I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER DAN WELLS TOR® A TOM DOHERTY ASSOCIATES BOOK NEW YORK This is a work of fiction. All of the. He's spent his life doing his best not to live up to his bestthing.info's obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn't want to become one. So for his own sake, and. PDF Books File I Am Not A Serial Killer [PDF, Mobi] by Dan Wells Free Complete eBooks "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook.

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Read I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver #1) Book PDF. John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s spent his life doing his best not to live. Featuring a star-making lead performance from year-old. Max Records, and an extraordinary turn from Back To The. Future's legendary. PDF - I am Not a Serial Killer. John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it . He's spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential. He's obsessed.

He's spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential.

Fiction Horror Suspense. Publication Details Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates Imprint: Tor Books Edition: John Cleaver.

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More about Dan Wells. Disappeared Dad : John's father. Enemy Within : John's dark side, the side that wishes to kill everyone. John's rules are there to hide this, but it's always there Even Evil Has Standards : He stalks, he maims, but patting dogs?

I Am Not A Serial Killer

To clarify, John recognizes animal abuse as a trait of sociopathy. Not wanting to hurt any animals, he avoids contact with them.

Though the shift is explicitly foreshadowed when in the first quarter of the book, John casually says to the reader that his sociopathy makes him a demon but NOT like the one he fought. Gray and Gray Morality Or Black and Gray Morality : A diagnosed sociopath with murderous urges and no capacity for empathy who is nevertheless determined to kill only bad guys, vs a body-snatching demon that is forced to kill humans in order to survive while remaining fully capable of love and other human emotions.

For example John has much better social skills than he claims in the narration. Heroic Willpower : John, being the protagonist of our story, has of course this virtue.

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No matter how much he wants to kill people, his massive will to be good is just too strong. Specifically when he's trying not to stab his own mother. I Did What I Had to Do : When trying to kill a demon, some things must be done, and sacrifices - John abandoning his rules in order to defeat Crowley - must be made Kill and Replace : The demon's old M.

After falling in love, it stops taking new identity. Loners Are Freaks : John tries desperately to avert this so he befriends the other loner in the school, Max Bowen. Note that he's not trying to avoid being a freak, he knows that he's a freak and is trying to hide it by avoiding being a loner.

Love Redeems : This is what happened to the demon. After falling in love as "Mr.

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Crowley", he remains in this identity for decades to be with the woman he loves, though he is forced to go back to killing. The Main Characters Do Everything : Although the author does give a reason, it's very convenient that John is capable of performing his own autopsies and such. Being obsessed with serial killers, he is proficient at "profiling" a serial killer when one eventually shows up.

Meaningful Name : Subverted. John Wayne Gacy was a famous serial killer, and you might think John Wayne Cleaver is named after him - but you'd be wrong.

I Am Not A Serial Killer

He's actually named after John Wayne the Western actor, just as the actual serial killer was. Published on Aug 14, SlideShare Explore Search You.

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Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px.But, for whatever reason, I decided I really liked it- Logic be damned.

The Spaces of Crime I want to turn now to look more specifically at the issues of space and place. Sure, we have dead bodies in the basement, but we also have a chapel, so it balances out.

Trade Paperback , pages. He also has to see a therapist who he tells about his efforts to not engage in mass murder.

Yes, it is an entertaining story, but underneath it all some social issues are raised.

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