whatever reason after taking 5 or more points of damage in a single round.

Memento Mori undead only : Any time you make ay sort of skin contact with a living sentient, the target must make a WILL save or be shaken for a couple of rounds. If the contact is sexual, the save's DC and penalty are increased.

Can be temporarily suppressed with a Concentration check. Mind Rape : Cumulative bonus to Intimidate checks for every four hours you've kept the target in continuous bondage.

Spend an action point during torture, and you can force them to make a WILL save vs. Mysterious Lover : You can attempt to wipe the details of your appearance and identity from anyone with whom you have sex.

The victim gets a WILL save. She's a half-Irish, half-Japanese girl whose life was thrown into turmoil when she moved to Tokyo.

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