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Old NCERT books PDF available for download. Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Download free PDF Without watermark. History, Geography, Science. All the following Titles from Old & New NCERTs and NIOS have been covered paper-wise NEW NCERT Class - 9: INDIA AND CONTEMPORARY WORLD. HISTORY NCERT. Class 6: Our Class 9: India and the Contemporary World I · Class 10 Class Ancient India (Old NCERT).

However, it was soon to rise in strength again. One of the outstanding features of the various socialist groups was their internationalist character. You have read about the Communist League before. In Britain, an organisation called the Society of Fraternal Democrats had been formed in It had close links with other similar organizations in Europe and with the Chartists in Britain.

All these organisations emphasized the idea that the cause of the working class in all countries was the same. In all countries there are people who grow corn and eat potatoes, who make clothes and wear rags, who build houses and live in wretched hovels.

Do not the workers of all nations have the same reason for complaint and the same causes of distress? Have they not, therefore, the same just cause? The meeting at which it was formed took place in London and was attended by delegates from Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

The emancipation of the working classes, it was declared, must be won by the working classes themselves. The universal character of the struggle of the working class was emphasized. It was persecuted and declared illegal in many countries.

You have read about this war earlier in the context of the unification of Germany. The war was condemned both by the German and French workers as a crime committed by the French and Prussian dynasties. The French and German branches of the International sent messages of good wishes and solidarity to each other. The German workers protested against this and there were many demonstrations in various cities of Germany.

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All the leaders of German workers were arrested on charges of treason. This is one of the most important events in the history of socialism. Within a few weeks of the war the French army had been defeated and the French emperor Louis Bonaparte had been taken prisoner. A new government had come into being and had declared France a republic.

The workers of Paris regarded the surrender by the government as treacherous. They refused to surrender. The government withdrew from Paris on 18 February and asked for German help to crush Paris.

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The workers of Paris elected a council which on 28 March assumed the title of the Paris Commune. It was elected by universal adult franchise and represented the workers and the lower middle classes of Paris.

All public offices were elected by universal suffrage with people having the right to recall. It was soon drowned in blood.

The French government which had established its headquarters in Versailles attacked Paris with a huge army. In this they received the help of Germany also.

The attacks on Paris had begun in April. On 21 May the troops entered Paris. The battle continued in the city of Paris up to 28 May when the Commune was finally exterminated. The government which had surrendered to the German invaders, however, turned on the workers of Paris with unusual ferocity. It is estimated that between 14, to 30, defenders of the Commune were slaughtered in the streets of Paris or killed by firing squads.

Thousands were deported and imprisoned. The French government called it the victory of order, justice and civilization. Its martyrs are enshrined in the great heart of the working class. The demise of 1st international The extermination of the Commune was followed by systematic attempts to destroy the International in almost every country of Europe.

The International had organised support for the Commune and after its destruction was engaged in aiding the refugees from Paris. It appeared to gain strength in many countries of Europe inspite of the fact that the revolution in Paris had been suppressed.

However, soon it collapsed as a result of internal differences. The International was not a homogeneous organisation. It represented many different trends in. Due to differences on aims and methods, it was split in and was formally dissolved in In the meantime, however, the socialist parties in many countries of Europe had begun to grow and after a few years they were to unite and form another International.

Some of them became quite strong having lakhs of members. They participated in national elections and in some countries came to have a fairly large representation in the parliament. Similarly, the strength and membership of the trade unions also increased and there were many strikes.

For example the German Socialist Party had polled over , votes in It was the largest socialist party in Europe. In France there were many socialist parties. There were socialist parties in every other country of Europe with varying strength and in USA and some other countries in the Americas.

Thus though the First International had been dissolved, the movement had become a mass movement. To unite the socialist parties in various countries into an international organisation, a Congress was held in Paris on 14 July , the centenary of the French Revolution of The result of this was what has come to be known as the Second International. The formation of the Second International a new stage in the history of socialism.

An important step taken at the Congress was to make the first May every year as a day of working class solidarity. On the first May , millions of workers all over Europe and America Struck work and held massive demonstrations.

Since then the first of May is observed as the international class day all over the world. The period after the formation a the Second International saw a steady increase in the strength of the socialist parties and of trade unions.

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The Class 9 social science india and contemporary world 1 solutions are all comprehensively updated to ensure students get the best possible education. In this revolution, the series of events started by the middle-class people shook the upper class. Here, students will be learning about the French Society during the late eighteenth century, the outbreak of the revolution, how France abolished Monarchy and became a republic.

There are 6 questions given in this chapter. Moreover, it tells how socialism promotes the idea of a well-structured society in Europe. It also covers the whole concept of the Russian Revolution in which socialists took over the government of Russia. This chapter comprises 6 questions.Palanivel Muralidharan. The Coming of the Mughals and the Europeans. The Mauryan Empire.

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In this revolution, the series of events started by the middle-class people shook the upper class. Ashoka, the Emperor who Gave up War. Chapter 6:

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