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In New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas's Crystal Cove, Justine Hoffman Download and Read Free Online Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor) Lisa Kleypas Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor) by Lisa Kleypas Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio. Get Free Read & Download Files Crystal Cove Friday Harbor 4 Lisa Kleypas PDF . CRYSTAL COVE FRIDAY HARBOR 4 LISA KLEYPAS. Download: Crystal. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A little magic, a lot of romance and well-drawn characters make a satisfying read.” ―Kirkus Reviews on Dream Lake.

Their relationship was rushed. The hero, Jason was unlikable, selfish and manipulative. And I just couldn't warm to the idea of his having no soul. Nor could I quite imagine him and his personality fitting as a gamer and developer. Justine, started out as a strong, independent woman but folded pretty quickly and easily after meeting Jason. This is neither contemporary romance nor paranormal romance, but rather a clumsy blend of the two that Ms Kleypas doesn't quite manage to pull off.

Missing also is her trademark wit, especially in the dialogue. This story was centred around the paranormal, with way too much information about witches, covens and spells. It lacks depth in characterisations, especially of the protagonists.

Shades of Shades There seemed to me to be a mild but distinct essence of FSoG added to flavour the story. The hero is gorgeous, dark, controlling, reclusive, private and uber-wealthy.

He suffered an abusive childhood. He enjoys some kink. He's particularly keen on Kinbaku, the Japanese art of 'the beauty of tight binding', with mention of a safe word.


And also Maguro, sexual passivity or 'a woman who lies still in bed'. I really don't think that Ms Kleypas needed to go down this road, and in fact I think it could well alienate a number of fans and potential readers. To me it seemed a too-obvious ploy to jump on the current FSoG bandwagon and market fascination with bdsm. That sex scene Kinbaku.

For me this scene was not offensive or shocking. But neither did I find it beautiful, sensual or erotic. In fact, it sounded distinctly uncomfortable to read, and I imagined poor Justine ending up more contorted than a pretzel.

Or perhaps trussed up like a turkey or chicken, which brought this video to mind. She should have gone home. I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever considered not finishing a story of hers, and I wish I had gone with my gut and not finished it at all.

The synopsis, for once, is fairly dead on, so I won't rehash that.

It's the story and characters that ruined it for me. Justine is a natural born witch. I should have stopped right there. I don't subscribe to anything about witches be they natural born, white, black, evil, good, don't wanna be witches Even before I became a Christian and before you accuse me of anything - I do read paranormal and erotica - I just don't do witches or demons I had no use for them or desire to read anything about them.

Barring that, Justine is the worst kind of character besides being a witch - she's careless and at one point, even dangerous - because she can't find the time to be thorough. She's not interested in being what she is, but when it suits her, she forges ahead with all the finesse of a bull in a china shop and could have seriously hurt Jason. She's also judgmental. She dislikes Priscilla for "meddling" when in fact all she was doing was helping her boss. I realize that's a judgment call, but one Priscilla needed to make, not Justine.

I think Priscilla had Jason's best interests in mind. She's also just stupid. I won't beat a dead horse any further. At first I didn't really care for him and disliked him. He seemed dark and morose. Kind of like Christian Bale in the Batman character. When his reasoning was revealed, I could understand why, but really?

No soul? That's the best you could come up with LK? At least make it something believable! Jason sort of grew on me and by the end of the book I liked him, even if LK did morph his personality into something that didn't fit him. Justine's two lady friends on the island sorry I've forgotten their names. Is there a reason why they had to be lesbians?

Could they not just be longtime friends? That's not a judgement call against lesbians - simply that it wasn't necessary to the story. Justine's mother. At one point she is described as being a Stevie Nicks inspired character, with long hair and flowing skirts and wedge heels. That right there made me want to throw my ereader at the wall. The previous books had some woo-woo in them and that didn't bother me. But if this is going to be the direction LK takes, I won't be reading any more in this series.

Though her signature voice is still very much present, she also delves deeper into the paranormal aspect that has sprinkled this series so far. The paranormal element is played up much more since Justine is a witch and belongs to a coven and her mother has cast a spell on that prevents her from ever falling in love.

