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My apologies. My other two points still remain true though.

It refers to Notable members of the Iron Throne within the Knights of the Shield section, and i'm still very interested to know where you found information on Gargauth post-second sundering.

Should be fixed now. The Gargauth stuff isn't really based on anything much. As a fellow lore hunter, I'm sure you know that 5e Forgotten Realms lore can been infuriatingly vague at times. That's part of the reason why I decided to write this faction guide.

I knew that there was a bunch of cool Forgotten Realms lore that'd be ignored otherwise.

Of course, I also tried to add something of my own, to put my own spin in things instead of just copying from lore I'd found elsewhere. That's where the Gargauth stuff came from.

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In the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide page , it offhandedly mentions how he seeks godhood while trapped within a magical shield. There's no explanation for how he came to be reduced to such a sorry state. As such, I decided to come up with an explanation that I thought made sense. Also, dead, in the most badass of manners, involving stims and a melee battle with a Heretek. Crisp[ edit ] The former regimental chef and an expert flame trooper.

Viral pathogenesis: Cloak and dagger.

Has seen some shit and laughs a little too much. However his death was awesome and included lots of higly flammable liquids, explosives and one certain chaos space marine. Tink[ edit ] The regimental techie. Small, whiny, and a little weird, but a great shot with a plasma gun and a wizard with most types of technology.

Has a bit of a thing against tech-priests as well as a separate thing ABOUT female ones, despite his fascination with xenos tech ensuring that Sarge's squad-management policies usually keep him as far and isolated from the cogboys as possible. Can also 'fix anything'.

A rather angry markswoman from a more noble regiment. Briefly served with the squad on a disastrous genestealer purging mission, but has more recently been filling in for Doc. Has an affinity for facial burns. Also a Discworld name reference. That poor poor soul. Interrogators and other characters[ edit ] The squad is often paired with other acolytes that even out the team and is frequently assigned to a new interrogator.

Most of them aren't dignified with names and tend to die in messy ways while the guardsmen stay in cover. The Rupert and Alfred[ edit ] An offensively British former officer with a penchant for heroic charges and a slightly psychic butler.

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Leads the squad on three missions and doesn't fuck up too badly. For all his quirks, compared to the other Interrogators they've had to work with, he's a pretty swell guy.

Has somehow aquired an extremely competent batman the squad calls Alfred, who is pretty much irreplaceable for the smooth running of Rupert's life and is likely the real reason Rupert was recruited to the Inquisition. Inquisitor "Oak" Quercus[ edit ] Everyone's boss. Officially a member of the Ordos Xenos, he runs a space faring Inquisitorial school and constantly sends Interrogators from all branches out to earn their rosettes. Mostly a bureaucrat that doesn't do much personal inquisiting, instead he has an army of agents tracking leads and recruiting teams for the Interrogators to use.

The AGP's performance aka not dying has started to catch his attention, this may not be good, he may be a heretic. Particularly notable for encouraging tech-heresy in his underlings by deliberately refusing to issue them fucking anything, inevitably resulting in the AGP "upgrading" and in one instance kidnapping by salvaging xenotech, up to and including fuel for their "ship".

Jim and Hannah the Tech-Interns[ edit ] Like interns, except with metal tentacles. The broest of cogbros. The only person they don't get along with is Tink, albeit for entirely separate reasons.

They start out as junior cogboys, but after all the other cogboys on the Occurance Border go completely nuts twice, they're promoted to senior enginseers. While Jim would much rather stay on board tinkering with the ship, he frequently gets roped into the party's shenanigans. Inquisitor Sciscitat Asshat formerly known as Interrogator Data Nerd [ edit ] A nerdy control freak with a superiority complex; judged to be as useless in a fight as he is smug.

Somehow ends up becoming a full Inquisitor and leading the squad on another mission in The "Stealth" Mission.

Currently confirmed to be a complete piece of shit that sold out a group of legally ambiguous but loyal men over his own ego despite their proven ability to Get Shit Done by killing two inquisition traitors. Praise the Emperor's name and pray his just reward comes swiftly. Somewhat surprisingly, it seems that he was really working with Oak when he did that. He is still a complete dick about it though, So continue praying to The Emperor for his just reward.

The feeling is most certainly not mutual. Slaaneshi whores pale in comparison to her sheer hotness. She was caught by the AGP engaged in activaties unbecoming of an Inquisitor, and was locked away by Oak.

The AGP was told never to speak of her again, as she was now out of their hair. Or so they hoped, but they're the AGP. Hope never works out for them. She burnt to death, courtesy of two incendiary bouquets.

Has them assigned to him for a mission, fucks off and leaves them to do things their way. Doesn't get much development beyond not being around to fuck the squad up. Makes another brief appearance, at the end of "Interplanetary Man of Mystery" and another at "Interlude: Escape". Interrogator Bane Johns Super Spy [ edit ] An asshole who fucks Sororitas, parties hard, never loses, and is one of their most hated superiors.

Also an unlicensed psyker that siphons the luck from everyone around him, making him a walking disaster area that somehow manages to come out of every scrap smelling like roses. They won't be seeing him again anytime soon or so they hoped, but hope always fails for the AGP.

Very, very dead after getting very, very possessed by a very, very assholeish daemon of Tzeentch.

Cloak and Dagger (The IMA Book 1)

Nutjob[ edit ] A psychic juggernaut and psychopathic manchild. Mostly known for turning enemies inside-out. Currently dead, praise the Emprah. Valerie[ edit ] Sororitas Hospitaller Extraordinaire. After being encountered on several occasions, joined the Occurrence Border. Is dating Doc, and tolerating his idiot squadmates. Never, ever fuck with her patients or Doc or learn the hard way that she's as hard as her flamer-toting fellow nuns.

Fumbles[ edit ] He's a psyker and called Fumbles, what do you expect? Well, wrong you are then!

Actually a very decent and adorable little guy, for a psyker, that is. Just needs a little inspiration and distance from untouchables and probability fields.He regularly reviewed works in the Spectator and TLS.

As such, I decided to come up with an explanation that I thought made sense. What's this?

Detective O'Reilly's investigation leads to death and mayhem, while Cloak and Dagger embark on a globetrotting trip to destroy the drug trade! However his death was awesome and included lots of higly flammable liquids, explosives and one certain chaos space marine.

Was unlucky and died by shot to the head. Revealed by Heavy's ghost to be named "Frank". Also an unlicensed psyker that siphons the luck from everyone around him, making him a walking disaster area that somehow manages to come out of every scrap smelling like roses. To request, please post your email address and format needed.

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