PDF - The Salvation: Unseen. For what seems like the first time, Elena and her friends are happy. Elena and Stefan have built a home for themselves in Dalcrest . THE SALVATION UNSEEN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - The Salvation Unseen livre du pastel kershner flight manual pdf economics section 2. Thank you very much for reading the vampire diaries 11 the salvation unseen. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search hundreds.

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Thank you very much for downloading the vampire diaries 11 the salvation unseen. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times for their. Get Instant Access to The Salvation: Unseen (The Vampire Diaries) By L J Smith. #0fa EBOOK EPUB site PDF. The Salvation Unseen The Vampire Diaries - [FREE] THE SALVATION DIARIES [EPUB] [PDF] The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire.

Unseen is the first book in The Salvation trilogy and the eleventh book in The Vampire Diaries novel series overall. Contents [ show ] Summary Now that the deadly properties of Elena's blood have been discovered, Stefan has been taking out Old Ones left and right. But when Elena is almost killed in a car accident--one that was very clearly not an accident at all--she starts to realize that one of the Old Ones, Solomon , is determined to take her down.

And he just might be powerful enough to do it: Solomon is strong and smart, and he's practically an invisible force in town, only making his presence known when he wants to be. Even with their new hunter friend, Jack, and his cohorts on their side, with Solomon around no one Elena cares about is safe.

Meanwhile, Damon and Katherine's latest adventures end in turmoil when they are attacked by vampires--and not just any vampires, ones that Damon can't sense and don't fall victim to the usual weaknesses of sunlight and stakes. Damon is determined to uncover their mystery before these vampires get the best of them first But as Elena, Stefan, and Damon know all too well, nothing is ever as it first seems, and the most shocking and painful truths are the ones they least expect.

This latest trilogy in the bestselling series The Vampire Diaries will leave you breathless, and change the lives of these beloved characters forever. Plot In this book, Elena and Stefan have lived for years since destroying Klaus. Elena has been attacked over and over by the powerful and vengeful Old Ones. Meanwhile, Damon and Katherine have been traveling Europe with Katherine turning any handsome young man she finds and dumping them when she gets bored with them. Damon is successful in charming young girls without the use of his Powers and finds willing blood-downers to drink from.

Damon and Katherine and Katherine's vampire boy-toy are attacked suddenly by a group of powerful and seemingly unkillable vampires. Katherine's boyfriend gets killed, but she and Damon escape successfully. Back in Dalcrest, Elena is driving her car when it suddenly speeds up exceedingly and and she crashes.

How long can it take?

Elena is saved by another Vampire Hunter named Jack. Elena and her friends establish that the Old Ones know of the weakness to her protection against supernatural powers, had Jack not saved her, the car would've exploded leading to an un-supernatural death.

The Old Ones want Elena dead. Bonnie McCullough and her boyfriend Zander go to Mrs. Flowers' and find that she has a guest that tells Bonnie that she is also a witch and has the powers of illusion. Flowers asks Bonnie to go to an organisation that will teach her more about her own aura and Powers. Bonnie is reluctant, but Zander encourages her to go and increase her knowledge of her powers and her strength and heritage and Bonnie agrees.

Bonnie leaves the next morning. Jack tells Elena and her friends that the Old One that they're up against is named Solomon, a very ancient and very powerful vampire with much more power than Klaus or any other Old One they've fought. Judith met a man name Robert Maxwell at some point, and affectionately called him "Bob".

He proposed to her, and she accepted his request. She moved in with Elena and her baby sister Margaret right after the death of the girls' parents. She always looks vaguely flustered. She has a thin, mild face and flyaway red hair pushed back untidily. She is engaged to and later marries Robert Maxwell, though she briefly broke the engagement after Elena's death, thinking it was best for Margaret. She is deeply caring and one of the last people Elena talks to before dying the first time.

When her parents died, she was only a year old and can barely remember them. Elena considers her to be very innocent and secretly talks to her as a vampire after her death, saying that it is not yet her time to rejoin her deceased parents. She has the platinum white-blond hair, fair, pink skin with peachy cheeks, and very light blue eyes.

