Matheson Gas Data Book 7th Edition. Carl L. Yaws is professor of chemical engineering at Lamar University (Beaumont, Texas). He has published more than technical papers in process engineering, thermodynamic property data, distillation, and pollution prevention. Description. From Acetylene to Xenon, Matheson's Gas Data Book describes more than common and uncommon compressed gases. This important. Matheson gas data book by Carl L. Yaws, , Matheson Tri-Gas, McGraw-Hill edition, in English - 7th ed.

Matheson Gas Data Book

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The Proposed book is a new edition of the Matheson Gas Data book which is widely used in industrial facilities and research laboratories. The most recent. Matheson gas data book. Front Cover. William Braker, Allen L. Mossman, Matheson Company, inc. Matheson, - Gases, Compressed - pages. Matheson Gas data book by William Braker. Matheson Gas data book. by William Braker; Allen L Mossman. Print book. 6. ed. Secaucus, NJ Matheson Gas.

Refine Your Search Year. Select All Clear All Save to: Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. Matheson gas data book. Matheson Gas data book. Home About Help Search. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Remember me on this computer.

Chapter Iodine Pentafluoride. Chapter Isobutane. Chapter Isobutylene. Chapter Isobutyl Mercaptan. Chapter Isopropyl Mercaptan. Chapter Krypton. Chapter Mapp Gas.

Chapter Methane. Chapter Methlacetylene. Chapter Methyl Bromide. Chapter 3-MethylButene. Chapter Methyl Chloride. Chapter Methyl Ethyl Ether. Chapter Methyl Ethyl Sulfide. Chapter Methyl Fluoride. Chapter Methyl Mercaptan. Chapter Methyl Vinyl Ether. Chapter Monomethylamine. Chapter Neon. Chapter Nickel Carbonyl. Chapter Nitric Oxide.

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Chapter Nitrogen. Chapter Nitrogen Dioxide. Chapter Nitrogen Trifluoride. Chapter Nitrogen Trioxide. Chapter Nitrosyl Chloride. Chapter Nitrous Oxide. Chapter Octane.

Matheson Gas Data

Chapter Octafluorocyclobutane. Chapter Octafluorocyclopentene. Chapter Oxygen.

Chapter Oxygen Difluoride. Chapter Ozone. Chapter Pentafluoroethane. Chapter Pentane. Chapter Perchloryl Fluoride. Chapter Perfluorobutane. Chapter PerfluoroButene. Chapter Perfluoropropane. Chapter Phosgene. Chapter Phosphine. Chapter Phosphorous Pentafluoride.

Chapter Phosphorous Trifluoride. Chapter Propane. Chapter Propylene. Chapter Propylene Oxide. Chapter Propyl Mercaptan. Chapter Silane. Chapter Silicon Tetrachloride. Chapter Silicon Tetrafluoride.

Matheson Gas Data Book

Chapter Sulfur Dioxide. Chapter Sulfur Hexafluoride. Chapter Sulfur Tetrafluoride. Chapter Sulfuryl Fluoride. Chapter Tetrachloroethlyene.

Chapter Tetrafluoroethylene. Germanium Tetrafluoride. Hydrogen Bromide. Hydrogen Chloride. Hydrogen Cyanide.

Hydrogen Fluoride. Hydrogen Iodine.

Hydrogen Selenide. Hydrogen Sulfide. Iodine Pentafluoride. Isobutyl Mercaptan. Isopropyl Mercaptan. Mapp Gas. Methyl Bromide. Methyl Chloride. Methyl Ethyl Ether. Methyl Ethyl Sulfide. Methyl Fluoride. Methyl Mercaptan.

Methyl Vinyl Ether.

McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering: Matheson Gas Data Book by Carl Yaws (2001, Hardcover)

Nickel Carbonyl. Nitric Oxide. Nitrogen Dioxide. Nitrogen Trifluoride. Nitrogen Trioxide. Nitrosyl Chloride. Nitrous Oxide. Oxygen Difluoride. Perchloryl Fluoride. Phosphorous Pentafluoride. Phosphorous Trifluoride. Propylene Oxide.

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Propyl Mercaptan. Silicon Tetrachloride. Silicon Tetrafluoride. Sulfur Dioxide. Sulfur Hexafluoride. Sulfur Tetrafluoride. Sulfuryl Fluoride. Trimethyl Silane. Tungsten Hexafluoride.

Vinyl Acetylene. Vinyl Bromide. Vinyl Chloride. Vinyl Fluoride. Critical Properties and Acentric Factor.Chapter 3: Allene.

Chapter Bromine Trifluoride. Chapter Cyclopentane. Chapter Carbon Tetrachloride. Chapter Carbon Disulfide. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.

Chapter Thiophene. Want to Read. Grossel - Yes.

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