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Being fireproof had more than one advantage. Deep down, I was also afraid. But whenever he loves something, he ends up destroying it. Vlad released me, walking out of our room without another word.

I let him go, fighting to get control over my wildly swinging emotions. Despite his infuriating act, I still loved Vlad and he loved me.

Not so long ago, that was all I wanted out of life. Now that I had it, I needed to make it work without surrendering my will, identity or abilities. Vlad had survived for hundreds of years by being ruthless and calculating. No wonder he treated our marriage like a war he had to win. Chapter 4 I sat next to Vlad in his luxurious private aircraft. Compromise Lesson One: Pull a dick move, and your dick gets denied.

Every woman knew that, and now, so did the vampire sitting next to me.

Jeaniene Frost

In fact, it might be messing with my emotions more than his. If Vlad thought a few days of flashing his skin—glistening when wet, highlighting those ripped muscles, hollows and sinews while that steam reminded me of how hot he felt deep inside.

Abstinence was merely the first step in my plan. Hopefully soon, because Lesson One sucked. In Romanian, the pilots announced that we were about to land.

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I glanced out the window, seeing mostly darkness below. An eye roll preceded his response. I stifled a snort. After a bumpy landing, the plane taxied to a stop.

When the door opened, I was surprised to see we were in a small clearing in the middle of a field. I followed after him, not speaking until we were too far away for the pilots to hear.

And why here? Now Vlad did turn toward me, his smile becoming jaded. When people have nowhere else to go, they usually go home.

I shivered. You lose again! I turned around, seeing a tall, thickly muscled man next to the river that ran along the edge of the crops. The wariness in his gray gaze was certainly familiar. So that was the field we were in. Then his voice hardened. You know. That old bro spat.

I kept my nose from wrinkling out of sheer will. Maximus threw me a sardonic smile. Inside, it was slightly less decrepit, though the floor had patches of dirt poking through the stone near the front.

Water was visible through the back, but that looked to be deliberate, as if part of the house had been built on top of the river. Since it looked as old as Maximus, it was possible.

Both men seemed to expect me to take it. I remained standing, still racking my brain to figure out why we were here.

I never expected him to successfully fake his own death, let alone wait three hundred years to exact his revenge, yet here we are. He was right: Szilagyi would never suspect that of him. He knew Vlad too well. My hopes began to lift. Maybe, Vlad was closer to learning how to compromise than I realized.

This was practically him completing Step Two, in fact. But still. Why are you really offering me this? At last, he shrugged. Instead, his mouth twitched into a shadow of a smile. Maximus let that twitch slide into a smile that looked anticipatory and relieved at the same time. I suppressed my smile.

He flashed a wicked grin at Gretchen. My sister gave a final glower at Vlad before she answered. I winced, both at the assault on my supernaturally sensitive hearing and the reason behind it. Gretchen had run out to see us when we arrived at the lovely Tuscan house Vlad had hidden them in, but my father stayed in his room. Vlad caught my gaze, his brow rising. I shook my head. Hugh Dalton would have to come to terms with that on his own.

Had one of his staff been loose lipped?

January February: Reckless

She huffed. First calling him Dracula, then bringing up Szilagyi successfully faking his death twice? Then her mouth quirked as she looked at me. Harder to kill you a second time, right? To punctuate that point, Vlad stood. Besides, when Vlad was in a mood, sometimes it was better to leave him alone.

At least for a little while. I forced a smile as I turned back to Gretchen. It was easy to figure out which of the remaining rooms Vlad was in. His aura filled the house, the power he gave off ominous in its potency even when it also felt relaxed. Like a sleeping dragon, I thought, spying him through the half-open door at the end of the hall. Vlad was in a chair, his long legs stretched out on a nearby ottoman. He must have fallen asleep while using his tablet.

I stared at him in silence.

Even before that, it had been a rarity. Was it my new, super-sharp vision or did he look a little different with his features relaxed in slumber? Sure, those winged brows were just as prominent, but his lips were parted instead of curled into the sardonic half smile he usually wore. Closed eyelids hid the penetrating stare he so often leveled at others and for a few moments, the changes let me imagine that I could see hints of the innocence Vlad must have had, once upon a time when he was human.

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Did he have any happy memories from his childhood? As a child, had he ever been afraid of the dark? I leaned down, wanting to touch him but not wanting him to wake up yet— Flames blasted into me. I screamed, throwing up my arms in instinctive defense before I remembered that I was currently fireproof.

Szilagyi must have found us! Was he hurt? Then water hit us, soaking our clothes and filling me with fresh panic. Shouts from his guards echoed my urgency.

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Just as abruptly, he let me go, barking out an order in Romanian that caused the guards rushing down the hallway to skid to a stop. Ceiling sprinklers, activated by the fire that must have come from. Vlad, I realized as I glanced around the room. No one was in here with us and no one was attacking from outside. He was trying to shoulder his way past the five vampire guards who looked as perplexed as I did over what had just happened. A door slammed on his emotions, too, cutting off the geyser that had erupted out of him almost as violently as those flames had.

The sprinklers, however, kept dousing us with water. Vlad turned to me. His reply came out through gritted teeth. His mouth twisted into a smile that was part annoyed, part challenging. In two strides, we were at the window, and then he was flying me through it. Chapter 6 Tuscany was beautiful at night. Eventually, Vlad set us down at the edge of a vineyard, leading me beneath a gnarled tree that might have been as old as he was, judging from its height and girth.

