Read "Bed of Roses" by Nora Roberts available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Love blooms in the. As little girls MacKensie, Emma, Laurel, and Parker spent hours acting out their perfect make believe “I do” moments. With perfect flowers, delicious desserts, and joyful moments captured on film, Nora Roberts’s Bride Quartet shares each woman’s emotionally magical journey to. Bed of roses [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Nora Roberts. "Since she was a little girl, Emma Grant has always loved romance. So it's really no surprise.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In her second bridal-themed romance about four friends who run Vows, a Greenwich, Conn., wedding planning. Wedding florist Emma Grant gets to play with flowers every day and work with her Bed of Roses. Bride Quartet, Book 2 · Bride Quartet. by Nora Roberts. ebook. Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts. Read an Excerpt. download download the Ebook: Kobo · Barnes & Noble · Apple · Books Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet · Happy Ever After.

Nora met her second husband, Bruce Wilder, when she hired him to build bookshelves. They were married in July Through the years, Nora has always been surrounded by men. Not only was she the youngest in her family, but she was also the only girl. She has raised two sons. Having spent her life surrounded by men, Ms. Roberts has a fairly good view of the workings of the male mind, which is a constant delight to her readers. Nora is a member of several writers groups and has won countless awards from her colleagues and the publishing industry.

Click here to view the full "In Death" series by J. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Book 2 By: Nora Roberts. Write a review. Add to Wishlist. In Stock. Unable to Load Delivery Dates. Enter an Australian post code for delivery estimate. Description Customer Reviews 1 Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

Book 4. Book 2. Vision in White The Bride Quartet: Book 1. Other Books by Nora Roberts. Item Added: Bed Of Roses. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Jack of course has to beg and crawl to even be permitted to see Emma again and apologize profusely more than necessary IMO over what a jerk he was.

He romances her and asks her to marry him all with Mama Bear Parker's stamp of approval. Tell me again how this is romantic? As someone who wants love and the whole package too, I was with Emma, empathized with her until she took a veering turn into MoronVille.

Her whole meltdown after the fight was just silly, unnecessary, extremely overblown and childish. Having the poor guy crawl and beg because he made a careless mistake is ridiculous and extreme in this case. While his words were sweet and sincere during his ILY declaration it lost all poignancy for me considering the lengths he had to go through and how he was skinned alive over something so small.

It ruined the HEA moment completely and lost all flavor for me as the reader. It came off like a parent supplicating a 2 year old after throwing a tantrum and giving them what they want in the end.

Not very flattering and just silly.

Guys have their stupid moments, just like us ladies do too. No one was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and somewhere in all this juvenile overblown mess I was hoping one of the girls would point out to Emma 'don't you think you are overreacting?

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Cut the guy some slack' but no. Poor Jack: Oh no, instead poor sainted perfect Emma had her heart ripped to shreds because she didn't hear what she wanted so Jack is the bad evil jackass.

Shame on him! Give me a fucking break. I really hope Laurel's book isn't filled with silliness like this. View all 10 comments. Oct 23, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: Something to do with this 2nd book being better received by most readers and my having lower expectations, I guess.

No matter why, I did find Bed of Roses highly entertaining. Emma was the main reason this book worked for me, with her utterly romantic nature. Worse, she refused to listen to him and just cut him loose. Anyway, besides that small bump in the road, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Emma and Jack's friendship develop and grow into love.

And dancing in the moonlight? Which woman could resist that? View all 18 comments. Nov 09, K. I'm not even a fan of her's, yet this is straight-forward, simple, romantic and LOL ensemble writing at it's best! I don't know about that first book that received such crappy reviews. With a multitude of characters to have to portray and distinguish, she pulled it off without a hitch!

I loved how all the four girlfriends interacted with each other, and the guys. Great book. Do not miss this romantic tale, even if you're not normally attracted to the ever prolific and sometime skeptical thinking in how does she "write all those so quickly" thinkiing of Nora Roberts books.

