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Russian and Polish, where -ov is the main relational suffix added to non-animate bases. In Bulgarian, however, this is a fairly recent development. Hence its instability which is reflected in the language use. Furthermore, speakers are not sure which form is more appropriate as is evident from discussions in language journals , and the preferences differ with different noun bases.

In Macedonian -ov -ev is not commonly added to inanimate nouns to derive relational adjectives. The suffixes - n and -sk are most frequently used to derive both relational and qualifying adjectives from inanimate nouns. However, very often the analytical expression is the preferred or only possible choice.

While in Bulgarian -ov -ev is becoming the most productive relational suffix, Macedonian prefers analytical expression, which is a common feature of the more central Balkan languages. Functional Distribution with Animate Base The suffixes -ov ev and -in when added to animate nouns express some kind of possessive relationship between the base possessor and the head noun possessed.

The term possessive adjective PA is most appropriate for this type of derivation. Both in Macedonian and in Bulgarian there are other ways of expressing possession within a noun phrase, however, my discussion will focus on the place of the PA in the language system.

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First of all, I will explain my use of the term possessive relations. Possession is conceptually based on the reference point model. For illustration compare the following example In modern Macedonian and Bulgarian the suffix -sk is used to express relationship with the named class as a whole.

Thus with names of places and nationalities, -sk- is the only available suffix for both definite and generic reference, so the functions are differenciated in the context.

In the following examples the same adjective is used for both possessive referring to a specific place , example 1, and qualifying referring to the general notion functions, example 2.


But with some general nouns denoting people inconsistency in usage is occasionaly found. Izbor M The laughter was witch-like , it was really like that, perhaps because of the dark gap in her upper gum. Kako momini kosi. The adjective is often ambiguous or vague. With nouns denoting animals the suffixes -ov and -in can derive both a specific and generic adjectival phrase, depending on the context.

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The derivative can refer to a particular animal, expressing some type of possession, or to any animal of that kind, expressing a general belonging to or quality of the species. The PA in -ov and -in, when used for identifying reference, can express a large variety of possessive relationships.

The following are the central ones: 1. Kinship IZ M BR B An action carried out BR: 12 B The analytic na construction is regarded as the more common way of expressing prototypical possession. The following examples illustrate how the PA is employed for such purposes: 1. The PA is used as an alternative structure to invoke a certain atmosphere in literature dealing with life in the country, especially when the events are located in the past examples 9 and Also when talking about some historical events, an author may intentionally use the PA more often to make the text sound authentic e.

The situation in Bulgarian is similar, judging from the written sources I consulted. For the same purposes of authenticity we encounter PA in religious texts as well.

In theoretical texts on works of literature, art, music etc. In this way the writer expresses closeness familiarity with the person. NM, However, the PA is commonly used in the following situations, which represent certain types of modified, rather than prototypical possessive functions. Although the na construction is also possible in the contexts described in 1.

One very common usage of the PA, which is rather productive in both languages discussed, is to name people and various other things. It seems that this function is tied to the basic possessive relationships, but the nominal with the PA acquires a specific meaning, becoming a kind of set phrase.

The following are some of the more common naming principles. Naming people after parents or other relatives is certainly connected to the relationship of kinship.

Usually family names are formed in this way. This seems to be more common in Bulgarian than in Macedonian, where -sk has prevailed.

In colloquial style, a family group can be referred to with the name of one member, who is regarded by the speaker with particular importance, e.

In Bulgarian the family home can also be named after a member e. Naming places is probably done by analogy with ownership, though often the person does not own or has never owned the place. Special days holidays and manifestations are named after the people to whom the day is commemorated, e.

Ilinden M and B St.Contact mature step next month. BR: 12 B The PA is used as an alternative structure to invoke a certain atmosphere in literature dealing with life in the country, especially when the events are located in the past examples 9 and This is forbidden by our terms of service.

But with some general nouns denoting people inconsistency in usage is occasionaly found. Confirm you are human.

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