chain of outlets, perhaps they already have a chain of outlets but want more. But what are the specific benefits of franchising your business that tempt so. crucially, do you have the skills necessary to become a successful franchisor? In this to open and operate a business under the franchise trademark and for training in how to operate the But if you want to expand more quickly and get. Let us give you insight on the process of franchising your business through . can get the required financial support, the more a business can be franchised. . Step 2: Think about How You Would Like Your Business to Grow. For you to have .

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Franchise attorney Harold Kestenbaum has written a fascinating book entitled “ So You Want to Franchise Your Business” that can lead you in the right direction. Follow these eight steps to successfully franchise your business. Step 1: Evaluate suit franchising. The business also needs to be something you can systematise and replicate, and it Do you want an owner/operator for each unit or master. en Davis always hated getting his hair cut. The former insurance-startup executive wanted to start a business he could grow into a national brand, so he decided.

On the other hand, franchising can be a recipe for success. Beyond the big brands there are thousands of other successful brands. In fact, as of , there were , franchise establishments in the US, according to Statista.

Of course, as a prospective franchisee, identifying the new franchises that will be successful is a lot harder than downloading into an established brand with years or decades of franchising experience under their belt. Yet, there are many benefits to downloading into a new brand. If a franchise brand has even a handful of successful locations, it shows their model can be duplicated in different markets.

Newer franchise systems want to grow and establish their staying power. In order to do so, they, like established franchises, must provide outstanding leadership, support, innovation, and creativity. Remember, at some point, every major franchise, including McDonald's, was new and small. If you are considering a newer franchise, it is especially important to determine how stable the emerging franchise you are considering investing in is and what its future may hold.

How many franchise owners have failed? Why did they fail? Not everyone will be successful as a business owner or franchisee. If you are looking at an established system, it is likely they have had experience with failed owners. Ask them for honest feedback on why these owners failed and how they vet potential owners to ensure the highest rates of success.

You should also compare online customer reviews to reviews of similar businesses in your area. If there are complaints about the company, or low customer satisfaction reviews, you may want to look elsewhere.

Franchise opportunities

What has your past business growth looked like and what are the long-term plans for future growth? In fact, a franchisor that grows too quickly may not be able to support its franchisees with the services it promises them.

Are they sufficient to support you and all the other new outlets the franchisor plans to open?

Be sure to ask about their long term plan to grow in their market. When the download of a franchise is made, the downloadr is required to comply with strict guidelines and rules regarding the operation of the business unlike in a business opportunity. These guidelines are in place to protect others within the system and maintain brand consistency. Royalty payments are commonly collected for as long as the franchisee owns their franchise.

In exchange for these payments, the franchisee will receive continued support, such as marketing assistance. In acquiring a franchise, the potential franchisee goes through what is traditionally a much more extensive vetting process to complete the deal.

So You Want to Franchise Your Business – Book

Then, assuming the potential franchisee is deemed a suitable candidate, the franchisor will present a franchise contract that should be gone over with legal counsel before it is agreed to. The franchisor also makes several disclosures upfront.

Common Franchise Terms that you should know: Business format franchise — this type of franchise includes not only a product, service and trademark, but also the complete method to conduct the business itself, such as the marketing plan and operations manuals Disclosure statement — also known as the UFOC, or Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, the disclosure document provides information about the franchisor and franchise system Franchise — a license that describes the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee including use of trademarks, fees, support and control franchise agreement — the legal, written contract between the franchisor and franchisee which tells each party what each is supposed to do.

In theory, franchisees acquire a model that already works on every level, from branding to pricing to marketing. The market has tested the best recipes for glazed crullers, Egg McMuffins and the right combo of energy drinks to stock next to the register.

But making a go as a successful franchisee can be a lot more complicated than simply finding an appealing brand and plunking down some cash. We asked three professionals with extensive knowledge of the franchising world. Kelly runs the muck-raking website, Unhappy Franchisee.

They recommend you do these 12 things before you download a franchise. Study the field: Avail yourself of publicly available information on the ABCs of franchising.

Did you know that many franchisees are required to spend a designated amount on advertising and yet have no control over how those ad dollars are spent? Assess your strengths: How do you feel about cold calling? Business-to-business sales? The product involved technology, which attracted tech-savvy franchisees.

But some of them hated sales, the most essential part of the business. They flopped. Experience also matters. What do you know about food service and management? Count your money: Look beyond the minimum requirement for downloading a franchise, usually listed as the franchise fee and the cost of equipment.