Margaret is generally cheerful, upbeat and optimistic, and she is empathetic enough to offer Elena Halloween candy when her older sister seems distressed. She likes animals well enough to adopt a kitten, though it turns out to be Katherine von Swartzschild in animal form. Due to her age, she gives little to no evidence of understanding the activities and concerns of her older sister or the other characters. Her parents died when she was around one year old, so she has little memory of them.

It is unknown how she spends her time or if she has any friends, as the reader only sees her with Elena or Aunt Judith. Vickie was an acquaintance of Elena, Matt, Meredith and Bonnie, but she was never particularly a part of their inner circle.

Physically, she was small with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was at the cemetery with Elena when they left the homecoming dance. She had stayed there in the church with Dick Carter, Tyler Smallwood's best friend. She was attacked by Katherine, and that caused her to go insane and she accused Elena of it.

Then she is accused of killing Sue because she relapsed after her death and she was the only one present. After her transition away from the "fast crowd," her involvement is considered unlikely. When Bonnie and Meredith go to her house, she catatonically says that the murderer said she is next. She is left under the protection of Damon but is later murdered by Klaus. In Midnight, it was revealed that Vickie was presumably alive and in Fells Church. Once a rich maiden living happily with her family in the Dark Dimension.

Her family was killed by a demon she refused to marry. She then becomes a slave to Old Drohnze but is later rescued by Elena and Damon. He became Bonnie McCullough's "admirer", which angered Damon Salvatore and led him to almost beat Zander almost to death.

Zander later on becomes the main love interest of Bonnie. Zander was born in the late XX century. Zander is tall, gorgeous, with clear, true blue eyes, and slim torso with well-muscled arms.

His features were sharply cut, the eyebrows arched, the cheekbones high, but his mouth was soft and sensual.

He has pure white-blond hair. Zander has a noble personality, kind, gentle, compassionate and mature. He is literally Tyler's opposition or another werewolf infected, since they can not control the savagery and anger due to their wolfish nature. Zander reveals himself as an original werewolf. At first, Bonnie believes this to mean he is really old. However, Zander reveals this just means that he is directly descended from the cavemen who naturally possessed the werewolf gene and did not inherit it from a bite or from being passed down from a family member who had been bitten.

He also says that this gives him the power to stop turning on full moons and if he is skilled enough to turn when not on a full moon.

He also says that the High Wolf Council sent him to college to investigate as the college was on ley lines making it a supernatural hotspot and that he and his friends have been trying to stop the Vitale society. Bonnie reveals she knows it's on ley lines and that he need not worry as they had taken down most of the members and her friends were on their way to finish the rest off.

Zander is very surprised and asks for an explanation off Bonnie. She reveals mostly everything, but leaves out about the Guardians and Dark Dimension, so as not to confuse him.

Caleb is a member of the Smallwood Family and a carrier of the werewolf gene. He is an ancestor of Jacob Smallwood and the cousin of Tyler Smallwood. Physically, Caleb is described as having curly blond hair, and blue eyes.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he is the only child of Mr. When he was twelve, is father allowed his brother's son, Tyler, to stay with them for a short period of time.

A few years later, in , both Mr. Smallwood and his wife died. Later Caleb moved to Fell's Church, at home of his uncles, in early summer, after the "disappearance" of his cousin Tyler, following the fight against Klaus.

Suddenly he finds himself having memories of two conflicting realities one that was real, and one that was made up of fake memories implanted by the Guardians. The reason he retains his real memories is because he is supernatural not just a dormant werewolf, but also some kind of spellcaster.

He sees newspaper articles depicting each reality as well, and determines from them that Elena and her friends know what has happened and why his memories are so conflicting.

Hoping that they also know where Tyler is, he begins doing yard work for aunt Judith, hoping to get closer to Elena so that she will tell him everything. In an effort to speed up this process, he casts a spell that makes the group jealous of everyone else, hoping they will turn against each other and reveal what they know. He give Elena, at their first meeting, a rose that has "found" on the porch probably linked to the spell.