Vlad left me by that thick trunk to pace a few feet away. Do you know why it was more unbearable? How could anything be worse than that? His gaze filled with a terrible knowledge while his irises changed from copper to brilliant green.

For over five hundred years, I structured my life to keep my vow never to let anyone touch my heart again. Vlad touched the trail my tear made and smiled with fleeting, jaded amusement. Not when I love you more than anything, too. My rage over my helplessness would sometimes cause me to wake up with my hands on fire. Those dreams went away with time, but another one never did.

How would I have guessed that it would hurt me, too? His guilt over her suicide was the sin he held closest to his skin. His smile was a grim slash while his gaze burned into mine. I know I.

Forgive me. I felt drowned by the feelings he continued to pour into me while his mouth devastated me in different ways. The sensations were overwhelming, yet I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer. He thought I was his destruction, but he was wrong. I broke our kiss to whisper two words that meant more than ending our weeklong abstinence. Maybe that was worth more to him than all my psychic abilities combined. Of course, personally retrieving what Maximus left for him was also far more dangerous.

What if Maximus made contact with Szilagyi, and then was followed when he made the message drop? What if Szilagyi had found Maximus out and had forced him to lure Vlad into a trap? His vagueness only inflamed my morbidly spinning thoughts. I flashed him an answering, rueful grin. And I thought I was being paranoid. Got it. His mouth claimed mine in a kiss that suffused my whole body with slow, delicious heat. When he let me go, a knowing smile curled his lips. They opened, revealing a four-foot-tall vampire with black hair and bushy sideburns.

My best friend grinned at me. I seldom did when I was with Vlad. I made a mental note to put them back on now that Vlad was leaving and gave Marty a final pat with my left hand. The only time Marty liked to travel was when he was performing on the carnival circuit. Plus, he hated Europe. I let the reason behind his visit drop because I only had moments left with Vlad.

Vlad was already behind me when I turned around. He exchanged polite if somewhat brisk hellos with Marty and then slipped something into my pocket. Then I became serious. Just do what you need to do.

I told myself it was my imagination that the doors seemed to close with ominous finality behind him. Even if this was a setup, if Vlad caught a glimpse of Szilagyi, he could burn him into ash before Szilagyi even had a chance to scream. I turned to Marty, giving him a smile that felt forced despite how happy I was to see him. Plus, it soon became clear that something was bothering Marty. He tried to pass off that he was his normal, jovial self, but beneath all his smiles, jokes and genuine happiness to see me, I kept catching glimpses of something else.

Then my mouth fell open. You were not thinking of stabbing my fiance with a silver knife! He" - a finger stabbed in Vlad's direction - "is not. I told you, Leila, I can read people, and without a doubt, Vlad is the most violent person I've ever met. Today, I woke up in Vlad's bed as Mrs.

What a difference a day made. Dracula, I'll bite you in a manner you won't enjoy. Some things didn't change, like Vlad being grumpy when he first woke up.

I actually felt it. I think I blushed and everything. And Vlad I wanted to kick his ass. He was so stupid not to see how that ring party would look. But when they got back together Vlad melted my heart and made me fall in love with his complex, dark self all over again. The thing I love about Vlad is that even though he falls in love it doesn't change who he is.

He is still Vlad to his core. I love him and Leila together. I love that Leila doesn't back down to Vlad either. Les crises d'angoisse et de panique, c'est fini! Liebe, Lust und Sehnsucht: Lover Awakened: Lover Eternal: Magic Cleaning 2: Mann, war ich dick, Mann!: Meine kleine Gute Nacht Geschichte: Menschen lesen: Miracle Morning: Mise en Croix: Modernes Partnertraining im Shotokan-Karate: Monika B.

Ich bin nicht mehr eure Tochter: Tome 1: Ne tirez pas sur l'oiseau moqueur: Nous, les Dieux: Once Burned: One Lucky Vampire: OpenOffice Impress: Otaku Otaku: Outlander — Feuer und Stein: Passagier Reste la justice Rieke und der Quacksalber: Rocker Devil. Roosevelt, Vichy et Alger: Royal Destiny: Runaway Vampire: Sean Brummel: Shades of Wicked: Sherlock Holmes — Sammlung: Sous les crampons Foot et politique: The Book of Life: The Immortal Who Loved Me: The Last True Vampire Collection: The Mapmaker's Apprentice: The Nymph King: The Power: The Struggle: Triage X: Twice Tempted: Twilight - Tome 3: UQ Holder!

Vampire Most Wanted: Vater unser: Vernon Subutex, 1: Vernon Subutex, 2: Votre plaisir vous appartient. Pratiques, conseils, obstacles:Since I needed the Joker to stay close for the next few minutes, I had to keep up my act, poor faux seduction skills or no. Search this site. Some readers will cheer for some things, other things the readers will be shocked about. Last but by no means least, I want to say thank you to my family. Using her powers, she enters the Weapon's Room that holds pieces of his past on display.

But when they got back together Vlad melted my heart and made me fall in love with his complex, dark self all over again. I pivoted just in time, causing him to smash into the door instead of me. She was a virgin when he fucked her and 2.

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