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An App with shit about people, what is better Nothing!!! You saw it in mean girls so why not bring it to life!!!. The Burnbook app is free to download on iOS and Android. You should be over 17 to use it, but iTunes age verification is far from rigorous. Within the last four months, Burn Book, a new iOS and Android app used by teens has become very popular around school communities. The app has triggered.

But an Apple spokesperson says that the developer made changes to prevent inappropriate and offensive content.

With the prevalence of hook-up apps and other sexual-based apps, one may be surprised to hear that Apple polices apps based on content. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court justice once said, 'I'll know it when I see it.

The guidelines further clarify that "apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected. Apple refuses to offer uncensored versions of adult magazines in accordance with its strict nudity-free policy within the app store, The Huffington Post reports.

Other apps that have been banned from Apple include an app "that notifies users of nearby police DUI checkpoints," and a "game that allows users to drive a truck full of immigrants through the desert.

Burnbook: What parents need to know about the controversial app

Some users are skeptical of Apple's arbitrary guidelines determining which apps get the green light. But stores have also carried signs like 'We cater to white trade only. Walmart does not carry any music that comes with a warning label for content, doesn't matter who it is or what type of music.

Should Walmart be forced to carry products it does not want to sell?

I would expect the app to quickly disappear forever if reports continue to surface after Thursday's update.

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How movie trailers overshadow the main attraction. Deseret News Church News Subscribe.

A real life burn book: the app that lets you rate other people, whether they like it or not

Here's what parents need to know about the burn book culture, and this new app that perpetuates it. Burn book history Today's concept of a "burn book" was popularized by the movie Mean Girls , in which a small group of high school students wrote terrible comments about others, and reported rumors and gossip in a physical book.

But digital burn books are nothing new. Students have set up Facebook pages and blogs to create their own versions of burn books in the past, but it could be argued that nothing has reached the same scale of the Burnbook app before.

There are also other popular anonymous apps, such as Whisper and Secret and even similarly location-based Yik Yak , but they don't specifically target school communities the way Burnbook does.

You should be over 17 to use it, but iTunes age verification is far from rigorous. You search for "communities" — schools — near your location, and once you join a community you're free to post anything on any topic. The Burnbook blurb suggests "Jokes, fails, wins, sightings, shout outs, revelations, proclamations and confessions — they all happen on Burnbook.

Together, we can keep a secret. You don't need to sign in, and you don't create a username. As a result, Burnbook gives kids the ability to pick a name, and open up anonymous judgment from the community. In even worse scenarios, Burnbook users even narrow it down to a body part.

Other users can comment, like, and up-vote or down-vote content to decide what stays in the app and what gets removed.Think of the old day bullying where kids wrote in a notebook anonymously and passed it around in school to bash on others. But the app has also served as a canvas for all sorts of inappropriate behavior by students.

App Activity

Hot or Not, where strangers rate your profile. Wishbone, which allows users to compare kids against each other.

If they do and it may be an in innocent way , you need to talk to them about the dangers. But he is pointing the finger at parents instead of accepting blame when people use the app inappropriately. Whisper, an app that promotes sharing secrets and meeting new people.

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