He later watches the group during the rescue of Meredith from drowning, at Hot Springs, but runs away when is saw by the girl and Matt. When Elena goes to the cemetery, to visit her parents, she also sees Caleb, who has also lost his parents, and reveals that he was the one who run away to Hot Springs. Stefan shows up and throws Caleb against a tombstone out of envy that he might like Elena. He says that he discovered evidence that Caleb is "evil". Stefan takes Elena to the Caleb's shed, and they see that Caleb had collected many photos and newspapers about them.

They detail both realities - of the events that actually happened and everyone's fabricated memories. Stefan and Elena conclude that the Guardians just changed these, but Caleb can see some of them for what they really are because he is supernatural. Later Stefan, Meredith and Matt eventually try to confront him in Smallwoods' house, while his aunt and uncle are away, where he reveals his plan. Caleb says that he deduced that the group of friends was behind his contradicting memories and gave Elena the rose, hoping to get closer to her so that he could find out where Tyler went.

As Matt stands guard on the first floor, Meredith regretfully informs Caleb that Tyler killed Sue Carson and that they truly don't know what happened to him.

Later, the rose given to Elena by Caleb, will be used to destroy an Original Phantom, that fed the jealousy of the group. Tyler Smallwood is a year-old direct descendant of the Smallwoods that were present at the founding of Fell's Church. Tyler is the stereotypical "jock" type; he is very tall, broad, husky and muscular with jet black hair, pale skin and very dark eyes. He is described as handsome and attractive, although he is rather fleshy.

Tyler has fleshy hands and significantly large teeth. Tyler is much taller than Stefan and at least twice as broad. Tyler's family, the Smallwoods, is one founding family of Fell's Church; there appears to be some deep-seated resentment on the part of the Smallwoods over the history of the town's creation. Tyler seems to think that his family is more responsible for the founding than the Fell family, after which the town is named. In the first book, Tyler takes Elena to the graveyard, where she sees his grandfather's grave.

Tyler tries to force himself on Elena, but Stefan saves her. Tyler has been antagonistic towards Stefan and Elena ever since. He is later revealed to be a werewolf; it was dormant until he knew how to begin the werewolf gene. Tyler eventually develops a relationship with Caroline Forbes. He is the father of Caroline's unborn babies at the end of The Return: Tyler has a cousin named Caleb Smallwood, who appears in Phantom. Jacob was the first known member of the Smallwood Family to become a werewolf.

He was also a co-founder of Fell's Church. Living in the area near Drowning Creek when Thomas and Honoria Fell arrive in the area and founded Fell's Church; he is also present during the foundation of the city and become one of the Founding Families. On the night of November 12th, after returning from the forest, Jacob was attacked by a werewolf. His wounds were deep, and Honoria Fell tried to treat them with whortleberry and sallow bark, being a witch.

She later went to her home and cast her runes, which apparently told her that Jacob would become a wolf himself. Honoria told this to no one but her husband, Thomas. Every night, at the full moon, Jacob became a werewolf, and attacked young girls. On December 20th, Thomas Fell made bullets of silver and, with Honoria, went over to his house. The Fells killed him, and Honoria decided to bury him in the graveyard at the bottom of the hill. Eight and a half months after his death his son was born, inheriting the gene of lycanthropy and transmitting it to the next generations.

Theophilia or Mrs. Flowers is the owner of the boarding house where Stefan lives.

They once thought she was just a crazy old woman. During The Return: Nightfall, she is revealed to be a witch like Bonnie and helps the friends search for Elena in the woods. Flowers is said to be over years old. She has grey hair and a smiling face with bright black eyes. She seems to suspect what Stefan is and makes knowing references about things lurking in the woods and jokes about Stefan flying off the roof.

It is possible that she has the psychic premonitions. Nightfall, Mrs. Flowers reveals to Elena that she became a nurse when she was younger. She then states that she is a witch and has known about Stefan all along.

