There Is No Preview Available For This Item. This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on bestthing.info Series Name - The Dresden Files Author - Jim Butcher Total Books in the Series - 15 (So far) Genres - Urban Fantasy, Mystery etc. Wikipedia Link -. Files Collection 1–6 Author: Jim Butcher DOWNLOAD EPUB Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6) (The Dresden Files Series Book 6) · Read more.

Jim Butcher Dresden Files Epub

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The Dresden Files has 31 entries in the series. (). cover image of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files Jim Butcher Writer of accompanying material. Jim Butcher Complete Series: Epub Dresden Files Short Stories | 2 Titles. Jim Butcher Complete Series: Epub Dresden Files | 15 Titles.

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The Dresden Files Collection 1–6

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Suddenly they could feel a shaking with heat and pressure building up. As the pressure continued to build Harry felt a strangle felling like he was coming apart but being squished back together, at the same time. Harry felt a downward pull and then he just faded out.

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He was still very groggy and had the feeling that he had been drugged. Opened his eyes and the light seemed se bright but the fog was gone. Then he realized that he was once again laying on the daybed. He lay there slowly getting the feeling back into his legs, feet, arms and fingers, like they had been asleep for a while. Harry flinched at seeing her, remembering what he had seen when in the smoke cloud but then he relaxed as he realized that he needed to talk to Bob to find out what had happened and why he had seen the hideous beast that was his godmother.

The Dresden Files Collection 1–6

Are you all awake now? With that she leant harry her arm and he slowly stood up and stepped away from the bed.


He felt different, like he was bigger or heavier than before. It took a few minutes to work past the extra feeling but then everything started to smooth out and feel normal, again. Did it work? What happened?

Did you know that asking questions is a true sign of intelligence? Well it is because it proves that you are always thinking and wondering about things you may not know about.

It made him shiver. His entire knowledge and intellect has been transferred to your mind. Basically, you are the new Bob, in that sense. It is all in your mind and for a short time you will have his consciousness to converse with. As you once would have asked the air spirit for information or explanation, now you will instantly have that and much more. You have centuries of magic spells, enchantments and positions at your beck and call.

Now all you have to do it think about it and you know it. Will this make me a stronger wizard? Think of it this way, you know that The Original merlin was the most powerful wizard in history, right?

Well the air spirit was like a mini-archive, much like the one you call Ivy, except all its knowledge pertains strictly to magic. You will have all that knowledge to build your magic. You may now be the most powerful wizard in history. As I told you there would be some changes, for example: your head has enlarged at least one hat size to accommodate all the new brains you are going to use.

Your body has increased in mass, approximately 50 pounds, in your shoulders, back and chest muscles, your waist has slimmed down a little and your hips and legs are larger.

These are all due to the extra muscle you are going to need to accommodate your new abilities. He looked at his godmother and then went over and started pulling on his boots. Your feet have grown almost 2 shoe sizes. Your clothes were also too tight, so I adjusted them to fit you as before. Harry again tried his boot and this time it slid on as usual, no problem.

Harry had grabbed his duster and swung it around his shoulders happy to feel the comfortable weight of it and realized that it felt a little lighter than usual.

He is not a ghost and he is no longer a spirit. He is currently a persistent thought or memory that will fade after a time. You should be aware that because of the body growth and increases, you will experience pain, cramps and headaches for a time. They will subside, but they will be of some pain.He had been hired to recover a litter of Temple dog puppies and return them to a mysterious client.

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. SlideShare Explore Search You. He told her that he had no idea what to do or even if he was able to do anything.

Actions Shares. Harry's business as a private investigator has been quiet lately - so when the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic, he's seeing dollar signs.

It had a very deep neckline that cut down the front and was covered with snowflake lace and revealing a lot of creamy white cleavage. I like that you asked if I would come to you rather then demanding.

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