remains finding ways to transform India into a developed nation. My Journey recounts certain unique experiences of my life from my childhood until now, when . Download My Journey_ Transforming Dreams Into Actions - Kalam a p j Abdul. Download PDF My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions, PDF Download My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions, Download My.

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PDF! My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions, Ebook& My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions, Epub* My Journey: Transforming. My Journey_ Transforming Dreams Into Actions - Kalam a p j Abdul - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. my journey. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Born on 15 October , at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions site Edition.

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Transforming Dreams Into Actions 2. Book Details Author: Abdul Kalam Pages: Rupa Publications Private Limited Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Description Please continue to the next page!

Transforming Dreams Into Actions, click button download in the last page 5. Download or read My Journey: You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Kalam has shown the readers the true spirit of India, the wisdom of simple Indians who inspire and motivate a young boy to dream big and achieve his dreams. His writing is uncomplicated and tender, sprinkled with his essence of simplicity which unfailingly touches your heart.

He shares his life experiences, his values, his life lessons through the twelve thought-provoking stories spanning his childhood, teenage and adulthood. The underlying tone in all these chapters is of how as children, we pick up lessons not just from school but from the simple people who surround us.

We are shown that despite the communal riots that tore apart the harmony of civilians in other parts of the country, the three religious heads of Rameshwaram managed to upkeep the peace of the town. The head priest of the temple, the head of the mosque Dr. We can see from the anecdote how deep an impact the three men had on Dr. Kalam which resonates highly in his personality. Kalam expresses his gratitude for the man who most probably played the pivotal role in nurturing him.

Kalam as well. They make us think about life, success, failure, and the people behind the scenes who make us who we are. The book is merely not a collection of his experiences but a befitting tribute to all those people who have molded him. A must-read for everyone who adores the Missile Man, or is looking for a lift in his life.

We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well, and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews. Shoot us a mail at contact vaultofbooks. Sep 16, Rajani rated it it was amazing. About the Book: He tells about his father, a deeply spiritual man whose mere presence calmed the people who came to share their worries with him.

Kalam Sir shared a strong, emotional bond with his mother; a gentle, pious woman with love, care and security. One can still feel that the unique taste of food is still alive with him. The chapter where he shares the story of chapattis, he kept eating being unaware that his mother had given him her share of food too, touches the heart deeply. He tells about the Jalalluddin, his first mentor and his one of the very first ideal who shaped the thought and mind of those around him and of Sir Kalam.

It was Jalalluddin who persuaded him to do his high school outside his village and later was a key reason for him to join MIT in Chennai. In his own words Kalam Sir learnt honesty, self-discipline, faith and kindness from his parents and from his closest friend Jalalluddin — he learnt to recognize the fact that every human carries something special within himself.

He shares with us many incidents when failure and dejection almost overtook him but he prevailed over those obstacles by drawing strength from book and spirituality. Through this book Dr. Kalam convey the pious massage of harmony and unity to everyone of this country or beyond.

We see a glimpse of true, soulful India, once existed. The simplicity of the common men with high morals, uniqueness of the different religions happily living together, the very spirituality of this country.

This book has capability to give you hope in dejection and inspires to a highest degree and in the long way.

This book helps us to understand how an extraordinary man like him is created and that is - overcoming extraordinarily events with extraordinarily courage.

This book helps us to know a legend who has seen a large life not in term of his achievement but in term of his struggle, preservance and determination. A person who is a unique combination of intelligence and enlightment.

My Journey is the book as rich and pious as the story teller himself and big lessons can be learnt from this. For few, like me, this book could be Geeta or Bible to read to earn the inner power and strength in hard times. May 22, Paramjeet rated it really liked it.

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Some lessons from this great man's life have been provided. These lessons upto the some extent provide a window to his great thought process.

The thought process is inspirational, what motivated him to achieve such a great heights has been also provided. When this book came into my hands I knew almost immediately that I held a treasure of knowledge. Now, now. Do not presume that this book is about general knowledge that many amongst us were forced to read as kids. The book is instead a plethora of emotions and thoughts tied together like in a bouquet.

The narrative hits you where it should — the heart. And, any presumptions that may have been lurking in the crevices of stereotype thoughts are When this book came into my hands I knew almost immediately that I held a treasure of knowledge. And, any presumptions that may have been lurking in the crevices of stereotype thoughts are put to rest once one begins reading the book. What stands out about this book is that A. Abdul Kalam does not permit either his fantastic career as a former scientist or an ex-President to derail him from his track of introspection, realization and sharing.

What stand out are his beautiful memories that take the readers on a whirlwind tour through time.

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What stands out is his unassuming narrative which makes no attempt whatsoever at disguising poverty, impoverishment, failure, hurt, dejection — all which went a long way in shaping the persona of the man we see before us today. The book, My Journey — Transforming Dreams into Actions neither gives you the heady feeling that an autobiography does replete with accomplishments and the like nor does it pale into insignificance with its description of life in general. It is divided into 12 chapters , small ones that aid you in remembering the significant moments in your life be it a stroll with your father, your first job, the acknowledgement of the love of parents and siblings in your life, your inspiration, your acceptance of failure and the need to carry on in life whatever the loss.