Just go for this one! View all 21 comments. May 06, Tammy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Gosh did I ever enjoy this story! If you're a fan of the friends-turned-lovers theme, then this is the book for you. It's a real shame the author didn't write Bed of Roses as the first book in her Bride Quartet series. There is more insight into the characters. The emotions are stronger. The dialogue is so much better. This story is straight romance with sprinkles of light humor and funny banter.

No suspense or mystery involved. The relationship between the four friends is the cornerstone of th Gosh did I ever enjoy this story! The relationship between the four friends is the cornerstone of the series and Bed of Roses is Emmaline Grant's story.

Emma is the florist at Vows, the wedding planning business that she co-owns with her three best friends, Parker, Mac and Laurel. Emma is a true romantic to the core who adores candlelight dinners, flowers and foreplay music. She is a serial dater. A social butterfly. She dreams of being swept off her feet and dancing in the moonlight with her one true love. How could you possibly hate a girl like this?!

She often ends up pairing up her dates with unsuspecting friends. Because she is such a cheerful optimist, you can't help but think that Emma is the type of girl that you would want to be your best friend.

I liked the fact that she had no emotional baggage and came from a loving family with parents who were happily married to each other. Jack Cooke is a long-time friend of the quartet as well as best friend to Parker's brother, Del. There's no disputing that this man works as hard as he plays! I got a kick out of the testosterone-centric moments in this book - poker, beer, and male bonding at its' best! Jack and Emma have been friends for several years, but are in denial about their mutual attraction to each other.

After a really hawt back rub and amazing first kiss, Jack and Emma are able to admit that there is more to their friendship.

These two definitely have chemistry. Probably more so than Mac and Carter did in the first book. The only minor gripe I had about this book is about the conflict. Emma over-steps a boundary only two months into her relationship with Jack. You can see a mile away that Jack will get cold feet because of it.

He unintentionally breaks her heart. Emma runs to her friends as expected. However, these friends have also been friends with Jack for decades and they shut him out cold. In essence, they all gang up on him to protect Emma after vowing NOT to get involved and ruin friendships. It all seemed so bitchy and contrived. Emma's actions seemed almost immature.

But it all led to an apology and a happily ever after ending like it should have. I have to say that I wasn't looking forward to Parker's story until I met Mal. Parker seems so uptight and off-key that I can barely tolerate her, but Mal Very yummy! I'm looking forward to Parker's fall. View all 22 comments. Dec 28, Obsidian rated it it was ok Shelves: Wow, I totally forgot how much I disliked the heroine in book 2 until my re-read.

Oh Emma, so perfect but a total jerk I thought Emma. Who even though she keeps telling her love interest Jack things are fine, throws a fit when he doesn't treat her like his girlfriend.

And I ended up loathing the other characters in this book who decided that well they couldn't be friends with Jack anymore since Emma was so hurt.

What are you? Who does mess like this? I actually booed when the HEA comes our way since I didn't think it was deserved at all. Emma is the wedding florist for her and her friend's wedding business.

Emma is looking for Mr. She wants to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids. Of course she has a crush on Jack who wants none of those things. Jack has a thing for Emma, but also has a thing for not committing to anyone. So of course this will totally be okay with Emma even though she knows before she gets involved with Jack, he is not looking for anyone to settle down with. Honestly the chemistry between these two was meh. I actually think that Mac and Carter had better chemistry.

And the whole book just felt off to me.

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I just hated that I was reading about a woman who was doing everything she could to make a guy catch feelings for her. And I hated how everyone was encouraging Emma in her nonsense.

The four friends were all kind of annoying in this one. I was just done with the whole group and their chosen freaking dudes in this one. The wedding details still boring. The endless discussion about the flower arranging that Emma was doing good Lord make it stop. I just found myself bored for most of the book and did end up skimming a fair bit.