Now, Justine and Jason are facing a curse that once uplifted could cause dire consequences and quite possibly end all their lives. Is experiencing true love worth the risk? Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction View all 30 comments. She is also a reluctant witch. She discovers that someone put a curse on her that she would never fall in love.

Jason Black is a man without a soul but that doesn't mean he has no feelings. A bit strange for me. I liked it but didn't love it. It didn't grabbed me like Lisa Kleypas usually does. It may have something to do with the whole witchcraft s Crystal Cove is the fourth book in Lisa Kleypas' Friday Harbor series. It may have something to do with the whole witchcraft scene which I'm not a fan of.

We got so see Zoe and Alex from the previous book in the series which was neat. Justine was introduced in the previous book too. View all 5 comments. Feb 13, Cat rated it it was ok Shelves: I love Kleypas. She's one of my few auto-downloads, and has been since her days writing historicals. I greatly enjoyed her Texas books, so I know she can write contemporary well, but if I wasn't reading these Friday Harbor novels on my Nook I'd throw them across the room.

Crystal Cove is the most maddening entry into the series yet. Everyone, even characters we'd met before and had their own books, came across as bland, flat, and stock. Please don't get me started on Priscilla and her charming Souther I love Kleypas.

Please don't get me started on Priscilla and her charming Southern fried utterly trite way of speaking. Things that could have been interesting were glossed over, and everything felt sort of rote and half baked and disjointed. The only times that Kleypas seemed back to her old vivid, tightly written self was during the kayak sequence and the sex scenes. At those points everything became vivid, the characters had focus and purpose as opposed to drifting along from point A to B because they were supposed to, and Kleypas seemed to actually be having some fun.

And that's what seems to be missing from all the Friday Harbor books: The entire series reads to me as something she's contractually obligated to get through, and not something she's personally intrigued or entertained by. Kleypas will remain an auto-download for me going forward, but I'm looking forward to her leaving Friday Harbor.

I love the Friday Harbor series. I love the bit of magic woven into every story that made each of these romances so alive and Crystal Cove was a little different than the other three novels in the series in that it was more magical, perhaps even paranormal than the others. Justine is a bone fide witch. The hero, Jason, has no soul. There are curses and covens and spells. The story felt different because it was more steeped in the supernatural than the others. The story opens with Just I love the Friday Harbor series.

The story opens with Justine discovering that a geas or curse has been placed upon so that she'll never find true love. From there this witch who has pretty much rejected her magical background, starts to casts spells to break the curse. Which she manages, but although she is powerfully attracted to Jason, she's also reluctant to pursue anything with him.

He's too different. And I think that she was also afraid because Jason demanded and Justine wasn't used to feeling, or at least feeling what she did with him. And then came the betrayal. And from then on we find out just how cursed Justine is and how that curse will affect Jason, a man with no soul. And the more each of them tried to protect the other, the more messed up it becomes.

And yet, magic saves the day. I liked that love and magic made it possible for Justine and Jason to be together. But I was a bit taken aback by how it all happened. I'm still not sure what it means.

I've given it some thought, and I've come to the conclusion that they were fated to be, soul mates, but in a very different way than we might except as readers. I actually think that their love story was meant to unfold in precisely the way that it did, as if it was written in the stars.

They are not your typical soul mates in short--because how could they be when Jason began this story without a soul? A lovely tale, rich with emotion and elegantly told. Is it magical? Yes, but not exactly as I'd come to expect from the Friday Harbor series. It's eclectic and much more lyrical, flowing with fantasy and romance. Read more reviews on My Devastating Reads. No es imprescindible como cierre de la saga, ya que los hermanos Nolan ya tienen todos pareja y apenas aparecen en la historia.

Jan 09, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: What to say? I really liked this book but it is different from the others in the series so be aware.

Love the heroine but it took me a while to decide if I bought in to the reason she couldn't be with the hero. Yes, it is a farfetched, but if you love a story and it's characters and the author is as skilled as Lisa Kleypas you can suspend a lot more disbelief than usual.

