himself, and then he and his cello will coax Albinoni's Adagio out of the When the mortars destroyed the Sarajevo Opera Hall, the cellist felt as if he were. The cellist, who remains nameless throughout Steven Galloway's novel, The Cellist of Sarajevo, becomes the subject of much speculation and concern in the . Naxos AudioBooks established its reputation as the leading label for classics on audiobooks with a series of award-winning recordings, both abridged and.

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Book key. 1 Open answers. 2 Galloway heard the story of a Sarajevo cellist who played for people in the street during the siege. He used the idea to write his. Dear Literature Scholars: I've posted the full text of The Cellist of Sarajevo below. For ease of access, please download it to your hard drive. The best study guide to The Cellist of Sarajevo on the planet, from the Get the entire The Cellist of Sarajevo LitChart as a printable PDF.

Sarajevans risk their lives, snaking through city streets that have become shooting galleries to hear the cellist play. Regardless of his intentions, the cellist's performances draw attention to the savagery of the conflict.

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The musician at the center of such high stakes is a comparatively minor character. In the aftermath, without an orchestra, opera house, or other performance prospects, the virtuoso still practices every day for reasons he probably cannot even articulate. Playing the cello becomes the only thing that gives him hope. On days when even his normal practice routine fails to restore hope, the cellist plays one particular piece, an adagio, set aside as a last resort.

The discomfort caused by such routines becomes clear when we map the behavior to less savory pursuits: In making such analogies, I do not mean to suggest that playing music is any way unhealthy.

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Given the state of Sarajevo during the siege, I doubt the cellist could have done anything more worthwhile. And given the satisfaction of musical accomplishment, I can think of few things better for anyone on any day. However, managing stress and satisfaction, whether in the form of addiction or musical accomplishment, is often a private matter. By playing music in that terrible time, Galloway's cellist is managing the intimate struggles of his daily life.

By taking those struggles to the market, the cellist is simply doing the thing that artists do best: Kenans sense of integrity is infuriated when he witnesses a man selling water as it is Kenan is outraged and charges at the despicable being but the man drives off in his black mercedes Kenans reaction to the blatant apathy displayed by his countrymen at the suffering of their nation is a display of his moral outrage.

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Before the war he believed that everyone will help each other and his outrage verifies that this outlook still holds true. Kenan has a belief that people should help each other out which stems from his faith that they will be the ones who rebuild Sarajevo This faith was destroyed beforehand by the realization that he has broken promises to others[and] he will again before he leaves Mrs.

Ristovskis water behind.

The faith is resurrected as he listens to the cellist and watches as his city heals itself He comes to the realization that he must risk his life and continue to fetch water for Mrs.

Ristovski because there are dead among the living [and] [they] will be here long after His moral compass refuses to allow him to abandon Mrs. Ristovski for the sake of his small chance of surviving, for something has killed hershe is a ghost as well He cannot jump ship knowing to be a ghost while youre still alive is the worst thing His personal integrity is cultivated as he continues to risk his life for Mrs.

Ristovski and his family despite his fear because he knows that if he wants to be one of the people who rebuild the cityhave the right to speak about how Sarajevo should repair itself, he has to go outside [and] face the men on the hills Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts.

The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play. LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better.

The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway. Download this LitChart! Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols.

Theme Wheel. Themes and Colors. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Cellist of Sarajevo , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

War, Civilians, and Humanity. The most obvious way in which the war changes… read full theme analysis. Hatred and the Other.

The Cellist Of Sarajevo: critical essay

He argues somewhat simplistically that the primary… read full theme analysis. Art, Culture, and Civilization. Download it!

Dragan , an older man who has lived his… read full theme analysis. Reality, Image, and Memory. Even worse, they are faced with the possibility that their city will never return to the way it was before the war, which forces them… read full theme analysis.

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Retrieved April 13, Copy to Clipboard. Download this Chart PDF.Despite the immense damage done to the city in the war, Galloway argues that the primary cost of war is that it makes people hate each other.

The Adagio had been re-created from a fragment after the only extant score was firebombed in the Dresden Music Library, but the fact that it had been rebuilt by a different composer into something new and worthwhile gives the cellist hope. Kenan Four: Yet, when similarly bad times descend on the former Yugoslavia, the armed forces fighting for the city quickly understand the potential significance of the cellist's actions.

Even worse, they are faced with the possibility that their city will never return to the way it was before the war, which forces them… read full theme analysis. All victims have no choice but to sacrifice to the war some component of identity -- the only uncertainty lies in which component to relinquish.

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