Kanz al-'Ummal fi Sunan al-Aqwal wa-al-Af'al'. 'Treasure of the Doers of Good Kanz al-'Ummal 18 vol in 10 كـنـز الـعـمـال. By: Muttaqi al-Hindi, Ali ibn Abdul. Ali al-Muttaqi 's major work is Kanz al-'Ummāl regarding which his teacher Abu al -Hasan al-Bakrī al-Ṣiddiqī says: “ Al-Suyūṭī has done a. Kanzul Ummal Fi Sunanil Aqwal Wal Afaal. Item Preview. remove- Language Arabic. Book Source: bestthing.infope: application/pdf.

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Kanzul Ummal Vol - 1 by Iftekhari_silsila in Topics > Books - Fiction and sufi. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Kanzul Ummal Urdu Translation Complete Pdf Download Imam Ali, Hadith, Pdf .. Manzil Dua In Arabic With Urdu Translation Book PDF Free Download Dua In . Treasure of the Doers of Good Deeds is an Islamic hadith collection, collected by the Islamic Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Claiming this opportunity for a life-changing prize is just as easy. One should then say Salam to kanzul ummal urdu household. This brings about harmony in the household preventing quarrel, and increases blessing in sustenance. Thursday night], forgiveness will be granted for him. Yeh sab mehaz Batil-w-Mardood khayal Hinduon k hain, Shariat Motahara main inki koi asal nahi, Sharaan Ghar ki nahoosat yeh hai k tang ho, parosi buray hoon, Ghoray ki nahoosat yeh hai k shareer ho, bad lagam ho, bad rakab ho, Aurat ki nahoosat yeh hai k bad zaban ho, bad rawayya ho, baqi woh khayal k Aurat k pehray se kanzul ummal urdu huwa, fulan k pehray se yeh, yeh sab Batil aur Kafiron k khayal hain.

Tum sab Nigran ho tum main se her Aik se iske ma tehat Afrad ke barey main pucha jaega. Badshah Nigran hai, is se is ki riaaya k barey main pucha jaega.

Kanzul ummal urdu apne khawand k Ghar aur Aulad ki Nigran hai is se inke barey main pucha jaega. Al-Haqaiq fil Haqaiq P.

Kanzul Ummal Fi Sunanil Aqwal Wal Afaal

If you will help the religion of Allah, Allah will help you and will make your feet firm. Kanzul ummal vol 10 download pdf book writer allama alau deen ali mutaqi bin hissam ud deen Without the bestowal of Allah, the Prophet or Saint can neither give anything nor can he provide any sort of help.

King of Jinns, pp. Whether the earlier prophets did reach such extraordinary ages such as years is a different question, but no Muslim can deny that the Quran could be said to support the age of Noah as years.

After all, this is in the Quran, not Kanz-ul-Ummal!


If this is the case then according to Hadith quoted by Bashir Kanzulummal Vol. He also wrote that years was the time between Noah and Abraham. I disagree with both interpretations. I think this tradition from Kanzul-ummal is a fabricated one. I think not.

He thought this particular tradition was suprislingly accurate. He decided to use it. Strangely enough he never gave a reference. But, this is an incorrect method of using tradition.

When using tradition a muslim must use the most authentic books first. Here are the rules. First, check the koran, then Bukhari, then Muslim, then the other 4 sunan books. Then, if a muslim is going to use any other book, whatever tradition that they find it must also be in the sahih or sunan books.

If not, it must be rejected. It is as if this report by Suyuti is more authentic than all the reports in BUkhari and muslim combined.

This is not the method to define theory in islam. I have only been studying Islam for 4 years, yet I know the rules.

When a scholar doesnt follow these guidelines, what am I supposed to think? From Zahid Aziz: This is total conjecture. It is a selection of hadith reports from earlier hadtih collections. If these sources show that Jesus has died, and something outside these sources tells us that he lived to the age of years, it cannot be accepted, even though it is only filling in a further detail.

But the simple question is: why should someone fabricate a hadith that Jesus lived to years? Considering that at the time KU was compiled 15th century C. Who gained by this fabrication?

But didnt HMGA do the same? Show me a revelation which helped HMGA in this respect. The writer of this book was from India, what other language could he have written this book in?

I was just guessing when I wrote what I wrote. Did someone else know about this reference, and was it presented to HMGA? I dont know!!!

Kanzul Ummal Urdu Translation Complete Pdf Download

Unfortunatley, Indians dont ask as many questions as americans do. I know that if i was an ahmadi from to I would have had pages full of questions at all times.

I didnt develop the rules on studying Islam, I just recognized them. When commentating the ayesha tradition, M. The idea that Jesus lived until does not conform to any other tradition, thus it must be rejected.

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The idea that prophets live to half the age of their predessor does not conform with any other tradition, thus it must be rejected. I dont think that we will ever know what it was. I do not consider myself as having more knowledge than HMGA, that is impossible. If I was rich and grew up in India where I was taught arabic, urdu and persian than maybe I had a chance at that title.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy kanzul ummal, Privacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The believers in their kindness and merciful behaviors are like one body, if any organ of this body complains, the rest of the body stays awake, ill and feverish.

The chain of transmission of the news of Ghadir Khum in Sunni books has been. Each of you is responsible for his flock. Poverty comes swifter to the one who loves me than a flood to its destination.

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