She tells Elena that she has a "soft spot" for him and has decided to help Elena find Stefan, who has gone missing. She helps to cure Matt. Flowers is educated in the usage of herbs. She tells Bonnie and Meredith that she used to be a medium or vaudeville and her mother died in Flowers had left the front door open.

They thought she was crazy to do that since there had been attacks by the cemetery which was near the boarding house. They hid in the boarding house barn to talk but were interrupted by Mrs. Flowers who bought them refreshments and had Stefan's room ready for him, promising not to speak a word of his return before she left, leaving everyone stunned and confused.

While doing her gardening, Stefan, Matt, Meredith and Bonnie asked her where they could hide white-ash wood and she directed them to the location in the woods, confused.

Matt returned to Fell's Church and stayed at the boarding house with Mrs.

Meredith said that they made a solid team. Flowers enjoyed Matt's company and cared very much for his safety. They worked with Dr. Alpert and Isobel Saitou 's mother and grandmother. One night Matt went and spied Shinichi with several children, including the Sheriff's niece Rebbecca Do not get confued with Rebekah Mikaelson.

The sheriff went after them abut did not return, and Matt later saw Rebbecca wearing his shirt as a dress. Matt snatched the sheriff's badge from her and took it back to Mrs. Flowers who tried to see what happened to the sheriff through the badge, but could not see clearly since it hadn't been touching his skin.

Inari is an and powerful Kitsunes. She is to Kitsunes as Old Ones are to ampires. Shinichi is a magical fox spirit called a "Kitsune" from Japan. At first, he appeared as a dark and mysterious person, who offered a partnership to Damon to destroy Fell's Church. With the help of Damon, Stefan is lured away from the town with the promise of becoming a human again.

Shinichi begins to feel for Elena, soon Shinichi falls deeply inlove with Elena and becomes obsessed with her. Shinichi and his twin sister, Misao, used terrible tentacled creatures called Malach to make Damon one of his pawns. The malach entered his body and took him over from the inside, corrupting his body and his soul, bringing him under Shinichi's will. Shinichi made Damon torture Elena and kidnap her, making her believe that Stefan wanted her to be under Damon's care, while he and Misao spread the malach like a virus among the citizens of Fall's Church.

In his human form, Shinichi looks like a young and beautiful Asian boy with pitch black hair, red all around the tips and golden eyes. In his real fox form, he has more than six tails and black and red fur. His personality is twisted and evil. Shinichi begins to make moves on Elena. At first, he appeared as a dark and mysterious person, who offered a partnership to Damon in order to destroy the entire Fell's Church.

With the influence and help of Damon, Stefan is lured away from the town with the promise of becoming a human again. Shinichi and his twin sister, Misao, used terrible tentacled creatures, which can be the size of a pinhead or big enough to swallow your entire arm, to make Damon one of her pawns. The malach entered his body and took him over from the inside, corrupting his body and his soul, making him entirely under Shinichi's will. Shinichi made Damon torture Elena and even kidnap her, making her believe that Stefan wanted her to be under Damon's care, while he and Misao spread the malach like a virus among the citizens of Fell's Church.

He and his sister die in The Return: Midnight, after saying that they regret taking the mission to destroy Fell's Church. Misao is a magical fix spirit called a "Kitsune" from Japan.

She is Shinichi's twin sister. In the beginning of Nightfall, she appeared in Caroline's mirror in her brother's form, and used her bad feelings for Elena to making them sign a contract, which enabled Caroline to get her revenge on Elena and Stefan. Misao possessed Caroline with malach and used her to spread the virus-like creatures in the town, mostly among the young girls.

Under their influence, the girls did terrible things to themselves, like home-made piercings and offering sex to the older boys. Although they are brother and sister, Misao has a passionate and sexual attachment to Shinichi, and they share a kiss in the scene where they lure Bonnie, Meredith, Matt, Alaric and Mrs.

