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Read "Saving Forever (The Ever Trilogy: Book 3)" by Jasinda Wilder available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Ever and. Learn more about Saving Forever in the Media On Demand digital collection. and audiobooks! ×. Title details for Saving Forever by Jasinda Wilder - Wait list. USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan Jasinda Wilder Author . cover image of Saving Forever.

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Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. White, Fluid Mechanics Solution Manual 6th edition. Then I hear sirens, somewhere far away. I collapse onto Ollie, and feel something wet and warm and sticky against my cheek. I taste it in my mouth. Small hands on my shoulder, pulling me away. Calm and professional.

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I need you to come with me, okay? Insistent hands, now. Two pairs. Pulling me away forcefully.

Jasinda Wilder

Something drips from my chin. We need to look at your arm.

I twist, and look at her. Dressed in dark blue paramedic gear, hair in a fishtail braid over her left shoulder.

She gently takes hold of my left arm near my elbow and near my wrist. I look down and see that my arm is broken. Very badly, and in more than one place.

White bone protrudes from the skin near the middle of my forearm. Her touch reminds me that I am in excruciating agony.

I scream. I scream more for Oliver than because of my own physical pain. I glance up and see two paramedics placing Oliver in a body bag, closing the zipper, and then lifting him onto the gurney. I use my one good hand to shove her away. I bang my injured arm on the stretcher, but the pain is nothing compared to the ocean of grief, the sea of shock boiling just beneath the surface of my psyche, waiting to yank me under like a riptide.

I know this feeling all too well. Part of his face is missing. He was so beautiful, but now…death has made him ugly. I kiss his forehead, the only part that is strangely untouched.

I love you. I breathe deeply, because now my own training kicks in, and I force myself to my feet, force myself to remain upright.

So much skill, so much bravery. All of it gone.

Snatched in an instant. His life over in milliseconds.

Jasinda Wilder

I bend over once more, kissing his forehead. Then I watch as they close the body bag once more. Orange cones, strobing lights, sirens, flares.

Police officers direct traffic, a fire truck and an EMS rig park at angles around the accident scene to block it off from rubber-neckers and gawkers.


A few feet away is what remains of our car, overturned, smoking, totalled. Further down the freeway is the tipped-over semi that slammed into us. I see other cars, more ambulances and police cruisers, more flares and cones, another team of medics is tending to someone else. The scene is a mess, a fucking mess. The blonde EMS woman is examining my arm. He is—he was a surgeon with Doctors Without Borders.

Does anything else hurt besides your arm? Keeping me talking while she works on my arm. Immobilizing it until we get to the hospital. Just my arm. Her voice is distant. Somebody cut us off, clipped our front end, and I overcorrected. I was driving.

We were arguing. Something stupid. So stupid. The semi smashed into us, and we just went—flying. Hit another car.

That one up there. We rolled. When we stopped, we were both conscious.

I tried to get him out. His femoral artery was nicked, and he had severe cranial trauma, and—and internal bleeding too, I think.

I tried. Coated in crimson. There is a layer of thick dark red under my fingernails. Crusted blood has dried red around my cuticles.I felt like she was insincere and manipulative throughout the entire book. Choose Me. Pulling me away forcefully.

Saving Forever

Badd Ass. OK, close. I need the third book. Cherrie Lynn.

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