get ready for - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Word List Picture Book for Starters, Movers, Flyers To see free [Cambridge] TESTS for Starters | Book + Key + Audio CD [Oxford] Get Ready for. Starters, Movers and Flyers! The Get ready for series has been updated to reflect the new specifications for the Our discounted price list (PDF).

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This is a sheep. Starters practice test • Reading & Writing, Part 1 Maximize chances of exam success with Get ready for Starters. Get ready for Starters. To prepare for Cambridge English: Starters, children can practise parts of the test or do the complete practice test. 5 What cake can they make today? A. B. C. Free Cambridge English: Starters (YLE Starters) test preparation including sample The Pre A1 Starters classroom activities book will help children get better at . Power Up is a brand new 6-level course designed to create 'future ready'.

Now, come here, please. Thank you. Let them listen first More than likely, your students will want to start practising speaking pretty much from the get-go.

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Drill, repeat, drill, repeat, drill… Beginners need lots of repetition and drilling, especially as they get to grips with the sounds of their new language. It might seem boring to go over the same sentences again and again, but it is necessary. When practising a new sentence, try back-drilling, breaking the sentence down into manageable units and then building it back up, working backwards from the end of the sentence to the beginning; this helps to ensure that your intonation is natural and that you get elements of connected speech right.

Establish classroom language early on Classroom language — Can you speak more slowly? What do we have to do? This training program will build on your running endurance and get you ready to race in 12 weeks.

Remember, everyone is an individual and your base level of fitness may vary.

If you find some of the early runs in this guide a little challenging, consider completing the half marathon training program first to give yourself a strong base to work from. This 12 week training program is just that — a guide — so feel free to be a little flexible with it to make it work for you.

If you want to swap some of the days, go ahead. If you miss a run, you can make it up. Choose a person in yourfamily. Write one-word answers. My has got hair and eyes. It's and it's got 3 Ask and answer. It's a. Listen and draw Unes. Write about that toy. Listen and write L for Lucy. A for Ann and Nfor Nick. Find the children's toys. Sfor Sam. Part 2. There are two exampLes. Part 3. A B 4 What's Alex doing? Don't colour the rubbers!

CoLour some ruLers green. Listen and read.

Make sure you are ready to demonstrate your English language skills

Write the words in the crossword. Look at the pictures. This is a boy. This is a Lamp. Questions 1 This is a Lime. ExampLes This is a board. This is a jrog. Part 1 Listen and draw Lines.

There is one exampLe. She is the baLL. Sam is kicking the baLL. C running kicking hitting riding walking ing bouncing 1 Two boys are pLaying football.

Talk to your f riend about the pictures. ExampLes How many trees are there?

What is a Print Ready PDF?

Part 5. Part 5 Look at the pictures and read the questions. I LovefLying kites! Sue likes sausages. How many things does Bill Like? How many things does Sue Like? BiLL Likes balls. A g a r d e n You can find me behind a house.

On a nice day chiLdren can bounce a 2 and pLay Lots of games.

I a m a garden. There are Lots of beautifuL 1 here. ChiLdren Love runningand 3 here o r t h e y Like sitting under a tree and reading 4. Part 4.

Get Ready For…

Some peopLe enjoy eating a 5 here too. At night UnitlO. In the evening dinner. Write the words under the pictures. In the afternoon t o t h e radio.

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Idon't to school. Write about your day. Q 1 I n the morning. TeLL your f riend about the stories you read.

Unit Write the first letter of each word in the pictures and find the answers. I'm readingN.

In the evening my big brother comes h o m e j r o m 5 and I pLay with him. She's very beautijxiL. My favourite toy is my 4. Part 4 Listen and coLour.. She's talking about the chiLdren. Take turns to telL your friend where to put things.

Starters Speaking preparation 1 Look at the picture. Ask and answer these questions. My mum W h a t coLour is their hair? My dad's can play tennis.

W h a t coLour are their eyes? W h a t do they Like doing? W h a t sports can they play?

Draw Lines and make sentences. Two chiLdren on the bus cLeaning a t a girL. We've got a veq nice teacher. Look at the Letters. They're waving at their grandparents.

Prepare for your IELTS test

P Seeing your grandparents Words Sam is seeing his grandparents today.Part 6 tests reading and understanding a factual text, simple grammar and copying words.

W h a t coLour is it? Wil GC. During these free, drop in workshops, participants will explore the physics underlying cars competing on iconic Hot Wheels orange track.

These will give you an idea of what to expect in the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests. StudentA Student B 1 Where's the kite?

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