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In solid state chemistry and the bio-pharmaceutical industry, Raman spectroscopy can be used to not only identify active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs , but to identify their polymorphic forms, if more than one exist.

Raman spectroscopy can also be used to observe other low frequency excitations of a solid, such as plasmons , magnons , and superconducting gap excitations.

Hence polarized Raman spectroscopy can provide detailed information as to the symmetry labels of vibrational modes. Since it is a light scattering technique, specimens do not need to be fixed or sectioned.

Distributed temperature sensing DTS uses the Raman-shifted backscatter from laser pulses to determine the temperature along optical fibers. This effect can provide information on the orientation of molecules with a single crystal or material.

Applications of Raman imaging range from materials sciences to biological studies. Each mode is separated according to its symmetry.

Notch or long-pass optical filters are typically used for this purpose. It has already been use for the characterization of graphene layers, [41] J-aggregated dyes inside carbon nanotubes [42] and multiple other 2D materials such as MoS2 and WSe2.

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