14 St–Union Sq. L• N• Q• R• W• 4• 5• 6. L• N• Q• R• W. 3 AvL. 1 AvL. 8 St-NYU. R• W. Christopher St. Sheridan Sq1. Canal St. J•N•Q•R. W•Z•6. Canal St. A•C•E. Lexington Av Local. Flushing Local. MTA New York City Transit Subway Service. Station Name. This map may not be sold or offered for sale without written. Subway Map. Select a route for station stops, service and transfer information. To 1 Line Route and Schedule · To 2 Line Route and Schedule · To 3 Line Route.

Nyc Subway Pdf

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14 St–Union Sq. L• N• Q• R• 4• 5• 6. L• N• Q• R. 3 AvL. 1 AvL. 8 St-NYU. N•R. Christopher St. Sheridan Sq. 1. Canal St. J•N•Q. R•Z•6. Canal St. A•C•E. Spring St. The subway map depicts weekday service. Service differs by time of day and is sometimes affected by construction. Overhead directional signs on platforms. The NY subway system is the cheapest and most convenient way for NYC tourists to explore New York.

I missed it. Wesmont station on New Jersey Transit. New subway line! One mile to one new station, 34th St Hudson Yards!

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How was this marvel accomplished! Dec The Montague St tunnel R is open again. The 7 train extension is delayed again, to Fulltime M train as far as Essex St. Mar Sandy again. Sandy strikes again. The Montague St Tunnel R train will be closed for over a year, for repairs. The Crosstown line G train will have some weekend closings caused by Sandy until December, but I don't revise for relatively short term changes, so that's not shown.

Sandy once more. Construction of this 3.

Find streets, top attractions and subway stops with our map of Brooklyn.

Older update notes are here. The map was unveiled by Ronan on August 4, at a ceremony in the station at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue. Starting the following weekend, the maps began to be installed in stations and in subway cars.

The maps became available at token booths for riders on August 7.

Along with the map, a subway directory was unveiled. This specific one showed how to get from 57th Street to the other subway stations in the system in an alphabetical listing. Six further editions were produced from to , with extensive changes.

Find all Subway line schedules and routes in New York City:

Yunich was formerly an executive at Macy's department store, and brought an explicit intention to 'sell' the subway to riders. The Better? A New York City Subway Map Retrospective" at the Cityana Gallery run by Benjamin Blom, exhibiting the committee's latest prototype map and offering a questionnaire for testing public reaction.

This was exhibited at the Cooper Union in April, when Tauranac debated with Massimo Vignelli in a public battle between the two schools of map-making.

Tauranac led a person committee that comprised TA staff and members of the public in addition to the three staff at Michael Hertz Associates. He also organised and coordinated the contributions of everybody in the group and liaised with TA and MTA staff to get approvals and funding and then to ensure that all the station and car signs in the subway network were changed to match the color scheme of the new map when it was launched in June He also defended the map in public debate with Massimo Vignelli in April and December Current map[ edit ] The most recent official maps of the subway system are not geographically accurate due to the complexity of the system e.

However, the New York City Subway map is an anomaly among subway maps around the world, in that it shows city streets, parks, and neighborhoods juxtaposed among curved subway lines, whereas other subway maps like the London Underground map do not show such aboveground features and show subway lines as straight and at or degree angles.

Among these are works by Fadeout Design and by Alexander Chen. Travel Stations " are electronic maps located in stations that make use of touchscreen technology to help subway patrons plan trips. Such maps have been increasingly prevalent. Jersey Boys. Phantom of the Opera. Kinky Boots. New York's Subway System.

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Subway Map

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Lion King Deals.Every Which Way But Direct! I would also like to see for future expansions that were never built a map or maps that show the full extent of the expansion, If there was a date in which the extension was originally intended to be completed, that info would be appreciated as well.

Not a member yet? Sometimes the nearest subway station will be four or five, or even 10 blocks away. Some transfers will require that walking through a pedestrian tunnel to get to another station.

Map of Brooklyn: Street and subway map of Brooklyn, NYC

As I said, I really admire your work. I also enjoy seeing your perception on how the map and city was in the past, present, and the future, and how old plans would have a significant impact on the city. Current service colors[ edit ] The colors used to denote services in the current iteration of the subway map are as follows: Primary Trunk line.

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