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ePub. Statistics. Presentación en el puerperio de la enfermedad celíaca del adulto. Presentation of c Anatomía Patológica. Hospital de Mendaro. Guipúzcoa. Variation Pdf Download FreeISBN: Size: KB File formats: ePub, PDF, Puerperio Fisiologico Patologico Pdf Programs Send the link below via. del embarazo, parto y puerperio, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria 4 Servicio de Anatomía Patológica, Hospital General Universitario.

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Invited audience members will follow you as you navigate and present People invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account This link expires 10 minutes after you close the presentation A maximum of 30 users can follow your presentation Learn more about this feature in our knowledge base article. To determine its exact anatomical distribution, we examined CD47 expression in epithelial cells of the lower FRT.

This differential expression was observed with and without fungal infection Figures 6 B,C; Figure S3A in Supplementary Material , indicating an E2-dependent and candida independent effect.

In conclusion, E2 downregulates CD47 expression along the ectocervix and fornix epithelial cells in E2-treated mouse, which coincides with E2-dependent subepithelial accumulation of neutrophils.

Hence, lower levels of epithelial CD47 expression might contribute to the negative regulation of neutrophil migration into the vaginal lumen induced by E2, and their retention in the ectocervix and fornix epithelium. CD47 expression in the female reproductive tract FRT. C CD47 expression in the basolateral epithelium.

Data are expressed as box and whiskers 10—90 percentile. Isotype control mAb gray filled lines and indicated mAb lines. Lu, lumen; Ep, epithelium; St, stroma; A. Estradiol Downregulates Epithelial Cell CD44 Expression Finally, after migrating across epithelial cells, neutrophils emerge in the apical epithelium, where they need to detach from the epithelial cells before they reach the lumen 9 , CD44v6 and CD55 are membrane glycoproteins expressed on the apical surface of gut epithelial cells that play an anti-adhesive role and promote neutrophil release to the lumen We detected that E2-treated mice displayed retention of neutrophils after vaginal lavage, which remained attached to the supra-epithelium, facing the vaginal lumen Figure 2 B.

Therefore, we explored CD44 expression in VK2 vaginal epithelial cells. Importantly, sLea on CD44v6, recognized by the mAb GM35, has previously been shown to be required for neutrophil entry into the intestinal lumen Notably, E2 treatment strongly reduced the levels of soluble CD44 present in the vaginal lavage and in the surface of epithelial cells from the mouse lower FRT.

Hence, our data are in agreement with a role of CD44 in neutrophil TEM previously reported in the gut, in which shedding of the extracellular domain of CD44v6 is associated with the release of neutrophils from the apical epithelial surface 9 , In summary, E2 downregulates CD44 expression and shedding in the apical fornix and ectocervix epithelial cells, which together with the role of this receptor in TEM suggests that estradiol impairs neutrophil detachment, thus reducing their entry into the vaginal lumen during ovulation.

CD44 expression in the vaginal cells. A representative picture of three independent tests is shown. A representative experiment of 3 independent tests is shown. C Representative flow cytometry plots of the CD44 expression in the lower female reproductive tract epithelial cells from hormone-treated mice.

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CD44 expression in the female reproductive tract FRT. B CD44 expression in the apical epithelium. E2, estradiol; Vh, vehicle; P4, progesterone. Abbreviations: Lu, lumen; Ep, epithelium; St, stroma; A. We observed a similar constitutive expression of CD47 in both gut and bladder epithelial cells. However, although constitutive epithelial expression of CD44 was observed in the bladder, CD44v6 expression in the gut was only observed following an inflammatory stimulus 34 , A Bladder and gut CDstained.

B Bladder and gut CDstained. Green arrow shows the cross section direction. E2, estradiol; P4, progesterone. Abbreviation: A. Role of Neutrophils Attached to the Apical Fornix and Ectocervix Epithelium We found that E2 reduces the expression on the epithelial cells of key receptors involved in TEM and retains neutrophils attached at the fornix and ectocervix epithelium. To evaluate the neutrophil potential killing activity, we challenged them in the in vivo C. However, E2-treated mice were inefficient clearing the fungal infection when they were attached to the epithelium Figure 10 B.

Therefore, P4-treatment induces neutrophil dependent protection, and E2-treatment reduces neutrophil killing potential during ovulation, probably because of E2 dependent vaginal epithelial cells secretions 36 and induces susceptibility to vaginal infection, which is ESR1 dependent.

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Thus, we suggest that neutrophil retention could avoid sperm damage during ovulation to favor reproduction, although it induces susceptibility to C. Hormone regulation of neutrophil killing activity.

Bilaterally ovariectomized mice received hormone-treatment subcutaneously and rat anti-mouse LY6G 1A8 or isotype control antibody intravenously 24 h prior to Candida albicans inoculation to deplete the neutrophils. A Progesterone and B estradiol treated mice 6 h after the infection.

