Complete 63 volume set of sermons by C. H. Spurgeon. Indexes The sermons are in PDF format; therefore, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. The Sermons of Charles Spurgeon. Vol. 4, by Charles H. Spurgeon ( ) . house of God sooner than usual, "Wife, is the sermon all done?. The Sermons of Charles Spurgeon. Volume 1, by Charles H. Spurgeon ( ). Table of Contents. 1. Adoption—The Spirit and the Cry. 2. The Sweet.

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Description: Called the "Prince of Preachers," Charles Spurgeon was a This PDF file is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, The mission. 1 Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House,. ) your preaching of the glory of God's grace as hypocrisy. THE AGES DIGITAL LIBRARY. COLLECTIONS. FARM SERMONS by Charles H. Spurgeon. To the Students of the Words, Works and Ways of God.

He wrote his sermons out fully before he preached, but what he carried up to the pulpit was a note card with an outline sketch. Stenographers would take down the sermon as it was delivered and Spurgeon would then have opportunity to make revisions to the transcripts the following day for immediate publication.

His weekly sermons, which sold for a penny each, were widely circulated and still remain one of the all-time best selling series of writings published in history. Missionary preaching in China using The Wordless Book I would propose that the subject of the ministry of this house, as long as this platform shall stand, and as long as this house shall be frequented by worshippers, shall be the person of Jesus Christ.

I am never ashamed to avow myself a Calvinist, although I claim to be rather a Calvinist according to Calvin, than after the modern debased fashion.

I do not hesitate to take the name of Baptist. You have there pointing to the baptistry substantial evidence that I am not ashamed of that ordinance of our Lord Jesus Christ; but if I am asked to say what is my creed, I think I must reply: "It is Jesus Christ.

Gill, has left a body of divinity admirable and excellent in its way; but the body of divinity to which I would pin and bind myself for ever, God helping me, is not his system of divinity or any other human treatise, but Christ Jesus, who is the sum and substance of the gospel; who is in himself all theology, the incarnation of every precious truth, the all-glorious personal embodiment of the way, the truth, and the life. Singing in the congregation was exclusively a cappella under his pastorate.

Thousands heard the preaching and were led in the singing without any amplification of sound that exists today. Hymns were a subject that he took seriously.

Spurgeon aroused controversy because of his critique of its theology, which was largely deistic. At the end of his review, Spurgeon warned: We shall soon have to handle truth, not with kid gloves, but with gauntlets, — the gauntlets of holy courage and integrity. Go on, ye warriors of the cross, for the King is at the head of you. On 5 June , Spurgeon challenged the Church of England when he preached against baptismal regeneration.

It was during this period at the new Tabernacle that Spurgeon found a friend in James Hudson Taylor , the founder of the inter-denominational China Inland Mission.

Spurgeon supported the work of the mission financially and directed many missionary candidates to apply for service with Taylor. He also aided in the work of cross-cultural evangelism by promoting " The Wordless Book ", a teaching tool that he described in a message given on 11 January , regarding Psalm "Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. On the death of missionary David Livingstone in , a discolored and much-used copy of one of Spurgeon's printed sermons, "Accidents, Not Punishments," [17] was found among his few possessions much later, along with the handwritten comment at the top of the first page: "Very good, D.

It was sent to Spurgeon and treasured by him. Spurgeon framed the controversy in this way: Believers in Christ's atonement are now in declared union with those who make light of it; believers in Holy Scripture are in confederacy with those who deny plenary inspiration; those who hold evangelical doctrine are in open alliance with those who call the fall a fable, who deny the personality of the Holy Ghost, who call justification by faith immoral, and hold that there is another probation after death It is our solemn conviction that there should be no pretence of fellowship.

The Sermons of Charles Spurgeon

Fellowship with known and vital error is participation in sin. Spurgeon, The Autobiography of Charles H. Slavery was fully abolished in the British Empire in Africa had been in the news the last decade partly due to notable explorer, David Livingstone, who was on his second missionary- exploration trip at this time.

The theory has been laid down, and facts fished up to support it. I believe it to be a monstrous error in philosophy, which will be a theme for ridicule before another twenty years.

In theology, its influence would be deadly; and this is all I care about. On the scientific matter, you do well to use your own judgment. This sermon, , was preached September 12, , at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington.

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The Down Grade is beyond the scope of this report but clearly Spurgeon considered the theory of evolution an element weakening the church. Conclusion Spurgeon, influenced by his preacher parents and grandfather and the literature, mostly Puritan, of the day adopted a view that the authority of scripture was very real, that scripture was not to be altered and that the creation story was wholly authoritative for the simple reason scripture says so.

Spurgeon encouraged his pastorate and pupils to read other good works, not for authority, but for the purpose of better understanding scripture. Spurgeon clearly rejected decrees and traditions as non-authoritative.

Instead Spurgeon, in stern tone, warned his readers and listeners away from this populist science and back to scripture. Again, he continued to urge his readers and listeners back to scripture. Ultimately, Spurgeon viewed evolution as part of the modernist weakening of scripture for which he was willing to leave the Baptist Union.

New York: D.

C. H. Spurgeon

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C. H. Spurgeon

London: Passmore and Alabaster, Accessed June 13, The Autobiography of Charles H. Chicago: Fleming H Revell, One gazes down from above, and draws his breath.

Africa had been in the news the last decade partly due to notable explorer, David Livingstone, who was on his second missionary- exploration trip at this time. New York: D.

We wonder at his patience, but we do not wonder at his impat He is not saying that all men are now miserable if there be no hope of the world to come, for such an assertion would b Having exhorted believers to walk steadfastly, lie bends his knee and comm New Releases. His influence has impacted Christianity, and Christian preaching perhaps more than any other since Biblical times.

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