There is some hot sex and a real love story. And one of my favorite things? This is just a bit spoilery. The relationship be What to say? The relationship between the heroine and her mother doesn't have a big, unbelievable, happy resolution. Some things are unforgivable. Read and be happy, I am. Sep 05, Helena rated it did not like it. Imagine praising a man for not raping you while you slept on the same bed?????? I wish I stopped at the third book because, 'til now, it was a decent story.

This book can burn in hell for all I care. View all 4 comments. Apr 14, Geo Marcovici rated it it was amazing. O Vrajitoare si un tip fara suflet Un blestem care poate fi fatal!

Crystal Cove

Apr 07, Seena Seena rated it really liked it. I just finished Dream Lake and I want this installment. I love that we readers are truly the luckiest people out there in our crazy world that we get to read these magical stories! I think I was more disappointed in this book than any other LK one. And Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor set quite a high or low as it were bar on that one.

Let's just make two thing clear: I'm a girl who loves magic. I love it in my books, movies, you name it. I've waited and am still waiting for that late Hogwarts letter and have watched Charmed like a thing possessed. The second thing is: I love Lisa Kleypas. I love the Travises and the Wallflowers and I think she's an amazing wr 2.

I love the Travises and the Wallflowers and I think she's an amazing writer. Um, no, sorry. When magic is done I want the whole thing. I want the complex world and its history, I want various beings and cultures, or in the case of some steamy PNR, I want a hot werewolf. I don't like this magical realism or whatever this is called. This whole series was skewed for me. Dream Lake and Rainshadow Road managed to somehow work, if not thrill, but here maybe because the magic level was so ambitious it simply failed.

Let me explain the story. She's alone, she's lonely, she has mommy issues. She does the forbidden thing with the grimoire that reverses the curse and, naturally, falls in love with the first guy she meets. Which happens to be Jason Black.

But you see, there's an ancient something which makes sure all men a witch loves die pretty quickly. Really, there's not much more to say. He was abused, is ambitious and happens to be lacking the ingredient which would lead him to the afterlife.

And he, by chance, runs into a powerful witch. Yeah, right. In any case, a few days, a boom, a bang and a few spells later, they are in love, getting married and problem free. Let's just say all that didn't work for me. The Magic I know I already said it, but it needs repeating. The inclusion of magic felt awkward, forced and weird. Its rules, limitations and place in our world were barely skimmed. I won't even get into the soulless thing.

Plus, I think it played too much of a rule here. It was used to bring our couple together, explained them falling in love, served to drive them apart and then save their lives and whatever.

All that kept other things blurry. Such as: The Relationship I would've said the characters, since I'm not a big fan of how they turned out either, but they were relatively okay, so All their failings could be seen through their relationship. First of all, I totally understand the desire to pin everything on "Love at first sight" and "Soulmates".

Why bother agonizing to make love believable in pages when we can just say it was "meant to be" and pay attention to other stuff? Like spells. Not to say there's nothing between Justine and Jason. There is. There were some really good scenes, BUT far less attention was payed to them than they deserved. Than we are used to with LK. I think what makes her unique as a writer is creating really strong, believable characters, pairing them off and having them build something real, despite the troubles and doubts they face.

Here, everything was too fast, they go from not knowing one another to love so quickly. Again, yes, there were conversations, but I ended up not downloading it And Jason's behaviour sometimes? I admit I have a weakness for Fictional Men of Ice, but c'mon, he was inconsistent. He, the man of ambition, had an ultimate game plan, and then just Fell in love, but decided to be an ass for her, and not for his end goal.

I just have no words. Too unstructured and strange. Speaking of uncharacteristic: This wasn't quite it. Nor, again, did it feel right for the characters and their situation and personalities. Lyricism and Humor Reading LK always makes me feel good. Some books are lighter, some pretty dark, but there's still a certain beauty and fluency of writing which is so easy to read.

Also, the banter and witty dialogue in her books is so fun. Here I caught glimpses of both, but not enough for me. For instance, I loved the Truth and Dare scene. It felt infused with heat and secrets. Love appeared when you didn't want it and refused to go. It was like an invasive species that entered your garden without warning, and proceeded to grow wildly out of control, resistant to every method employed to kill it. Basically, love was pigweed. THAT, I'm looking forward to.

