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Dbms Interview Question Pdf

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Commonly asked DBMS interview questions | Set 1. What are advantages of DBMS Source: bestthing.info DBMS - Interview Questions and Answers. Level 1. 1. What is database? A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning. Wisdomjobs has interview questions which are exclusively designed for job seekers to assist them in clearing job interviews. DBMS+RDBMS interview.

All the files are binary. These are 1. Database files 2.

Control files 3. Redo logs The most important of these are the database files where the actual data resides.

Commonly asked DBMS interview questions | Set 1

The control files and the redo logs support the functioning of the architecture itself. All three sets of files must be present, open, and available to Oracle for any data on the database to be useable.

Without these files, you cannot access the database, and the database administrator might have to recover some or all of the database using a backup, if there is one. What Is Database Trigger? The trigger can e defined to execute once for the entire statement or once for every row that is inserted, updated, or deleted. For any one table, there are twelve events for which you can define database triggers.

What Are Stored-procedures? Answer : Stored procedures are database objects that perform a user defined operation. A stored procedure can have a set of compound SQL statements. A stored procedure executes the SQL commands and returns the result to the client.

Stored procedures are used to reduce network traffic. What Is Storage Manager? Answer : It is a program module that provides the interface between the low-level data stored in database, application programs and queries submitted to the system.

What Is Buffer Manager?

DBMS Interview Questions.pdf

Answer : It is a program module, which is responsible for fetching data from disk storage into main memory and deciding what data to be cache in memory. What Is Transaction Manager? Answer : It is a program module, which ensures that database, remains in a consistent state despite system failures and concurrent transaction execution proceeds without conflicting.

What Is File Manager? Answer : It is a program module, which manages the allocation of space on disk storage and data structure used to represent information stored on a disk. Answer : It is the program module, which tests for the satisfaction of integrity constraint and checks the authority of user to access data.

What Are Stand-alone Procedures? Answer : Procedures that are not part of a package are known as stand-alone because they independently defined. These types of procedures are not available for reference from other Oracle tools. What is an entity? An entity is a thing in the real world with an independent existence. What are attributes? These are the particular properties that describe an entity.

What are diff. Composite Vs simple attributes. Single valued Vs multi-valued attributes. Stored Vs derived attribute.

Null valued attributes. Complex attributes. What is domain value or value set of an attribute? It is the set of values that may be assigned to that attribute for each individual entities. What is degree of a relationship?

The no of entities participating in that relation. What is recursive relationship? It is the relationship where both the participating entities belong to same entity type.

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What are relationship constraints? Cardinality ratio. Participation constraints.

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Name required.Relationship Set - The collection or set of similar relationships. A set of logically arranged data for a specific purpose is commonly known as Database.

Management Skills. The relationship is known as the relational database model. Redundant array of inexpensive or independent disks.

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