KENNETH ANGER was a child star in Hollywood in the s and later the Babylon, which was first published in French in and has since become a. View and download Kenneth Anger - Hollywood Babylon I - bestthing.info on DocDroid. Kenneth Anger - Hollywood Babylon I - pdf - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online.

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Anger, Kenneth - Hollywood Babylon I - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Hollywood Babylon I by Kenneth Anger. Download now: bestthing.info Author by Kenneth Anger Read ebook Read Hollywood Babylon Kenneth Anger PDF File Download file. Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger; 15 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Biography, History, Motion picture.

The author uses it's decomposing presence in the L. A suburb as a vehicle to set the tone of his book, the emphasis being on the seductive 'big dreams' of the movie making industry, versus the cold reality of a distinctive darkness, hiding underneath the glamour.

The shadow of Babylon had fallen over Hollywood, a serpent spell in code cuneiform; scandal was waiting The movie magicians who founded the original six Hollywood studios who had moved to the West coast to start their empire, were hoping to avoid legal pursuit from their ripping off Edison and his movie camera patents in New York. The somnolent L. In a few years of churning out primitive and profitable two-reelers with their pirated cameras - always on the lookout for Edison's vengeful process servers - the former junk dealers and glove salesmen juggled a chancy operation into a celluloid bonanza.

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When word reached them that nickelodeon crowds all over the country seemed to be flocking to see favorite movie performers known only as 'Little Mary', 'The Biograph Boy' or 'The Vitagraph Girl,' the disdained actors, until then thought of as little more than hired help, suddenly acquired ticket-selling importance.

The already-famous faces took on names and rapidly-rising salaries: the Star System - a decidely mixed blessing - was born. For better or for worse, Hollywood would henceforth have to contend with that fatal chimera - the STAR. The fans worshipped, but the fans could also be fickle, and if their deities proved to have feet of clay, they could be cut down without compassion.

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Off screen a new Star was always waiting to make an entrance. Moral decency groups in the United States were swift to tar much of early Hollywood's artistic output with the same brush.

The similarities between how the modern adult film industry seems to function on exploitation, and the tendency of the Hollywood system to Predate on the young and profit off the naive, has given to the public vernacular the concept of the "casting couch" and"paying dues". This is the abuse of power by taking advantage sexually of those budding actors burning with a desire to be famous, in order to get that "big break".

Hollywood, with it's promise of "Stardom" and it's apparent glitz was used to lure the disenfranchised looking for the chance to live their dream. Some were local beauty contest winners; most were merely pretty, plucky and poor. All wanted to be movie stars, but few of them even found work as extras, or 'atmosphere.

The reality in the Golden Age of cinema, was that the stars were treated ruthlessly as assets, traded and loaned between studios as commodities, and put through gruelling and intensive work schedules.

Some stars, such as Judy Garland, seemed to be "prisoners" of their respective studios. It is not surprising that so many stars and starlets developed deep seated pathological issues; in many cases choosing to end their lives, whether it was to escape, or because their use to the studios had dried up.

Another result of this insular existence, continual public acclaim and attention, led in some cases to degenerate behaviour and a sense of being untouchable by the laws and values of society.

The scandal of Fatty Arbuckle, the opening case of the book, is a prime example of the moral decay that can ensue with a meteoric rise to fame. The story revealed is the sordid details of a starlet raped to death with a bottle by Arbuckle in a drunken encounter in a hotel suite in San Francisco.

Despite an acquital, the case of Arbuckle demonstrated the power of public outcry to end a Hollywood career. There is no way to defend the horror of his actions, which shook the public and opened up the public perception of the 'glitterati' as a den of depravity.

However, the public love affair with Hollywood continued, and the gossip columnists preyed on the lives of the famous in a paradoxical attempt to demystify fame. The irony of course being, that this merely serves to feed the myth of notoriety, and continued to draw more grist for the mill of the '"star machine. His marriage to Lita MacMurray was as a result of her impregnation at age 16 by Chaplin.

He had cultivated and groomed her for their relationship since he noticed her at age 9. Hollywood Babylon Close. Want to Read.

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The Sordid Secrets of Babylon

Hollywood Babylon. Hollywood Babylon , Century Hutchinson.

Hollywood Babylon , Bell Pub. Hollywood Babylon , Dell Pub. Hollywood Babylon: Hollywood Babylon , Dell.

Anger, Kenneth - Hollywood Babylon I

Hollywood Babylon , Dell Publishing. Hollywood Babylon , Associated Professional Services. Hollywood Babylone , J. History Created December 10, 8 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Hollywood Babylon , Century Hutchinson in English.

Hollywood Babylon , Dell in English - 1st Delta printing.Kenneth Anger Pages: Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

It seems that today the major stumbling blocks for filmmakers have to do with distribution rather than content. Another result of this insular existence, continual public acclaim and attention, led in some cases to degenerate behaviour and a sense of being untouchable by the laws and values of society.

Two-bit gangsters, 'leggers, pushers, hard-sell swindlers, blackmailers, burglars, gross and petty extortionists, all manner of ultrakinky sex freaks, dummy-stock speculators, crank cultists, dollar astrologists, fake mediums and epicene evangelists, phony healers, crooked fortunetellers and parasitic 'psychoanalysts.

It seems that half of Hollywood is involved with it in some way. Your interest in the teachings of Aleister Crowley has influenced your work greatly. Off screen a new Star was always waiting to make an entrance.

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