Flowers into the woods. In her human form, Misao looks like a pretty young Asian girl with long black hair, scarlet all around the tips, and black eyes, while in her fox form she has more than six tails and black and scarlet fur.

Her personality is spoiled and arrogant. The Guardians can recruit adepts among human beings, though endowed with certain qualities. This is the case of Elena, when she was 14, while she was in the car with her parents, the Guardians are near the machine, invisible for human eyes, to kill the young girl and bring them to the Celestial Court.

Elena, however, saw them and pointed to his father, who was distracted, causing the accident that killed the parents. Because of their dedication and nature, the guardians can be corrupted by their own personality and desire.

This was in the case of an angel who desire more power and turned manipulative, cruel and evil, making what is now known as The Devil. She is described as sweet, but her dedication and devotion, she becomes cold and cruel with vampires, because Elena refuses to be part of the guardians. Of the three judges, Ryannen is the most hated by the Protagonists. She has fair hair, almost white.

She is not very patient and is very organised but also very bossy. The Blondes Guardians with blue eyes and a thin constitution, which oversee the City of Darkness. They hate the delays and only think about work. Not like the other guardians. She is calm in crisis, the peace keeper.

She has patience and is very organised and very warm and welcoming. The Brown Guardians with black skin, curly hair and a lithe physique. They are the kindest and oversee the Underworld. The Red Guardians with short hair and almond green eyes.

Are severe and intransigent and are the typical Guardians of the Celestial Court. Javier — He was a Guardian. Mylea — She is one of the Principal Guardians. Elizabeth Gilbert — She was a guardian, but eventually decides to live among humans, to protect her daughter and husband.

Elena Gilbert — She was chosen by the Court, as a form of replacement of her mother. Elena was a loyal and loving guardian with friends and family. Devil — He was an angel, but his selfish and evil nature caused his exile from heaven. Sage — He is half angel and half vampire, as well as a loyal guardian to the court and Elena, Stefan and Damon. Katherine von Swartzschild — She is the daughter of Elizabeth and therefore half angel and half vampire.

She was corrupted by Klaus, the most dangerous of the Old Ones, and this caused her to never use her benevolent power. Caroline promptly becomes competition with Elena for the position of most popular girl. A mysterious, handsome foreign boy named Stefan Salvatore, also enrolls. All of the girls within the entire school want his attention, but Stefan just brushes them off. This deeply shocks Elena, who has never been brushed off by a boy before. Stefan joins the high school football team with Matt and plays the position of wide receiver.

Through flashbacks, we learn that Stefan is a vampire who was born in Renaissance Florence. There he fell in love with a German girl, Katherine von Swartzschild, who had been changed into a vampire by another vampire, Klaus, when she was ill and dying.

The Vampire Diaries The Salvation Unseen Pdf Download

Although Katherine told Stefan that she loved him, she also seemed romantically interested in Damon. Katherine was almost an exact double of Elena. Vampires survive in sunlight when they wear lapis lazuli. Katherine has a ring of lapis lazuli and gold. A large crow exhibits un-birdlike behavior.

A homeless man is attacked and partially drained of blood. Stefan experiences fugue states and fears that he has been attacking people during them, even though he has no memory of doing so when he awakes. Elena devises various schemes to pursue Stefan, but Stefan continues to repeatedly avoids her. Stefan is magnetically and strongly drawn to Elena, she reminds him of his past and first love Katherine, and because of this, he is strongly tempted to drink her blood.

Elena finally corners Stefan at the Homecoming Dance. She believes he will be unable to refuse her invitation to dance with her, the Homecoming Queen. To show she is not hurt, Elena leaves the dance with Tyler Smallwood and Dick Carter, two boys who are on the football team and who have shown themselves to be hostile to Stefan in the past. Another girl, Vickie Bennett, goes with them. The four go to the cemetery to deface the funerary statues of Honoria Fell and Thomas Fell.