This book just made everything about wedding planning sound tedious as hell. But I really did get ticked towards the end when all of the so-called friends freeze Jack out after Emma seriously acted like a freaking child. Team Jack all the way and I wish he had thought more about being friends with people who would dispose of him so easily. View 2 comments. Oct 28, Celeste rated it it was amazing Shelves: While the first installment of this series will always be my favorite, the second book is just as sweet.

Emmaline is a crazy-talented florist, crafting bouquets and centerpieces that are works of art for Vows, the wedding business she runs with her three best friends. Turns out, the feeling and the fear that accompanies it are While the first installment of this series will always be my favorite, the second book is just as sweet. Turns out, the feeling and the fear that accompanies it are mutual.

Emma is a bombshell, graced with phenomenal genes from her Latin goddess of a mother. But what makes her so special is her sweetness. Here is a woman who will always stop to not only smell the roses, but to pick one and bring it to a friend in need of cheering.

She is good to her core, and can always find a silver lining to every cloud. Jack is an architect, funny and bold and movie-star gorgeous. They make a killer couple. And, like all Nora novels, they get their happy ending. Feb 28, Marisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Short Review: However, those of you who have not read the first book, Vision in White, can read the second book with out missing a step.

I liked this book. Am I glad I rea Short Review: Am I glad I read it?

Bed Of Roses

Would I re-read it? Long Review: Nora Roberts can write. That is so not in dispute. She has legions of fans for a good reason. Am I a fan? You betcha! Do I download all of her books? Pretty much. Am I biased? Not so much. Unlike her alter ego, J. I know, strange huh? Even her paranormal trilogies have characters you want as your best friends. She is in a class many aspire to and few attain when it comes to fleshing out and developing characters and writing dialogue.

Bed of Roses is no exception. Each woman is responsible for a different aspect of the business. All four women are people you want to get to know. Roberts is at her best here in regards to the tenor, tone and timbre of these four women. You either want to be them, see a bit of yourself in them, or want to befriend them.

The same holds true for the men in this series. As per usual, Ms. Roberts is amazing at writing her male characters. She gets it right every time. Bed of Roses focuses on Emma Grant, a talented florist who is responsible for that particular aspect of Vows.

Emma is beautiful, smart, funny, and dates — a lot. Jack Cooke, an architect, has been friends with Emma and the woman of Vows for many years.

Basically the book is about Emma and Jack and how they begin to see each other in a different light, act upon their feelings, and then deal with the consequences. Becoming lovers after being friends for a long time is not an easy feat; particularly when there are other friends involved. The particular dynamic that lovers have invariably changes the dynamic for the whole group, and of course if the couple breaks up there is the question of who gets custody of the friends.

In both Vision in White and Bed of Roses, Roberts takes great care to give us a glimpse into the wedding planning business as seen through the eyes of these four friends.

The anecdotes and peripheral characters she introduces are fun. The way each woman deals with her aspect of the business is drawn in loving detail. The relationships between the women are crafted with exceptionally well written dialogue. And… however, the tension that I so long for is a bit lacking here. Bed of Roses is a sweet romance with strong characters and a simple plot. Truth be told, I should be happy.

Perhaps that is the understated beauty of this series. View 1 comment. Aug 13, Lexy rated it it was amazing. Mais um romance fofo da Nora.. Jan 07, Nadia rated it did not like it Shelves: This was so dumb and cheesy.

The only saving grace were the snippets we'd get from the perspective of other characters. Apr 09, Lora rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Ever felt left out? I felt that way when I tried reading Vision in White back in May of this year, and I felt that way again trying to read its successor, Bed of Roses.

I attempted to read this about two months ago after having finished and disliked the first book in this series. Normally I would drop a series after disliking the first installment to the degree that I did with Vision in White , but since I own the first, second, and fourth installments in this series I thought I'd give it another Ever felt left out?