View all 7 comments. Laughter, tears, and an intensely hot love affair contained within a mere pages? Why yes, I am reading a Lisa Kleypas book and loving every second of it! Lisa gives to us Crystal Cove, a place where magic literally does happen. A place where a cursed witch fated to never love, dares to break a horribly dangerous curse all in the hopes that she will just feel love for once in her life Justine Hoffman, a hereditary witch who struggles to f Laughter, tears, and an intensely hot love affair contained within a mere pages?

Justine Hoffman, a hereditary witch who struggles to find love, discovers that there's a reason why and soon works to rectify the situation. What she uncovers though may put everything she holds dear in jeopardy. Justine has a long way to go to learn what true love is. Her mother will never win a mother of the year award, and she finds her trust tested time and time again. We get to go on a wonderful journey with her as she discovers love, submits to love, and finally fully embraces love.

Crystal Cove Lisa Kleypas

Jason Black is classic Kelypas 'magic'. He sort of starts off standoffish, closed, selfish and a little cold. Once he meets Justine however, everything, absolutely everything changes. He unfolds as one of those heroes you will melt over again and again and again.

Jason will do anything for the woman he loves. His love for Justine is so very precious and beautiful to watch unfold. He's a man who has everything anyone can imagine and finds himself desperately searching for a way to move heaven and earth to keep Justine in his life.

The possibility that he may not be able to control the single most important thing in his life is incomprehensible. But his love for Justine has changed him completely and he finally learns what it means to really live. One of my favorite parts: You've given me the best days of my life. And it was enough.

Those three well worn, everyday words got the job done. Lisa Kleypas really outdid herself with this one. Jason Black is her typical alpha male, but with a little bit of Dom thrown in. He likes control. He likes a little bit of bondage play, and he likes his woman submissive.

Its uber spicy and toe curling yumminess. His focus is completely centered on Justine, and Justine only. You will find yourself wishing for a moment you could trade places with her.

The steamy scenes in this book will keep you nice and toasty in the frigid nights of this very cold winter. Find my reviews at page Dec 06, Miriam Stern rated it liked it.

And I'm done with Crystal Cove It was okay. I'm giving it four stars because it has witchcraft and because it also has a gamer as a main character although Jason is a bit unrealistic as a gamer Things I really liked: Jason and Justine are sweet and loving and it's a nice chemistry.

Things I didn't like: You can see part of the ending miles away and where are the other Nolans!?! In itself, the book is good, and it's certainly entertaining, it's just not the big deal. Had it not possessed the element of magic then I'd given it 3 stars. This is far from her best. I mean Where are the St. Vincent, Hardy Cates, Cameron Rohan kick ass stories?

But you tell me. I definitely miss the historical romances. She should get back to those. Magical realism romance readers, Contemporary romance with paranormal elements readers. We started this on audio, but I finished it on site.

I liked this one a lot more than many of Kleypas fans. In fact, I liked it quite a bit. I probably helped that I didn't have high expectations. I liked Justine from the other books, but I wasn't particularly attached to her character. She seemed a bit shallow but kind in the other books. I have the feeling that Kleypas didn't have Justine's character fleshed out initially.

She must have spent some time with Justine in between Dream Lake and We started this on audio, but I finished it on site. She must have spent some time with Justine in between Dream Lake and this book and came up with who we see in Crystal Cove.

As Kleypas continues the magical realism theme in this series, this one is very much "Practical Magic. Justine is a hereditary witch. She's not heavily into it, although she does at times do some minor spellwork. Justine realizes that the reason why she's hasn't had luck with love is because her mother cursed her to never fall in love.

Justine does a spell of her own to remove the geas. This backfires. In the meantime, she meets Jason Black, a billionaire badboy tech genius who downloads up Alex Nolan's land to build a retreat for his business. Jason stays at her inn and there is an instant attraction between them. Jason is the kind of man who is dangerous to a woman.

