blasphemous, distortion of historical records and not of the caliber of a serious student of Religion. The TERRA PAPERS, the story of Bek'Ti, nearly got me. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FREE >>> The Terra Papers (pdf) - Robert "Morning Sky" I do not claim ownership of The Terra Papers. I recommend. "Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth. IdentifierTheTerraPapersIRM Identifier-arkark://td18b. OcrABBYY FineReader.

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I entitled it Terra: A Hidden History of Planet Earth. "What I am to show with all the information included in Terra Papers I and II, the Terra Documents, . Papers: Pegasus files. The Terra Papers 1 and 2 PDF (12 megs) · The Terra Papers 1. This author has read The Terra Papers () PDF book by Robert Morning Sky, and wrote the below discourse only about the reality of the. Home · The Terra Papers Parts 1 and 2. The Terra Papers Parts 1 and 2. May 2, | Author: Michael Lee Hill | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - 12MB.

This is explained in the discourse, On The Terra Papers. It seems that Marduk may have believed he must maintain absolute continuity in the changeover, between the known past and the new culture he would design.

He would need to maintain political control over the people still living in B. During his time in power, the people would continue to have direct memory of Enki and Enlil as "living gods", and their own family descendants would hear the oral family stories about them, also.

In the 20th Century they became known generally, at least, as ancient astronauts who "visited" planet earth during the period of the early tribal civilizations. Today they are recognized finally as real living, ancient persons who looked very much like humans, and first colonized our prehistoric planet for mining purposes. Was this, also, a possible intended subterfuge of facts by Mardukian history that created confusion about the reality of an entire planet Eridu, by writing it in terms of it as a "colony" of Sumer?

It is a creation story primarily, but with follow up concerns about modern political history. Also, it stirred up a modern controversy over whether the story of Enki especially is mythological, or real. Both versions have been transliterated, some of it as mere poetry which could be another method of subterfuge of the fact of their real prehistoric existence. However, at the same time, The Creation Epic attributed to Enki erroneously, and erroneously because of one important piece of information provided by Bek-Ti the star elder: The Creation Epic as presented in transliteration by both Sitchin and Dalley separately, does not include any mention the creation by Enki, of the Adamus hybrid humans.

It is not the error of the scholars transliterating the content; it is the error of Mardukian history, and it needs follow-up verification by the scholars in their ongoing analysis of the attributions of the direct Sumerian cuneiforms. Bek-Ti's oral story potentially contains most significant information needing integration with the known scholarship and the scientific record.

Again, the oral story provides information that is either not yet officially discovered, or may not have been included inadvertantly even in the cuneiforms that may have been dictated by Enki himself or that were written by his Ea-Su teachers or spiritual arcane lineage descendants.

The Terra Papers [ IRM 08]

He emphasizes that the Adamus hybrids were considered the most successful human beings, because of unique genetics exclusive to them alone, provided by Enki's genesis science.

The first human being, Adam aka "Adama", was the first successful Adamus hybrid, developed genetically from: Enki had believed the Adapas, as he had left them, could not procreate with the Adamus , before Enlil's genetic intervention, but it was another error of the brothers. Sitchen, The Cosmic Code , Chapter 7: Secret Knowledge, Sacred Texts.

Therefore, the following discourse expounds upon the broader context of the spiritual arcane tradition. While we can understand that the word usage of "god" in one ancient civilization does not necessarily mean the same in later, more modern civilizations, the allusion to spiritual knowledge represented by the term "god" with a small "g" was a matter of respect in the use of any cultural title of stature, in much the same manner as we respect "Ph.

The arcane lineage begun by Enki in The Order of The Brotherhood of the Snakes has continued through the millennia as the essential final touch of his genesis genius. Universal doctrines stand alone in their universal truths running through all religions, but dogmas eventually fall away because they were established not based upon universal law, but from personal opinions within the context of contemporary cultural norms of the previous human eras.

Erich Von Daniken first published these photographs and told the story of his findings that science would not yet acknowledge for the world, in his book, Chariots of the Gods.

Terra papers : Hidden History of Planet Earth - Now Online!

The 4 th millennium B. However, this may have taken hundreds of thousands of years to finally achieve by the colonial Anunnaki, real star world people named Enki and Enlil—whose story is told according to Bek-Ti in The Terra Papers.

Anthropologist Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. He owns the world's largest acknowledged collection of such evidence. Sitchin's Sumerian information frees us from the stranglehold of organized religions, governments and corporations that feed on ignorance of our true origins.

