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Melancholia[ edit ] Autumn, especially in poetry, has often been associated with melancholia. The possibilities and opportunities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. Skies turn grey, the amount of usable daylight drops rapidly, and many people turn inward, both physically and mentally. Like the natural world that he observes, he too has reached his prime and now must look forward to the inevitability of old age and death.

French poet Paul Verlaine 's " Chanson d'automne " "Autumn Song" is likewise characterised by strong, painful feelings of sorrow. Keats ' To Autumn , written in September , echoes this sense of melancholic reflection, but also emphasises the lush abundance of the season.

The song, Autumn Leaves , which is based on a French song, " "Les Feuilles mortes", uses the melancholic atmosphere of the season and the end of summer as a simile to compare to the mood of being separated from a loved one.

Halloween is in autumn in the northern hemisphere. The television, film, book, costume, home decoration, and confectionery industries use this time of year to promote products closely associated with such a holiday, with promotions going from early September to 31 October, since their themes rapidly lose strength once the holiday ends, and advertising starts concentrating on Christmas.

Other associations[ edit ] Pumpkin pie is commonly served on and around Thanksgiving in North America All Saints' Day at a cemetery in Sanok — flowers and lit candles are placed to honor the memory of deceased relatives. T he first time I noticed this phenomenon was a few years ago, in St.

Peter's Basilica in Rome - a crowd of people At first, I wasn't too worried when I saw people photographing the paintings. It was a little irritating, but that was all. It didn't make me angry. Then the sad truth hit me. Most of the people were taking photos without looking at the paintings themselves. People were pushing me, not because they were trying to get a better view of the art, but because they wanted to make sure that no one blocked their photo.

Was it possible that maybe they were taking the photos so that they could admire the paintings better when they got home? This was very improbable. They were not there to see the paintings, but to take photos to prove that they had been there.

Then it got worse. Now people were taking photos of their partners or friends who were posing next to, or in front of some of the most famous paintings. Neither the photographers nor the person they were photographing had looked at the art itself, although I saw that sometimes they read the label, to make sure that the artist really was famous.

At least nobody asked me to take a picture of them together, smiling in front of a Picasso! I think that photography in museums should be banned, but I also have a less drastic solution. I think that people who want to take a photo of an exhibit should be forced to look at it first, for at least one minute.

Can you? Was it to travel somewhere where? Then cover the words and look at the symbols. Remember che words and phrases. Who do you think is What are their dreams? T hen listen aga in and complete the chart. Where to? Other information Olivia - - -Matthew Lily I Then listen and check.

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Write PL plan or PR prediction. Learn more about beBoillBtoand practice it. Copy the. What m 'ougQing ro do tonight? S We aren't gQing to have a vacation this year. C' Fastspeech: IOI Bp. Incerview each other about your plans. Vhat's it li ke? Vhat can you do there while you're waiting for a fl ight?

Which is the best airport s if you But there are some airports where you can actually enjoy yourself. But the best airports have much more It also has a rooftop swimming pool and a free sight-seeing tour for people who have at least five hours to wait for their connecting flight. You can goto the hairsalon and have beauty treatments or a massage.

Sports fans can also play golfatthe airport's hole golf course! There is also free coffee and tea near all the seating areas, and lots of free magazines and newspapers. And for people with animals, there is even a pet hotel! Then pick up your clean clothes when you get back from your trip. B calls you on your cell phone. Tell B where you are and what you are goi ng to do. T hen change roles. Do the same with other airports. Read their Facebook messages and number them in order.

I'm going to book my tickets tomorrow, and then I can let you know my flight times. Ben West D OK. Why don't you call me closer to the date, at the end of April? Then we can set a day and a time to meet. I know a great restaurant.

No news from you for ages. How are things? Are you still working at the University of San Francisco? I have a conference there next month, and I thought perhaps we could meet. I'd love to see you again! Ben West D It depends on the day. I'm going to Los Angeles one day that week, but it's not very far - I'm coming back the same day. I'm su re we can find a time that's good for both of us. What are you doing that week? Are you free any time? Ben West D lily! Great to hear from you.