He has no concept of love or commitment. And he has a good reason. He has no soul. I can't say that all of Jason's issues arise out of his souless status. It's moreso due to his abusive father and how he treated his mother. I liked that Jason is part Japanese and this culture is part of who he is. They both share some family trauma. Justine's mother is a horrible person.


Jason's dad is a horrible person. Both have been shaped by their horrible parents. What an interesting combination. I didnt' really get the whole no soul thing.

It was pretty darn real. It doesn't make sense for my own spiritual perspective. But okay, I just went along with it. The witchcraft thing is something that you can idea ignore or embrace, but if it's a hard limit, this isn't the book for that reader. Since Kleypas is going with "Practical Magic", it's hard to not have it in this book. Like always, Kleypas' writing is beautiful and immersive. Jason has a bit of a kinky thing going on with the bedroom, but it's not out of my personal comfort zone.

He has some control issues, and that thing he's into delves into this aspect of his personality. Out of the books in Friday Harbor series, this book is the most sexually explicit, but it makes sense with the characters in the book.

I have to admit, I really believed in the love that developed between Jason and Justine. They are both cynical about love, so it's so beautiful the way it develops between them, and it's a sacrificial love.

The conclusion is both strange but also very beautiful. I liked this book a lot more than I expected. I ended up falling for Justine and Jason. While witchy romance isn't my favorite kind of paranormal romance, I think that Kleypas served up a lovely one here. I definitely preferred this to Rainshadow Road. The character of Jason has so much more substance than Sam, in my opinion. I think I prefer Justine to Lucy as well.

My Friday Harbor Book Preference: Dream Lake 2. Crystal Cove 3. Christmas at Friday Harbor 4. Rainshadow Road View 1 comment. Sep 23, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads Blog rating: The bad feelings between the two get even worse when Justine figures out that her mom cast a spell on her as a young girl so that she would never find love. He still wants her spellbook but now for a very different reason. Take or leave all the spells and outside influence, I loved seeing their romance blossom, even over the course of just a few short days.

His head bent until his mouth was near her ear. This happens once in a lifetime. Even without knowing everything about her, you get her. You know who she is, and it works for you on every level. With as open as they were with their feelings, there was one instance that left a bad taste for me.

After Justine felt so horribly deceived when she found out that a spell was put on her when she was young and she had no say in the matter, she goes and tries to do the same thing to Jason.

It was easy to keep sole focus on the leads and I like that they took over and had that big of a presence. Lisa Kleypas has put a magical spin on the town and people in Friday Harbor and I enjoyed getting to know Jason and Justine. They have a sweet, sexy story and I looked forward to every scene they were together in on page. Crystal Cove is a book filled with romance and is a nice addition to this enjoyable series. I got this paperback from my public library book sale. I tried to read a different book in this series a long time ago, but wasn't able to get into it, so I set it aside.

I dismissed the series ever since, but after seeing this paperback I decided to try again on impulse because Kleypas is one of my all time favorite authors. This book was like nothing I've ever read from her before, and I'm sad to say, not in a good way. The blurb intrigued me. A heroine who has been cursed to never find her so I got this paperback from my public library book sale.

A heroine who has been cursed to never find her soulmate? Sign me up. However, I found her "natural born witch powers" to be hokey and unbelievable.

In fact, the entire plot and conflict was strange. The central conflict was the fact that view spoiler [ the hero was born without a soul and would not live a long life as a result. You see, souls in this book are not doled out to everyone. And when people born without them die, they don't have any afterlife, they become nothing more than a pile of bones. So poor Jason's is living on borrowed time, and in addition to that?

All witches are destined to lose the man they love early. No fear for the characters, or flutters over their romance. And around halfway through I easily guessed the resolution to their problem, so when I got to the end there was no surprise for me at all.Or perhaps trussed up like a turkey or chicken, which brought this video to mind. I liked that love and magic made it possible for Justine and Jason to be together.

Reflecting on those years of constant upheaval, Justine thought she understood why her mother could never stay in one place. She's alone, she's lonely, she has mommy issues. Could they not just be longtime friends?

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