Abbreviations: CFU, colony forming unit. Discussion We present an ESR1-dependent mechanism that significantly decreases neutrophil protection in the vaginal lumen during ovulation or E2-based therapies. E2 treatment alters CD44 and CD47 expression in the FRT epithelium, which accumulate neutrophils in the sub- and supra-epithelial spaces of the ectocervix and vaginal fornix rather than at the vaginal lumen. In contrast, P4-treatment promotes neutrophil migration to the vaginal lumen and neutrophil killing Figure Unique to vaginal mucosa, neutrophil TEM is independent of the infection but dependent on sex hormones to prevent sperm from neutrophil attack, although it may compromise immunity during ovulation.

These data help to explain why E2-based hormonal replacement therapies predispose women to vaginal infections and provide a new mechanism to explain the long-standing observation that vaginal neutrophil levels vary during the ovarian cycle Summarizing schematic figure.

Progesterone treatment promotes neutrophil migration to the vaginal lumen. In contrast, estradiol treatment downregulates CD44 and CD47 expression in the cervix and fornix epithelial cells, by an ESR1-dependent mechanism, which accumulates neutrophils in the sub- and supra-epithelial spaces of the ectocervix and vaginal fornix rather than at the vaginal lumen.

During the luteal phase, neutrophils continuously enter the vaginal lumen through the ectocervix However, during the ovulatory phase high E2 levels , neutrophils disappear from the vaginal lumen 16 , probably because E2-treatment alters CXCL1 gradients 23 and CD47 expression in the lower FRT epithelial cells, which might retard neutrophil migration.

In addition, E2-treatment downregulates apical expression of CD44v6, thereby impairing neutrophil detachment. Besides, neutrophils have abolished their killing potential, probably because of E2-dependent vaginal epithelial cells secretions like heparan sulfate, which could affect the neutrophils interaction with candida Here, we present evidences of a mechanism by which E2 treatment acting on the epithelium, but not on the neutrophils, accumulates them at the ectocervix and fornix, where they provide barrier protection, and could contribute to tissue repair Neutrophils accumulated in these areas would be prepared to quickly invade the vaginal lumen during the early luteal phase 17 , when P4 restores neutrophil infiltration 23 by favoring neutrophil detachment and release to the vaginal lumen.

Moreover, P4 reestablishes TEM of the sub-epithelial neutrophils to promote a second wave of immune cells that control the vaginal microbiota and trap sperm or sperm-associated microbes after ovulation We propose that this could be an ESR1-driven, multilayer safety mechanism to prevent unspecific neutrophil damage. Epithelial cells represent the first barrier of defense against pathogens and produce signals in response to aggressions that attract the innate immune cells from the blood.

Several tissues such as the gut, bladder, and lungs, constitutively present CD47 expression 8 , 30 , In contrast, tissue-specific epithelial expression of CD44v6 has been reported However, unique to the lower FRT mucosa, epithelial CD44 and CD47 expression was independent on the candida infection, because neutrophil infiltration and functions must be timed to the ovarian cycle. Our data support the notion that E2 acts on several steps of neutrophil TEM independently of infection with C.

The absence of neutrophils in the vaginal lumen during ovulation was first reported in 16 , but its mechanisms have remained unknown. We present a unique model by which sex hormones regulate neutrophil influx to the vaginal lumen, which is in a coordinated fashion that allows for both containment of infections and reproductive functions. Our data reveal that ESR1 is necessary for the E2-dependent downregulation of neutrophil TEM and impairs neutrophil killing functions during ovulation to protect sperm.

Clinically, these data imply that E2-based treatments could compromise vaginal immunity and favor opportunistic microbiota or STDs causing pathogen infections.

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Ethics Statement Procedures involving human and animals samples complied with national and international laws and policies. All the authors approved the submitted version.

Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Acknowledgments The authors thank the units of flow cytometry, cell culture and statistical analysis.

We are grateful to J. Villarejo, M. Fernandez-Garcia, and F.

Sanchez-Cobos, for expert help and support. Figure S1. Representative flow cytometry plots of PMN purification analysis by flow citometry. Figure S2. Figure S3.

Hormone treated ovariectomized mice were mock Candida albicans inoculated in the vagina.Associated Diseases Table 1 and Figure 2 underline neoplasm, infection and heart failure as associated diseases. Neutrophils in the vaginal lavage. However, these changes also create vulnerability to infection during ovulation Next, neutrophils cross the epithelial barrier in sequential steps: epithelial basement membrane crossing, initial adhesion to the epithelium, migration between epithelial cells, and detachment from the apical epithelial surface into the luminal space where they can combat invading microbes 9.

Although E2-treatment resulted in accumulation of most neutrophils along the supra-epithelium, we detected accumulations in the subepithelium of the fornix and ectocervix. Antonelli, and Rebecca R. Isotype control mAb line and indicated mAb gray filled lines. Associated diseases. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new xeshidratacion existing list; or delete some items.

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