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Ghazwa E Hind Book In Urdu

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غزوہٴ ہندوستان، نبی ﷺ کا وعدہ ہے. Download or read online Urdu book "Ghazwa-e- Hind", by Professor Dr. Asmat Ullah. In this book the Author. Ghazwa-e-Hind Book (By Mufti Umair Mehmood Siddiqui) communal sentiments are flaring in hind(read news local urdu ones as national. Ghazwa e Hind (Urdu). Uploaded by Muh Khan. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .

In view of this fact, I shall first of all present a brief analysis of the chain of narrators. Asad ibn Musa The first chain of narrators, who have reported the first of the two texts includes "Asad ibn Musa". Ibn Yunus says that Asad ibn Musa has narrated a number of abominable Munkar narratives.

According to Ibn Hazam, Asad ibn Musa is abominable in his narratives and is a weak narrator.


Baqiyyah Asad ibn Musa has narrated this text from "Baqiyyah". Al-Zahabiy has also quoted Ibn Habbanas saying that Baqiyyah ascribes to reliable narrators such sayings which he heard from weak and unacceptable narrators.

Abu Mus'har gave his opinion about Baqiyyah in the form of a poetic verse, which means: "Narratives of Baqiyyah are not clean, so guard yourself against them".

Abu Is'haq Al-juzjaniy says: "May God have mercy on Baqiyyah, he quoted worthless narratives without caring to check who was he taking such narratives from". Ibn Khuzaimah says: I do not hold Baqiyyah's narratives as acceptable to be presented as a basis of an argument.


Ahmad ibn Hanbal is narrated to have said: "I thought that Baqiyyah only narrated acceptable narratives by ascribing them to unknown people. But then I found that he also narrates unacceptable narratives by wrongly ascribing them to known and reliable narrators".

Abu Al-Hasan ibn Al-qattan says: "Baiyyah wrongly ascribed his narratives to people and did not see any harm in doing so. If this is correct, it renders him unacceptable".

Ibn Hajarhas also quoted Khateeb as saying: "Among his narratives are abominable ones". He has also quoted Al-Baihaqiy as saying: "There is a consensus regarding the fact that Baqiyyah is not fit to be presented as a basis of an argument".

Not much could be found about Abu Bakr in books about the lives of people who have narrated sayings of the Prophet pbuh. The little that was found is not very encouraging.

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Ibn Hajar in his book "Taqreeb Al-tehzeeb" writes: His life and character is not known". This fact renders the narrator quite unreliable. This really means that the narratives of Muhammad ibn Al-Waleed have generally been accepted by the experts of the field.

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However, the case of the particular narrative under consideration is quite different. It seems that there are two predictions about the war against India, the one is that in which the name of Sindh presently Pakistani Province and in another Hadith the Holy Prophet did not mention the name of Sindh but he mentioned that in return the Mujahideen will meet Hazrat Eisa A.

S Jesus Christ in Syria. So according to Dr. According to my own point of view another prediction Hadith has to be done in which the Holy Prophet foretold that Mujahideen will find Hazrat Eisa A. S in Syria After invading India.

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Bharat , Taliban.

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Muhammed Abdullah al-Qahtani http: Seerat un Nabi Urdu complete offline. Kuch agal ke nakhun lo kia aap ko zardaryon, chodhryou, waderon,ya sooted booted kalay angrezon ya amerika ke ghulamon ne khabi koi faida phunchaya hai. Since these Hadith are not found at all in any of the Hadith collections that the Muslims of Shiite school of thought consider authentic, there are chances that they may have been invented by the Ummayads according to their expansionist designs.

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