Elena perceives one statue moving and revealing an empty space beneath, but no one else shares her vision. A drunken Tyler sexually assaults Elena. Stefan appears and rescues Elena by beating up Tyler. Stefan takes her to his room at the boarding house so that she can clean up before he drives her home. Stefan also explains to Elena that vampires have Powers that include the ability to influence and read minds, the ability to turn into animals, and the ability to influence the weather.

Damon drinks human blood and so is more Powerful than Stefan, who tries to lead a moral existence by drinking only animal blood. Lapis lazuli protects vampires from sunlight.

She now is able to identify Damon as the seductive college-aged boy who nearly persuaded her to kiss him. He has not shown himself because he has been trying to make Stefan blame himself. After returning Elena to her home, Stefan goes to the woods and uses his Power to call Damon, who appears.

Damon admits to killing Mr. Tanner and tells Stefan that he must abandon Elena to Damon, who wants her for himself. Stefan refuses. Damon attacks Stefan and drinks his blood against his will, a process that is extremely painful. When Damon releases Stefan, Stefan attempts to stagger back to his car but is attacked again from behind, after which he falls unconscious. The next day Elena finds Stefan has disappeared. Here, the book ends. The Struggle begins with Elena Gilbert standing in the cemetery shouting for Damon Salvatore to answer her.

When he appears, she accuses him of being responsible for the disappearance of his brother, Stefan Salvatore. Damon urges her to forget Stefan and uses his Powers to try to persuade her to become his.

As a parting shot, he tells her that he killed Stefan the night before. Unconvinced that Stefan is dead, Elena sets out to find him.

She nearly freezes in the snowstorm that Damon has called up with his Powers, but she is rescued by Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. Bonnie uses her psychic powers to determine that Stefan is alive but in a place that is always dark and wet. Having guessed that this location is a well on the abandoned Old Francher place, Matt Honeycutt and the girls set out to rescue Stefan.

They succeed, but Stefan is near death from his ordeal. While the other three set out to find medical help, Elena insists Stefan drink her blood to restore him. When Elena returns to school, the replacement European History teacher is Alaric Saltzman, whose first act is to encourage all the students to talk about their recent terrifying experiences to get their feelings out.

Stefan is suspicious of this un-teacherly behavior. Alaric invites all the students to a get-together at his house in the evening. In leaving the house, however, Elena finds a slip of violet paper in her purse with a line from her stolen diary.

Meanwhile, Vickie Bennett has returned to school, but she behaves irrationally by undressing in the cafeteria and then accusing Elena of being evil. When she returns home, Stefan is there with the vervain that will protect her—a few hours too late. She does not tell Stefan about her experience with Damon because she wants to avoid a confrontation between Stefan and Damon that she is sure Stefan, with his weaker Powers, will lose.

Elena spots Damon in the audience and realizes that he has saved her and Stefan by substituting the diaries. Believing that Damon is influencing Aunt Judith, Elena becomes angry. She returns when she cannot find him, but she feels the presence of evil in the brewing storm, and she spots a large white owl chasing her.

She screams at Damon to leave her alone, but she drives off Wickery Bridge while speeding to safety. She then drowns. When Bonnie and Meredith find him, Bonnie abruptly has a psychic realization that Elena is drowning. She, Meredith, and Stefan race to save her but are too late.

Stefan sends Bonnie and Meredith to find the police and then sets out to commit suicide. First, he returns to the Quonset hut and drains all the boys to the point of unconsciousness. Stefan then uses his new Powers to turn into a falcon and find Damon. Stating that Damon made a mistake in not killing him and Elena together, Stefan attacks. The third book deals with Elena's adjustment to her vampirism, as well as her confusion at loving both brothers. Stefan finds Elena dead, and believes that the force that was chasing Elena was Damon.

They fight, and in the middle of it, Elena awakens, and attacks Stefan— as Damon had given Elena more of his blood in the exchange and as such viewed Stefan as a threat to her creator. They stop the fight, Stefan is broken-hearted assuming that her attack on him meant she loved Damon more, and Damon tries to clear everything up, being very nice and rational to Elena. Still caring for Elena whether she loved him or not, Stefan convinced Matt to feed Elena blood to help her, leaving Matt in shock because of what she had become, as well from discovering Stefan had almost killed Tyler and his buddies, leaving Caroline unharmed.