Evidence they left includes stone-carved star charts that map Neptune, Uranus, Pluto—three planets beyond eye-range from Earth. Maps chart rocket routes through our solar system. The maps feature accurate geographical details of the entire Earth. Details on the maps could only have been charted from space.

One such detail on the maps is an accurate drawing of the landmass under the Antarctic icesheet. The astronauts were able to map Antarctic land after 11, B.

We have verified and continue to verify the Nibiran goldminers' genetic, metallurgical, geological, scientific, mathematic, astronomical accounts.

Our science still can't move and join giant stone slabs as did the Nibirans for their navigational landmarks. Nibirans fitted huge rocks for the launch pad in Lebanon, the Giza pyramids and monuments on our moon, Mars and on Mars' moon, Phoebos….

However, the consistencies of his story, telling the Sirian side of things that he shared, is fairly substantiated by the fact that there is consistent, relative information provided about the same personalities, places and culture before Marduk was the king of Egypt.

Some of the history recorded officially today by scholars is consistent with the history Bek-Ti brought to bear on subjects important to him apparently as an emissary, although it may take close, analytical scrutiny to unfold any potential inconsistencies of the Marduk period of cuneiforms written under his control.

Sumerian cuneiform tablets.

What might have been Marduk's motives for distorting the history? The evidence found already in the transliterations of the cuneiforms by other authors, may confirm that some of the history provided in different cuneiform stories do conflict significantly with those cuneiforms created during the reign of early Egypt by Marduk.

This paper attempts to discuss, or "discourse" on these things, and the theories, at least, that arise from analytical integration of the various otherwise separate, distinct scholarly disciplines. The problem is profound.

Nations of people have repeatedly suffered under tyrannical dictators, and a battle has continued between evil and righteousness concerning the natural welfare of others. Would Hitler have done what he did to the Jewish people in the s, had he not been erratically disillusioned, and worse, was evil, after knowing some incomplete information about the nature of the "Arian race" of the Arian Queens of Orion, described by Bek-Ti?

How Hitler arrived at an idea that the Jewish people are somehow outside the nature of all humanity under God, so that it was up to him to destroy them, is due to distortions of certain hidden or arcane truths.

The Terra Papers (pdf) – Robert “Morning Sky”

It is safe to say that Enki would not have permitted Hitler to undergo training in the Osirian knowledge, just as he excluded Marduk, from the schools of the Osirian knowledge. It has carried serious ramifications for all future generations since Marduk. Perhaps they are further disillusioned by their own sense of nihilism or a belief that after they "die" there is nothing further, so why not "get" and "take away" all that one can get away with and give no thought to further personal effects to one's individual Soul life journey?

Spirituality is one of the eternal truths about humanity. This 12MB, pp, two-part book can be downloaded here as of this writing: Please look for it later. Linda S. Santucci January 25, Updated July 5, Search this site. Navigation Home.

Classic Texts: Arcane Spiritual Traditions. Original Articles: Arcane Historical Traditions. Classic Graphics. Enki's Brotherhood. On The Terra Papers: Text Viewing Larger: Ctrl Key and - Key.

The Mystic Way.

The Tree of Life. Enki, et al. Else he said, if he violated secrets he would be punished. Robert was definitely more showman than shaman. His favourite dish was KFC-style fast chicken. His diet was shit and soft drinks. He was not fit or healthy. But, he was adamant about his star people knowledge, which included lots of specific and detailed historical information.

After he left Australia that time, he came back and began to be a speaker and a 'name' on the circuit. He was getting money, fame, and adoration from hosts of hot babes who thought he was sexy.

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Then suddenly, after a year or two of all this - his wife threatened to cut his balls off if he did not come home and behave. THAT is when he went quiet and disappeared off people's radar. I will always have fond memories of him. He is a loveable rogue who I believe was genuine about his tales, even though he might have embellished some aspects of them in order to keep the crowds going 'ooh' and 'aaah'.

As for the Terra Papers - well - you should read them, consider them, but then, like everything else, you should step back and ponder.Of course! In the second stage, after shedding its outer shell, the maturing dragonfly-bee emerged with long limbs, claws and a stinger, that was more highly developed.

And he wondered Matu wondered what happened. It is internal, we are told to be, what you are supposed to be, don't be anything else. But that was not all.

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His scroll was full of notations and scraps of information which he had managed to career over the course of the first few conversations with the Elder. Sorry to bust that bubble, No such Blue Star prophecy exists in reality. Because if we know this small nugget of info he's telling us in this grand tale then the whole thing must be true right? I am trying to wake us up, trying to give us a chance.

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