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Kim, aka Kimball O'Hara, is the orphan son of a British soldier and a for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. Kim by Rudyard Kipling. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read off-line or. Kim. Rudyard Kipling. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, .

Travelling by train, they encounter a colorful group of people, inside, all India goes in them, Kim begins to love the mad monk and the old man, likewise the father he needs, the son he lacks. Still the road, is endless, the odd pair, are not successful, in finding the river, tired and discouraged Then the two encounter, Kim's father's, old regiment, by accident, the boy, against his will, is detained and made to attend, a British school.

After three long years, the kid learns to read and write, in English, grows to enjoy learning, but never forgetting the monk.. Given six months, to go with his friend, and resume their impossible, strange, quest.

The lama had visited numerous, Buddhist shrines, waiting for Kim, many unlikely incidents happen, on the road, even arriving near, the mighty Himalayas. Greatly helped by a rich, cantankerous, kindly woman, the Sahiba, as they go and see this unique land, spies are everywhere here, unknown dangers, but the real story of this book, is India As Kim asks That question can be answered very easily, Kim is now a man, who loves India You will too , if you read this novel.

Kim is so immersed in the local culture that few realise he is a white child, although he carries a packet of documents from his father entrusted to him by an Indian woman who cared for him. Kim becomes his chela , or disciple, and accompanies him on his journey.

On the way, Kim incidentally learns about parts of the Great Game and is recruited by Mahbub Ali to carry a message to the head of British intelligence in Umballa. Kim's trip with the lama along the Grand Trunk Road is the first great adventure in the novel.

1. Introduction: Importance of Identity in Kipling’s Kim

By chance, Kim's father's regimental chaplain identifies Kim by his Masonic certificate, which he wears around his neck, and Kim is forcibly separated from the lama. The lama insists that Kim should comply with the chaplain's plan because he believes it is in Kim's best interests, and the boy is sent to a top English school in Lucknow.

The lama funds Kim's education.

Throughout his years at school, Kim remains in contact with the holy man he has come to love. Kim also retains contact with his secret service connections and is trained in espionage to be a surveyor while on vacation from school by Lurgan Sahib, a sort of benevolent Fagin , [7] at his jewellery shop in Simla.

As part of his training, Kim looks at a tray full of mixed objects and notes which have been added or taken away, a pastime still called Kim's Game , also called the Jewel Game. After three years of schooling, Kim is given a government appointment so that he can begin to participate in the Great Game.

Before this appointment begins, however, he is granted a much-deserved break. Kim rejoins the lama and at the behest of Kim's superior, Hurree Chunder Mookherjee, they make a trip to the Himalayas so Kim can investigate what some Russian intelligence agents are doing.

Kim obtains maps, papers and other important items from the Russians, who are working to undermine British control of the region. Mookherjee befriends the Russians undercover, acting as a guide, and ensures that they do not recover the lost items. Kim, aided by some porters and villagers, helps to rescue the lama.

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

The lama realises that he has gone astray. His search for the River of the Arrow should be taking place in the plains, not in the mountains, and he orders the porters to take them back.

Here Kim and the lama are nursed back to health after their arduous journey. The lama finds his river and is convinced he has achieved Enlightenment. Characters[ edit ] Kimball "Kim" O'Hara — is an orphan son of an Irish soldier, the protagonist; "A poor white, the poorest of the poor" Teshoo Lama — a Tibetan Lama, the former abbot of the Such-zen monastery in the western Himalayas, on a spiritual journey Mahbub Ali — a famous Ghilzai Pashtun horse trader and spy for the British.

Reverend Arthur Bennett — the Church of England chaplain of the Mavericks, the Irish regiment to which Kim's father belonged Father Victor — the Roman Catholic chaplain of the Mavericks a Lucknow prostitute whom Kim pays to help disguise him a Kamboh farmer whose sick child Kim helps to cure Huneefa — a sorceress who performs a devil invocation ritual to protect Kim E. The nickname is from the Bull in their colors.

Mavericks are stubborn, unbranded cattle that are hard to keep in the herd, much like the independent-minded troops of the regiment.

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They seem to be a tough regiment with a fierce reputation because in "Kim" they are respectfully known by the natives as the "Red Bullock Men". Cap Badge: A crowned gold Irish Harp.Then the lama took snuff from a portentous wooden snuff-gourd, fingered his rosary awhile, and so dropped into the easy sleep of age, as the shadow of Zam-Zammah grew long. Tim Powers ' novel Declare uses Kim for inspiration and epigraphs. The "Gate of the Harpies", where Mahbub Ali is made unconscious and searched by the treacherous prostitute "Flower of Delight" and her "smooth-faced Kashmiri " pimp, still exists in the old city of Lahore , Pakistan.

When didst thou steal the milk-womans slippers, Dunnoo?

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Um, said Mahbub Ali, thinking swiftly. The nickname is from the Bull in their colors. And what work!

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