Damon left Elena in the attic of Robert E.

Lee's history teacher for her safety and she awoke days later to stumble across her own funeral reception. After reading her diary, Elena's memories returned clearly and was overjoyed and relieved when Stefan forgave her. But the Other Power was taking control of the animals in Fell's Church, driving many to dispose of their pets.

Elena convinces the brothers to work together to stop this powerful force. While having to stay out of the way of the town's new vampire hunter the new teacher, Alaric Saltzman , Stefan, Damon, Elena and her friends search for the source of the dark presence that has overtaken the town and which they also suspect to be behind Elena's death.

They find the answer in Honoria Fell's tomb, and it turns out to be Katherine, who in fact did not die centuries before as the brothers had thought. Instead, she had faked her death, having her maid bring ashes from the kitchen, lay them out on her dress, and put her lapis lazuli ring on top, while she had another forged, making it looked as if she had killed herself. Since then, Stefan has lived with the guilt of her death, while Katherine has spent that time seething with anger.

She decides to take revenge, and is jealous of Elena for "stealing" both brothers' love. Katherine reveals that she is the one who attacked Vicki and ran Elena off the bridge. They are all tortured brutally, and Elena ends this by knocking Katherine into the light of the tomb, while unsuccessfully getting herself out of the sunshine fast enough. She dies in the end, saying that she wants both brothers' words that they would take care of each other because Damon is often misunderstood, and she wants the fraternal rivalry to end, also telling Stefan that she loved him, and that she did not want this to happen, causing pain for him as Katherine had.

Vickie is now over the emotional distress and seeming insanity Inflicted upon her by Katherine von Swartzschild, but she remains nervous and passive. Shortly before the party, Bonnie has a dream In Which Elena tries to tell her something important. The dream ends with Elena and the surroundings turning into a horror setting, and Bonnie believesa That in the end she was not speaking to the real Elena.

Meredith is not happy at the surprise, and Bonnie tries to console her at least, That the party is not being held on her real birthday, May 30th Meredith responds That her real birthday is June 6 but her parents gave up celebrating that day because June 6 That was the day Meredith's grandfather went insane from a vampire attack and tried to kill both Meredith and her grandmother.

Stefan is planning to go to Europe to hunt for a victim when Bonnie realizes Klaus That is probably the vampire who attacked Meredith's grandfather. They all plan a trip to the mental institution where he is housed. Meredith's grandfather is insane but able to tell them That white ash wood is Klaus' weakness. When Stefan and the others return, they make a spear of white ash wood. They then learn That Klaus has kidnapped Caroline and will kill her that night-the night of the summer solstice - unless Stefan comes alone to the old Francher place in the woods to fight him.

Bonnie, Meredith, Matt and Stefan refuse to let it alone, but Stefan walks off and threatens to kill them if they follow. Naturally, they follow anyway, though they try not to be seen. Caroline is rescued. Bonnie Tyler knocks unconscious, but only after Tyler rakes Meredith's leg to the bone and gives Matt a concussion. Klaus Stefan stabs multiple times to kill him slowly.

Damon shows up and throws his own spear at Klaus, distracting him. Damon and Bonnie try to help Stefan, who is too badly wounded to save. Stefan asks Damon to promise to save the others, and Damon agrees when he can find no way to save Stefan's life. The promise is made moot when Klaus reappears and hits Damon with lightning, knocking him unconscious. Klaus is about to kill Bonnie, who is vainly trying to shelter Stefan with her body, when Bonnie suddenly calls upon Elena.

Elena's Ghost Appears, along with the ghosts of the Civil War soldiers. The soldiers seize Klaus and carry him away. Tyler Fleece. Elena offers to heal Stefan, who Decides he wants to live in order to go on trying it for good in the world.

