The ultra-bright and reliable HDF-W26 projector is a perfect fit for With a light output of 26, lumens, the HDF-W26 displays superior. and highcontrast optical engine, the HDF guarantees crisp images with rich equipped with Barco's highend ImagePRO technology with Athena scaler for. Product specifications and data are subject to change without notice. Faber Audiovisuals B.V., its affiliates and employees disclaim any and all liability for.

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Manuals and User Guides for Barco HDF W We have 6 Barco HDF W26 manuals available for free PDF download: User And Installation Manual, Installation. HDF-W HDF-W Barco's range of HDF projectors offers powerful projection for large venues and events. Thanks to their high brightness, the HDF are able. For HDF, HDF W22, HDF W26 and HDF W30 Flex Barco provides this manual ' as is' without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

The code complies with European and US legislation on e. The report provides a clear overview of our most relevant intentions, achievements and objectives in the field of corporate sustainability in In June , we will publish our next Sustainability Report with all the relevant information about In , we were delighted to see a clear improvement in our CDP score: we received a B score — which is given to companies taking coordinated action on climate change issues - quite an achievement!

Barco annual report We strongly believe that growing our company goes hand in hand with helping our people and the communities around us to thrive, while safeguarding our planet. This is why sustainability has a central role in our organization.

We strongly adhere to the principle of sustainable employability. The key to keeping our people motivated, today and in the future?

Wellbeing in the workplace. By appreciating and stimulating talent, motivating our people and keeping them healthy physically and mentally, we encourage them to feel strong, valued and capable. I am excited to become part of this motivated Barco family and help them — together with my team — to bring Barco to the next chapter.

Through Barco University, dedicated training programs and coaching, we seek to empower our people, ensuring that they are flexible, agile employees while encouraging them to think about how they want to contribute to our company, today and tomorrow. Year after year, Barco University offers a broader range of courses in various formats e-learning, in-house training sessions, etc. In , we included training sessions related to health and well-being like stress management, mindfulness and yoga.

The program even features healthy cooking classes. I truly appreciate how internal mobility opportunities at Barco are complemented with tailored learning initiatives to quickly build knowledge and skills in new areas.

The most efficient way is to use your account to ship to us, and then we ship and bill back to you. You can use your account. We do insist on insurance unless the lamp house is hand carried.

Why do I want insurance both ways? Replacement components in some lamp houses are more expensive than the relamp. In many cases you have a glass bulb and a glass reflector. It protects you from paying twice. Note: Unless shipped in a carrier approved container — your insurance claim may be denied by the carrier.

We offer a service to send you the proper, approved packaging 9. What about packaging?


This packaging was developed by independent packaging experts to meet or exceed UPS and FEDEX packaging standards to protect us and protect you from denied insurance claims due to shipping.

Denied insurance claims are both expensive and lengthy. Do you offer anything other than lamps? It is also the only production style switcher that comes with universal, mixable aux outputs.


Thanks to the highend AthenaTM scaler, it delivers high resolution, resulting in crisp and clean images with lively colors at all times. It not only saves time and space but it supports the demanding environments of any live event. High-performance processing Guaranteed performance Easy setup, swift navigation Incorporating the AthenaTM scaler, our custom-designed image processing technology, the ImagePROs offer flexible scaling.

AthenaTM provides the highest possible image quality while minimizing processing delays. The ImagePRO series is known in the industry as the standard for flexible image processing during live events.

They are essential video toolsets in creating a stunning show. As all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder, they convert any input signal format to any output format.

Barco HDF W26 Manuals

Equipped with an LCD navigation panel on the front and with a knob for scrolling through the various options, controlling the ImagePRO is simple. Its familiar user interface guarantees quick setup and swift navigation.

Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, the Encore supports a wide variety of show configurations, from the smallest single-screen event to the most critical widescreen edgeblended presentation. It efficiently supports up to 32 screens with any combination of independent display or seamless widescreen display elements.

Up to 12 independent windows can be resized and positioned in real time, with programmable borders and drop shadows. The Encore System Controllers provide simple control in real time. The fully reliable controllers support events by allowing integrated control of multiple Encore Video Processors in addition to matrix switchers. This is especially apparent in dark regions and areas of smooth, slightly varied tonal values.

Thanks to its straightforward setup and operation, the PDS is perfect for live events. Both the program and the mix-effect banks are uncomplicated and straightforward, which was much needed for the live camera mixing.

The result is a versatile presentation tool for live events. It is capable of producing sophisticated effects including live transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PiP windows, wipes, dissolves and keys.

With the ScreenPRO, creating effects for live events is really simple and intuitive.Year after year, Barco University offers a broader range of courses in various formats e-learning, in-house training sessions, etc.

I truly appreciate how internal mobility opportunities at Barco are complemented with tailored learning initiatives to quickly build knowledge and skills in new areas. This boosts creativity and decreases the time it takes to get sources on screen.


With features such as a compact form factor, our image processing tools support the challenging environment of any live event as well. You unpack and install the refurbished lamphouse into your projector, and use the same approved packaging to send the just removed lamphouse back — or we can also arrange for pickup. We will prepare our people for futureproof and sustainable employability by energizing, engaging and inspiring them.

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