Future Predictions by Naimatullah Shah Wali. 3, Views. 1 Favorite. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download 1 file · ABBYY GZ download. Qaseeda Naimatullah Shah Wali (Predictions) by Hafiz Sarwar Nizami saal peshangohi. 1 Favorite. 1 Review. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Download Naimat Ullah Shah Wali Book apk for Android. The Muslim Nostradamus; Naimat Ullah Shah Wali's Prophecies in URDU.

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Download the NaimatUllah-Shah-Wali 1 at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and Malware free ✓ No extra costs. Born in Aleppo, Syria (or around Kerman, Iran according to some historians), Ni' mattullah traced his own descent from the seventh Imam Musa al-Kadhim. Future Predictions by Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali in English Urdu and Farsi Years Future Predictions from Hazrat Naimat Shah Wali Rehmatulla Alaih.


According to other Muslim Saints, the war will assassinate millions and only a person in 6 miles radius would survive to lit a lamp at night. A were so inspiring and accurate that British Government had abandoned his book and all the printed copies were burnt.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this is available free on public domains. Niamatullah mentioned war of 65 would be the first war between India and Pakistan and it would last 17 days.

Application is free, it does not promote paid version of this app, the only way to support future development is to include ads. According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, the third war will be a regional war that will take place in the area comprising Chitral, Nangaperbat, Gilgit and Tibet. We are just providing the way to present you.

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