Getting a franchise up and running can involve hefty marketing costs and the need to survive on break-even books, or a period of net losses, before your business catches on. The Franchise Disclosure Document FDD , which franchisors must make available to would-be franchisees, is required to list additional working capital under item No.

You should have access to capital that will cover both business expenses for six months and personal living expenses for a year. Beware of franchise consultants: Most franchise consultants are paid salespeople, according to Sean Kelly.

Ask them to make their financial arrangements clear, up front. Not true. They fail at roughly the same rate as other businesses, which is to say two-thirds of businesses with employees last two years, and half survive at least five, according to findings by the Small Business Administration. Blue Mau Mau also reports on the franchise industry.

Talk to franchisees: FDDs include the names and phone numbers of current franchisees. Talk to at least Ask about pros, cons, and hidden costs.

How long did it take them to become profitable? How much did they budget for their enterprise, and how much did they wind up spending? What was the toughest part of building the business?

How supportive is headquarters? How challenging is it to hire good staff? Ask if, given what they know now, they would do it again or recommend the franchise to a close family member?

All the more reason to talk to as many as you can. For more on evaluating the FDD, click here. But with some self-interest, lawyer Josh Brown says you should have a lawyer and other professionals review your financial health and how it will be affected by the franchise arrangement before you sign a franchise contract.

An accountant can help you assess whether the numbers add up. Explore working in a store: This is the best way to see how a franchised business works from the inside, and whether your personality fits the company culture. Kelly recommends spending six months as a worker before you become a franchisee. Consider whether you could hire a consultant to help you open up your own donut or sandwich shop, and instead of paying royalties, mark-ups and marketing fees, keep that money for yourself.

Know what is in FDD before you franchise your business.

Advantages of Franchising In Franchise Your Business, author and franchise consultant Mark Siebert delivers the ultimate how-to guide to employing one of the greatest growth strategies ever -- franchising. Siebert shares decades of experience, insights, and practical advice to help grow your business exponentially through franchising while avoiding the pitfalls. In this edited excerpt, Siebert digs into the details behind just what makes franchising a growth strategy you might want to consider.

Figure 3 The primary advantages for most companies entering the realm of franchising are capital, speed of growth, motivated management, and risk reduction -- but there are many others as well.

Franchising, as an alternative form of capital acquisition, offers some advantages. The primary reason most entrepreneurs turn to franchising is that it allows them to expand without the risk of debt or the cost of equity. First, since the franchisee provides all the capital required to open and operate a unit, it allows companies to grow using the resources of others. Moreover, since the franchisee -- not the franchisor -- signs the lease and commits to various contracts, franchising allows for expansion with virtually no contingent liability, thus greatly reducing the risk to the franchisor.

This means that as a franchisor, not only do you need far less capital with which to expand, but your risk is largely limited to the capital you invest in developing your franchise company -- an amount that is often less than the cost of opening one additional company-owned location. Motivated Management Another stumbling block facing many entrepreneurs wanting to expand is finding and retaining good unit managers.

All too often, a business owner spends months looking for and training a new manager, only to see them leave or, worse yet, get hired away by a competitor. And hired managers are only employees who may or may not have a genuine commitment to their jobs, which makes supervising their work from a distance a challenge. But franchising allows the business owner to overcome these problems by substituting an owner for the manager.

No one is more motivated than someone who is materially invested in the success of the operation. And his compensation will come largely in the form of profits.

A University for Life Skills

The combination of these factors will have several positive effects on unit level performance. Long-term commitment.

Since the franchisee is invested, she will find it difficult to walk away from her business. Better-quality management. Improved operational quality. While there are no specific studies that measure this variable, franchise operators typically take the pride of ownership very seriously.

They will keep their locations cleaner and train their employees better because they own, not just manage, the business.

Because they have a stake in the success of their business, franchisees are always looking for opportunities to improve their business -- a trait most managers don't share. Franchisees typically out-manage managers.When you work in a service or product area that you love, you will enthuse about it, and your enthusiasm will be conveyed to your customers and everyone you meet. Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. How supportive is headquarters?

Consult your finances, and consider some of the challenges your business faces. All too often, a business owner spends months looking for and training a new manager, only to see them leave or, worse yet, get hired away by a competitor.

Also bear in mind that not all products can be a hit in every region. Just as you would for any other business, you need to draw up a business plan when downloading a franchise. What Are the Legal Issues of Franchising?

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