Yes, I'm still at the university here and it's going really well - San Francisco is a great city to live in. When exactly is the conference? Lily Varnell D Wonderful! I can't wait! When are you leaving? W hy does Lily get in rouch with Ben?

Vhat are they plann ing to do? Listen and complete her flight inform ation. Arrive San Francisco at Date: Flight JBY Date: Hotel reservations: Vhich [WO are about now?

Vhar time period do the other three refer to? Can you remember the missing verbs? Learn more about the present canti nuous for [mufe arra ngements and practice it. Listen to the conversation. Vhar day do they arrange to meet? Complete Ben's calendar for the week. Vork with a partner and test your memory. Vhac happens when Ben and Lily meec? Then listen again and repeat it b sentence by sentence.

Try ro copy the speakers' intonation. A Would you like to go out for dinner? B I'd love to. A Are you free on Thursday? B Sorry, I'm going to the movies. A What about Friday?

What are you doing then?

B Nothing. Friday's fine. Let's go to the new Italian place. B Great. Practice the dialogue with a panner. Try ro sound friendly.

Try ro find days when you are both free and suggest doing something. Vrite it on your calendar. Try to make an arrangement with a different person for every night. Would you like to go to the moviesQ 0es, I'd love to. Vhat are the missing prepositions? Then ask and answer with a parrner.

Vrite an email about travel arrangements. Online Practice El I G defining retative clauses V expressions for paraphrasing: P pronunciation in a dictionary What's a gym? Look at the Scrabble letters on the page. How many words of four or more letters can you make in three minutes? How do you play the game?

Vrire down the six words. Vhen do we use wlio, that, and where? Learn more about defining relative clauses and practice them. I It's Ia person who works in a hospital. S It's the ofdark.

E R S sunbathe For example, you do this Play a game and define words for your partner to guess. How many ways does it mention to create new words? Vhar are they?

American English File 2 Student Book Second Editon

Look at the highlighted l1ew words. Match them to the defi nitions below. Vhat do the J: How do you pronoll nee the words?

The st ressed syllable is the one after t he symbol. The Sound Bank on p. Practice saying them correctly. Do you know what they mean? YouTlIbe '! Every three months. One recent update contained new words, new expressions. But where do they all come from?

New words are created in many different ways. We can make a new word bycombining t wo words. Sometimes we put two words together in a new way. We also find that nouns can change into verbs. Take the word text. Text was always a noun from about , according to the OED , but it is now very common as a verb, to text somebody. Other new words already existed, but with a djfferent meaning.

For example, tweet was the noise that a bird makes, but now we use it more often as a verb or a noun for a message that people put on the social networking site Twitter. Another way in which we make new words is by "adopting" words from foreign languages, like barista or latte imported from Italian when coffee shops became really popular in the US in the s.

A lot of new words come from the names of brands or companies, for example, we play music on an iPod and we google information. We also need more general words to describe new technology or new gadgets: The invention of new words is not a new phenomenon.

The difference now is how quickly new words and expressions enter the language and how quickly we start to use and understand them. Mark the sentences T true or F false. The New York office is smaller than the London office. Watch o r listen again. Say why the F sentences are false. Answer the questions. Vhar do rhey order? You Hear You Say 0 Are you ready to? Yes, please. Can Iget you something No, thank you. I'd like the to with?

And for you, sir? I'll have the steak, please. Would you like that with fries or a baked? Fries, please.

How would you like your steak? Rare, , or Well done. Nothing for me. The tuna for you ma'am, and I'm sorry, but Iasked for a the steak for you, green salad, not fries. No problem. I'll it. Excuse me. Yes, sir? Sorry, I asked for my steak well done and this is rare. I'm really sorry. I'll it back to the kitchen. A You are in rhe restauranr. Order a steak or tuna.

Offer A fries, a baked potato, or salad with the steakor tuna. You begin with Are ,ou ready to order? A There is a problem with your order. S Apologize, and try to solve the problem. Do they enjoy the lunch?

I Vhat's Rob going to write about?

Rob Well, to with Rob Do you have any? Rob That would great. Jenny we have the check bill , please? Can you. D order food in a restaurant C explain when there is a problem with your food, the check, etc.

