bestthing.info Page 3. Contents. Chapter 1 Improving Operations Performance with World Class Manufacturing. Mahadevan, B. Operations Management: Theory and Practice. Article Information, PDF download for Mahadevan, B. Operations. 1 Operations management - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Operations Management - Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File Operations Management: Theory and Practice. by B. Mahadevan. Operations management / Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnston. .. and a personalised study plan, audio and video downloads, and an eBook – all at. PAPER PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. Unit – 1. Introduction to Production and Operation functions – Understanding the relationship.

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1 Operations management

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So, exactly what else you will opt for? Take the inspiration right here! Mahadevan yet also the appropriate book collections. Weaknesses: The Weakness of GSK in term of Input-process-output model are Costly ingredients: GSK uses very costly ingredients, because they download it from renowned supplier and they do not produce or collect it directly from the farmers.

Here 4Vs refers to 4 Figure: 4Vs analysis model Source: pearsoned, Volume: it identifies the volume or number of products in unit a company produces. GSK is a global company so it produces very high volume products which ensure scale of economy. Variety: This describes how many types of products it produces.

GSK does not have lots of variety. Only few brands and taste products.

But it now focuses on variety. Variation in demand: This refers the demand change of customer that needs to produce more variation of product which will affect company performance. The variation in demand is low. It produces standard products so chance of variations in demand is very low. Visibility: It describes the product is very visible as in almost all related stores contains its products and place it in visible position of self. Strengths: High volume and high visibility are the strength of GSK.

Weaknesses: less variety and variation of products are the weakness. It shows how the business activities are done in several stages and who is responsible for what task and the business standards.

The purpose of BMP is to help in getting more efficient and it also clearly transforms information to outsiders about the company Curran, Keller and Ladd, This is a very well structured company with simple business mapping process. It clearly presents the entire process of the business. Strengths: GSK has a simple business process model which is easy to understand and maintain. Efficiency can be easily achieved in this business by the operations 5 manager because it will be easier for all the employees to understand their duties and work properly.

The main task of quality management is to monitor and sort out the deviated products of a production. In a production, all the product may not accurately produced due to some variable and uncertain reasons Gitlow and Gitlow, The quality management set a standard and check the produced product and if it finds any deviation from the standard that may deteriorate the fame of the company.

External quality Managemeent: When products or data are sent out and they check it outside the organization it s called external quality control. External quality control is operated by customer, regulatory agencies and different parties of the distribution channel. Proficiency Testing: It is a unusual type of quality management only done by some specific industries. In this quality management the company tests a series of tests to perform and they check the overall performance of the sensitive equipment.

It follows complex protocols and verification process. It was developed by William Deming, and first it is started using in Japan. TQM is a continuous process of reducing or eliminating faults in manufacturing process, storage, transportation or any streaming 6 of supply chain management Investopedia, It tries to involve all the parties and make accountable for overall quality from the origin to consumption of final product or service.

As the products of GSK are foods and drugs so it cannot compromise about quality. It strongly maintains maximum quality of product and takes all the responsibility of product. So they carefully chose supplier continuously monitor all the process from origin of supplies to final retailers and it do not compromise any fault. These are Improving Quality Management Defining quality Measuring Defining quality: Here the experts define and determines the quality of the product, process, machinery and employee qualification.

Then it sets the standard for input, processing and output. In a short it exactly defines expected level of performance and quality of the entire production process and activates. Measuring quality: After defining the quality it must has to measure quality and check.

If any deviation happens then it has to check to total process again and find out the loop hole to maintain quality.

It continues to check new process and development in the technology to improve the quality. If it comes to know about new or more efficient and upgraded process it operates a cost benefit analysis and if it is positive then they introduce it.

Adaptability to Change: TQM helps an organization to predict environmental changes and change in customer mind that helps it to adapt the latest process and technology. Improve productivity: TQM uses latest technology and procedure, moreover it involve all the parties of supply chain to work compactly which improves productivity. Enhance market image and presence: TQM transmits good image of a brand and company.

It also creates position and presence in customer mind. Improved cost management: TQM reduces cost because it integrates all the parties and make them work together as well as it improve efficiency so ultimately reduce cost.

Customer satisfaction: TQM ensures defect free goods with high quality which makes customer psychologically satisfied. Higher Profitability: TQM reduces cost from one side on the other hand it increases customer satisfaction and these two factors increases profitability.

Change in organization culture: TQM need to change the previous culture of the organization which creates stress and difficulty among senior employees.

Change allocation of time and resources: It requires changing planning, timing and resources allocation to establish TQM in an organization. Discourage Creativity: TQM is more static and standardize operation that discourages creativity of different managers and employees. If a company follows TQM then it has to maintain these principles. The principles are Customer-Focused Organization: TQM depends on customers therefore they must be customer-focused in every decision making.

All the decision should be taken on present and future needs, desires and demands of customers.

Leadership: unity is must for an organization for that leadership in needed to direct the organization to the proper way. Leader will create and maintain internal environment and proactive participation of all other members of the quality management team.

Involvement of People: Peoples are everywhere in an organization and all of them should involve. Involvement enables their abilities to utilize for the purpose of the benefits of the organization. Process approach: Better result may be expected in it use resources and activities as a process. That results efficiency in organization. That helps identify, understand and manage interrelated processes and objectives to improve effectively.

Continual Improvement: Any organization follows TQM should fix its one objective as continual improvement. Otherwise it will fail to be a TQM organization. Factual Approach to decision making: Good decision only could be taken if properly data are analyzed.GSK does not have lots of variety.

In spite of changes, management theory and practice did not progress well.

The business strategies of GSK are very effective and responsible. Both tools have enabled GPRO to succeed in meeting its overall management targets.

Operations Management

Launch more variety of product: GSK should launch some more variety of product in existing product line. Self Assessment Questions 1. We will also introduce concepts like estimating capacity, identifying bottlenecks, and de-bottlenecking.

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