Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found.. -- Present a theory on the location of the lost continent of Atlantis. States that Atlantis can be found in the South China . (Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph.D) Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos Book on Atlantis. Dr. Harold K. Voris Field Museum Chicago, IL U.S.A. Read online or Download ATLANTIS - The Lost Continent Finally Found by Arysio Santos (Full PDF ebook with essay, research paper) For Your PC or Mobile.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A gifted linguist whose mastery of Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, site edition by Arysio Santos. Religion & Spirituality site eBooks @ Send a free sample. Deliver to your site or other. Be the first to ask a question about ATLANTIS - The Lost Continent Finally Found Buku ini bercerita bagaimana penulis menyimpulkan bahwa benua hilang. Santos Free PDF [Book] PDF? Read Online. Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found - Ebookread, Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found. By Arysio.

Realizing that, we started to look for the spot where an entire sunken continent could be hiding itself. Geology afforded the correct, irrefutable answer: down under the South China Sea, that is where.

That region is what we now call Indonesia. The rest followed quite naturally and, in fact, far more serendipitously than we ourselves could ever have imagined beforehand. You will find… We present the single most meaningful book on Atlantis, which is Prof. Following the same line of thought that made this homonymous website become the most popular in the category, having received many millions of visits within the past years, he explains in this book his Scientific Theory on Atlantis, using an infinitude of arguments, which range from the strictly scientific such as Geology, Linguistics, and Anthropology to the more arcane and occult ones.

A professional scientist with a PhD in Nuclear Physics and Free-Docency in Physical-Chemistry, the author has dedicated himself intensely to the study of the Atlantis problem, for more than 30 years. Important Info Atlantis was located in the East Indies. That, the real Paradise, was the true cradle of civilization. Atlantis-Indonesia is so the motherland of humanity as we know it.

This region, called Sundaland, is the lost Paradise from all traditions. This may be on the associated web-site, though I have not checked.

The author had a tendency for repetition, both in the text and in footnotes, but overall he makes a good case for siting Atlantis outside rhe Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean as we know it today. If you enjoy Atlantis speculation, and don't mind the repetition, this is for you. One person found this helpful. Having learned about the former existence of Sundaland I was interested to read a serious study of the theory that it was the true location of Atlantis.

Sadly this book was a disappointment.

First, I was very put off by the author's arrogance. Many times he insisted that his theory was the only correct one and that any writer with a different idea was completely wrong. Worse was his constant bragging that all current interest on Atlantis was entirely due to his previous work.

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He even went so far as to bad-mouth other, more successful writers on the subject Hancock and accusing them of stealing his ideas. As for his actual research, it was nothing more than a repetitive and monotonous analysis of Plato's writings, with Santos convinced he was the only person in history to ever properly interpret the original meanings.

Hercules was actually a volcano, Indonesia was Atlantis because I'm telling you it was - if you want proof look on my website".

The same handful of arguments just repeated over and over again. But the biggest problem with this book and Santos' research is the complete lack of any Archaeological evidence to support his theory. For someone so convinced of a particular location it was clear he never actually travelled to Indonesia, and certainly never located or investigated any ancient ruins there No mention of Gunung Padang. Writers like Hancock and Schoch actually travel to the places they talk about, and do hands-on research instead of just reading.

If you really want to prove that Indonesia was Atlantis you need to go there, and maybe search for underwater ruins in the Java Sea. If your entire theory is based on a single written source, without a scrap of physical evidence to support it, then your work is utterly meaningless.

Home At Last The Past is our Future. There is no place like home Santos' book definitively locates Plato's lost continent of Atlantis, the original ancestral home of human civilization and the true Garden of Eden. The prodigious, scientific, inter-discipline, research compiled over 30 years, by nuclear physicist, Prof.

Santos, finds this prehistory, Ice Age, global culture in Indonesia, with its circular three-ringed capital city, situated in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra, at the base of today's Krakatoa volcano. Many people are aware of the Atlantis story as recorded by Plato in B. However, the existence of a pre-flood,advanced, homeland continent, now submerged, exists in over cultures worldwide.

Atlantis has never been found because we have been looking in the wrong places.

This book presents the overwhelming case that Atlantis could only have been located in today's Indonesia. In pre-flood times, when ocean levels were feet lower, this nation of islands, was a great continental landmass, larger in area, than the United States. Temperatures were degrees cooler than present, meaning that Atlantis-Indonesia had a year around balmy climate similar to Hawaii.

There, in this true paradise, in the Far East, in prehistory, our ancestors, reached a high level of civilization, that apparently was not re-established again, by the Atlantean survivors, until the historical cultures of India,Sumer,and Egypt. Since the destruction of Atlantis around 11, years ago, by the eruption of Krakatoa, tsunami, and subsequent rise of ocean levels, the truth of its existence, appears to have been lost due to the passage of time or perhaps hidden by the ruling elite of the planet.

This reviewer's examination of Prof. Santos theory, corroborated by my own additional five years of study, appears to confirm that the reality of Atlantis has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

atlantis lost continent finally found

Now as we approach the apparent paradigm shift of , thanks to Prof. Santos' brilliant detective work, we may now, all claim our true heritage and know that Atlantis, the real Land of Oz, is ready for us to return. See all 35 reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about site Giveaway.

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Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. Letusan ini menyebabkan tsunami yang menewaskan sekitar Berdasarkan penelitian ilmuwan Fisika Nuklir asal Brazil, Arysio Santos, Indonesia dihubung-hubungkan dengan Atlantis, sebuah tempat berperadaban tinggi, yang setengah mitos, tapi juga dipercaya pernah ada di muka bumi.

Atlantis, kata Santos, musnah juga akibat bencana mahadahsyat. Dengan hipotesa inilah, Santos menunjuk Indonesia.

Faktanya, kata dia dalam laman Atlan. Indonesia juga pernah mengalami bencana letusan gunung Krakatau dan Tambora. Bahkan, Danau Toba di Sumatera adalah bekas salah satu kawah gunung berapi. Letusan beberapa gunung berapi secara bersamaan, kata Santos, menyelimuti permukaan bumi mencairkan es dan memicu ombak raksasa yang menenggelamkan Atlantis.

Namun, kata dia, "ada beberapa kelemahan dalam teori Santos.Dalam penelitian lain yang menggunakan identitas DNA beberapa peneliti asing terpukau karena selama ini orang bali yang diduga berasal dari daerah taiwan yang ber migrasi pada tahun lalu ternyata lebih identik dengan orang india dan timur tengah dan masa yang lebih tua.

Enlarge cover.

Abis baca tambah jadi penasaran Feb 13, Farrah Muthrafah rated it it was amazing. Frank Joseph Hoff, B. And in the process, close a lot of seemingly separate holes in historical timelines making so many separate stories fit together like a puzzle. Faktanya, kata dia dalam laman Atlan. Preview this item Preview this item.

Because Lemuria had no factual basis, it was easily co-opted for her pseudo-scientific, metaphysical writings.

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