C ask what somebody is going to do today Online Practice P Iyl and Id?! How do you pronounce it? Do you have a similar word in your language to describe a person ofthat age? Vrite P ifyou think the sentence is a parent talking about teenagers, or T ifyou think it is a teenager talking about his Iher parents.

American English File Starter 2nd Edition Students Book.pdf

Teenagers have annoying habits - Follow but so do their parents! They always pick up the remote and change the channel when I'm watching something really interesting. Mike Donovan f' They never pick up dirty clothes or wet towels from the floor.

They think some elves come later and pick them up! Sarah Vine They say no before I've even finished explaining what I want to do. OaveWin They tell me to do the dishes and then complain that I put things in the wrong place in the dishwasher. SamJames Whenever I need to call them, their cell phone is either turned off or the battery is dead. Do YOll agree? With a parmer, say what you think they mean. Have you cleaned up your room yet? Vhich three are connected with housework? What do you think the people are arguing about?

I Lisren again and complete the dia logues ieh a past parriciple from the list. B No, I haven't. A Of course Ihave. What's that under your bed? B Oh, yes. I remember now.

I borrowed it. B I've already it. A Really? B Idid it on the bus this afternoon.

B Almost. A Ineed the bathroom now. A Well, hurry up then. Ijust cleaned the floor, you know. Cops - too late. What do you think they mean? Learn more about the present perfect and practice it. Then listen and repeat the words. Just yet college yellow change teenager use uniform year yoga enjoy beautiful jacket young bridge argue c Practice sayi ng these sentences.

Jim has joined a judo class. Say whar's happened. In what way are the two teenagers unusual? Do they feel positive or negative about their lives? Vhat do they do? G present perfect or simple past? Fill in the blanks with A-F. Vhat nationality are they? Do they design more for men or for women? What kinds ofthi ngs does [heir company make?

A I absolutely hated dressing as a man. S I really understand how women want to feel. E The only things I enjoyed there were art and sewing. Do you like the clothes? F They are so chic, and their sense of color is so natural to them.

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She has made clothes for many celebrities including members of the British royal family. Not at all! I loved it, and there I realized that what I wanted to do was design clothes. Being a female designer has many advantages. Probably the Italians. I hate costume parties.

But 1can remember onc, when I was ten. I've never fallen, but once I had to take off shoes in the middle ofa reception at the Hou of Lords! I walked Out into the street in bare fect and jumped into a taxi! I designed my first men's wcar collection - shirts, pants, and leather jackets. Look at the last four questions in the inrerview. Answer with 3 parrner.

Vhich questions are about experiences sometime in Lindka's life? Vhich questions are about a specific moment in Lindka's past? Learn more about the present perfecc and What did they download? Vrite 1- 4 in the boxes. There is one item YOll don't need. What was the problem with the clothes? Write in the boxes. This person J bought something online, but didn't like the clotheS when they arrived.

J suddenly didn't need the new clothes anymore. Vhat was it? Fill in the blan ks with one word. W ith a partner, say what the highlighted phrases mea n. I remember when I was in the room I thought they looked amazing. S Vell, I bought it from a website that has cheap deals.

Put them in the right row. Pages Liked by This Page. Rachel's English - American Pronunciation. British Council. Recent Post by Page. Teachercom's Library. Today 's Wisdom. You learn nothing in life if you think you're righ Often people live in a small space mentality.

We have our beliefs, friends, opinions, conversations and never really step outside the box to experience what else is around us. Be open to other opinions and thoughts. Write 1 in a comment below! Stay positive, keep learning , keep sharing and cheering!

Teachercom 's Council.Then Charlotte goes on a date with each man. Just yet college yellow change teenager use uniform year yoga enjoy beautiful jacket young bridge argue c Practice sayi ng these sentences. Skies turn grey, the amount of usable daylight drops rapidly, and many people turn inward, both physically and mentally.

When we went to have lunch or dinner, she always wanted to go to cheap restaurants or she bought a sandwich and ate it in the house. With a parmer, say what you think they mean. Describe Jenny and Rob. What are you doing then? Change roles for question 2, erc. Vhat can you do there while you're waiting for a fl ight? E The only things I enjoyed there were art and sewing.

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