The anecdotes in this beautiful book never fail to astonish me in their simplicity and striking messages as well as in the stark philosophical and practical reality that they reflect. To simply describe the author whom we all already know very well, I quote him from his book: It gives to all, gives freely of its love. When its work is done, it falls away quietly. Try to be like the flower, unassuming despite all its qualities.

The book is simply beautiful in its simplicity and is truly inspiring. Jun 15, Amit Gupta rated it liked it.

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Dr Kalam looks back on key moments in his past—some small and some momentous—and tells the reader how each of them inspired him profoundly. With warmth and affection, he talks about the people wh My Journey - Transforming Dreams into Actions by APJ Abdul Kalam portrays a life of extraordinary determination, courage, perseverance and the desire to excel.

He describes those who have been the closest to him—his father with his deep love of God, his mother and her great kindness, his mentors who helped shape his thoughts and outlook. Multiple incidents stood out - like the one where he found his mother to be starved when he himself ate a little too much or how he managed to help his uncle in the newspaper business.

All these small incidents portrays a slice of life and ultimately, contributed in his personality. My most favourite moment is when his professor told him to rework on a project over the weekend and he pushed himself to get the work done.

It shows the man's determination to his craft. Also, he was desperate to pursue a career in flying but could not because of various constraints. What is more impressive is that he doesn't inundated his readers with complicated jargon or language, rather he keeps things simple and maintains a humble approach. Not too long at around pages, it can be easily read within couple of hours and will leave you with a motivated feeling. Go for it!

Feb 23, Krishna Sruthi Srivalsan rated it it was amazing. This is easily one of the most inspiring books I've read in a long time. A very quick read, it gives us deep insights into President Kalam's early childhood, and his journey from Rameswaram to Rashtrapati Bhavan. I loved reading the small anecdotes from his childhood- delivering newspapers at dawn, how he describes his father's morning walks, Arabic lessons before school, and how Rameswaram defeated communal tensions.

He writes with tenderness about his parents, and his mentor. Sample these line This is easily one of the most inspiring books I've read in a long time. Sample these lines, which continue to echo in the recesses of my mind: I smiled when I read about how the former President would frequent second hand bookshops.

He writes,"the joys of browsing in a crammed bookshop and stumbling upon a rare treasure like this is indescribable": At the beginning of the book, President Kalam writes about the fierce cyclones that used to wreak havoc on the coast of Rameswaram. This was during the Second World War era, and he describes the agony the family went through when one such cyclone destroyed their boat, which was key to his father's livelihood.

And yet, despite all this, his father remains the picture of equanimity, never once complaining about the cruelty of life. President Kalam is a man of Science, and also a man of Faith. He destroys the notion that the two cannot co-exist, and I loved the fact that he quoted lines from both the Gita and the Koran.

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This book proves why he'll truly remain the People's President, one of the best our country has ever seen. Please do yourself a favor, and go read this one! May 05, Btayal rated it really liked it. In plain and simple language, Dr Kalam has touched upon some important events, people and persons he came across in his life which had profound impact on his career and character building.

As you read the book, his voice resonates in your mind as if he is telling you the story himself in his unique Tamil mother tongued influenced English he used to speak. Being a full time teacher, yet again he has taught us some important lessons of life which should be practiced and can be helpful to everyone. A good read for sure.

Can be finished in a day. Nov 29, Abhinav Kaushik rated it really liked it. This is my maiden attempt at writing a review, I hope the text below does justice to the thoughtful journey I embarked upon while reading, yet another jewel, from the Missile Man of India. To someone who has read The Wings Of Fire, this book will bring an opportunity to recollect all the inspiring and motivating incidents which Dr.

J Abdul Kalam had described in detail in his former best seller. Only drawback is that it may leave the reader read: Now coming This is my maiden attempt at writing a review, I hope the text below does justice to the thoughtful journey I embarked upon while reading, yet another jewel, from the Missile Man of India.

Now coming on to the other section, comprising of those who haven't read 'The Wings Of Fire' yet. To them this would bring only the highlights of Dr. Kalam's life from his early childhood in a small village to his current mission of igniting young minds.

Book is slim and paper quality of paper back edition is good, infact it is a conspicuous attempt from Rupa Publication to enhance the width of otherwise very thin book.

Every page holds potential of providing food for thoughts in various aspects. It is a compelling text which force you to introspect as you read through the pages. It is a succinct account of tenets and visions of a great visionary which inspires you expand the horizon of your intellect. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The book is written simply, with short, crisp and precise sentences. The language is unpretentious and to the point.

This is the beauty of the book. You see the each point and the reason for it. The book, full of anecdotes and experiences is rich and motivating. Since each chapter has a theme, it feels like separate stories.Though some of the events,incidents have already been mentioned in his other books, it never fails to impress.

Many times she thinks of the ambitions of her husband. I was in charge of coming up with the aerodynamic design. He talks about his favourite books and mentions that the religious texts from all religions have influenced him greatly. He broke open the glass window of the payload room with his bare hands.

My father was the imam of the Rameswaram mosque. Show related SlideShares at end.


As your teacher. It was my first brush with taking up a responsibility and seeing to it that I kept my word to my cousin Samsuddin. I crossed age hundred like your father and mother.

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