Elena's ghost then kisses all the wounded to heal them. Then midnight arrives, and with it Elena's time as a guardian spirit is up. She is being drawn away to her final reward when Stefan screams her name in agony at Their separation. Elena is suddenly restored to human life and deposited naked on the ground.

The girls rush to offer her Their clothes. Elena and Stefan joyfully reunite and embrace, and the others embrace Elena as well. The only exception is Damon, who stands apart and says he is not like the others. Matt says that Damon is not that different, that he voluntarily came to Fell's Church to help them, and killed Mr.

Tanner in self-defense. That Damon also admits he did not rescue Vickie from Klaus because he had not been able to enter Vickie's house without an invitation. Although Damon has now been exculpated from every major sin attributed to him, he continues to refuse to join the others.

After giving Elena his leather jacket, he walks away into the woods. One week after Elena has come back from the dead, she is in a childlike state, unable to read and almost completely unable to speak. Her understanding is impaired but not completely absent. Because of Elena's seeming impairments, her beloved Stefan Salvatore is protecting her from her best friends: That although he feels it is wrong to drink Elena's blood when she is unable to give reasoned consent, Elena makes gestures to insist that he drink, unable to control his urges, he gives in to her.

Damon Salvatore watches outside Caroline's window as she talks to an independent image of herself. Damon believes the mirror-Caroline to be a supernatural evil force that is playing some sort of trick on Caroline. He feels a sharp puncture on his neck while he watches, which surprises him not because mosquitoes bite into vampires.

After the mirror-Caroline goes away, Damon persuades Caroline to let him into her bedroom. He is about to bite her when he realizes he is being influenced by something, it is suspected that the supernatural being is the same thing as what was controlling the figure in the mirror that had been talking to Caroline.

He snaps out of the trance type phase he was in and leaves. Afterwards, he goes around the town of Fell's Church, biting an seducing young women while he shoplifts.

He does not have sex with them because, as a vampire, he is impotent. Vampires only enjoy Bloodlust and its satisfaction.

Damon visits Stefan and Elena, beats up Stefan and drinks his blood, and demands the return of the leather jacket he gave Elena. Stefan allows Elena's friends to visit her. Suspicious of Caroline, who claims to have been raped by Klaus, Meredith and Bonnie require her to sign a blood oath That she will not hurt Elena, and they threaten to tell her sorority sisters future if she betrays Elena or Stefan.

A Crow Appears and vomits blood on the paper they all sign.

PDF L J Smith - Unseen the Vampire Diaries

The blood-vomit is in gothic script and reads: Flowers , Elena is floating in a lotus position and Exuding sheer goodness. Elena does not Recognize any of them. She kisses Caroline, who is upset by Elena's apparent lesbianism. That explains Elena Meredith is behaving like a prairie dog, prairie dogs as they kiss another when they meet one another to Recognize.

Candidates would be compelled to articulate their views on the issues young people care about. Young people would be able to support candidates that speak to their issues and share a vision for the future of the city. The program would also serve as a basis for high schools to encourage real political participation, not just theoretical.

And in the longer-term, establishing the habit of political participation in high school is likely to greatly increase voter participation when students later become eligible. Yes, the image of candidates soliciting donations on the steps of a local high school is strange. But, is it any stranger than courting developers at swanky restaurants or city contractors at private parties?Perhaps youre right, he admitted.

This is the end. She said to tell you happy birthday and shell take you out to lunch sometime next week instead. She is left under the protection of Damon but is later murdered by Klaus. Elena looked up from the laptop, glancing around her living room. Damon looked up to see Vittoria coming toward him, skirting around the fountain, where the dancing water reflected the lights of the piazza and made soft shadows across her skin. Vampires only enjoy Bloodlust and its satisfaction.

Shed been so used to thinking of hunting as what defined herthat everything else was a gloss over her secret life, part of her disguise. Jasmine had looked gorgeous that night, her short teal dress setting off her long dark curls and caramel-colored skin.

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