Normally I would drop a series after disliking the first installment to the degree that I did with Vision in White , but since I own the first, second, and fourth installments in this series I thought I'd give it another go. Plus I felt left out. Many women love Nora Roberts, and after having fallen for her In Death series that she writes under the pseudonym J. Robb at the end of last year, I figured, why not try her other works? How different could they be? At the very least, shouldn't the characterization be as good?

That was my reasoning. For me, this series is very flat and fluffy; the characters are cookie-cutter, the plots seem to be slight variations of one another, and because of the uninteresting characters there's not much to say about the sexy factor.

And I'm sorry to all NR fans out there, but I honestly can't imagine her other works being any more suitable to my reading tastes, either.

Bed of Roses

I shall stick with her alter ego, J. Robb , where I know I'm in for a treat. View all 8 comments.

May 07, Corrine rated it really liked it Shelves: I know it's a book about wedding planners, but come on! Jack was the typical commitment-phobe modern guy, and Emma was a sweet and almost-naive, but not in an annoying way, foil to him. And it was fun watching them turn from friends to lovers, and trying to deal with all of the changes it causes, not just between them, but among their whole group. I have to say that I am sort of concerned by the level of codependency among the four women: When the plot hits the conflict and all of the women group together to protect Emma, all I could think was that was really insulting to Emma, and really immature of her to hide behind them.

I can't compute that at all - that is so completely the opposite of how I expect grown women to act. But other than that, an enjoyable read. Nov 04, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Nora Roberts has a formula in her romance series that really works for me.

Woman meets man, woman falls for man, man and woman are happy together, something happens to mess that up, but man and woman become happy again by the end of the book. This series doesn't have quite as much strife in it as some, as the something happening to mess it up is more like an argument and a misunderstanding than s Nora Roberts has a formula in her romance series that really works for me.

This series doesn't have quite as much strife in it as some, as the something happening to mess it up is more like an argument and a misunderstanding than something like a not-so-friendly ghost coming back from the grave to drive the lovers apart, causing them to be in mortal danger. However, the first two books have still been wonderful stories about likable characters that you can't help but root for.

The wedding business that the four main characters share serves as an enjoyable backdrop for all the drama. As someone who LOVED her own wedding and especially the details like the flowers, the cake, and the photos , it's so fun to read about the wedding planning business and experience the over-the-top affairs these women plan.

My only criticism is that we will have to wait so long for the next book! As with any of the Nora Roberts series I have read, I want to continue with the story now! However, I know it will be worth the wait Mar 12, Miss Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think Bed of Roses should have been the first book in the Bride Quartet series.

I felt like the players were much fleshed out then in the first, Vision in White. I got to know them and what their feelings and wants are. I felt that lacked in VIW. I loved every minute of it! Emma is the florist in her quarter of Vows, the wedd I think Bed of Roses should have been the first book in the Bride Quartet series. Emma is the florist in her quarter of Vows, the wedding planning business she owns with her 3 best friends. I really enjoyed all the flower work and descriptions in this one.

The story line is defiantly not a new one, but it works for me. There is a lot of banter between everyone. It seems like all of the women have a snappy come back for whatever any one says. Sometimes that bothers me. However I am so glad I liked this one.

View all 4 comments. Nov 14, Steph rated it it was ok. This was also OK but I did like it a bit better than the first of the series. You see more personalities and different characters and you kind of figuring out who Will end up together in the later series.

It has a little bit more humor too. May 11, Mojca rated it it was amazing Shelves: What, does she have a special gene or something? Is she a writing mutant? Because with Bed of Roses she once again succeeded. One of those strong, resilient friendships that last a lifetime. As NR mentioned in one conversation between Jack and Emma, girls like to eat chocolate when upset, while men punch each other in the face. That said, this was also a romance. And what a romance. Would you be able to get back to where you were if when the relationship implodes?

How will others around you react, especially if you both come from a tight circle of close friends? Could it even work? Should you give it a try? Are you brave enough to give it a try and fight for what you want? Sure, once the passion is upon you, you throw caution to the wind, and hope you get lucky.

And it worked. Sort of. Roberts made her female lead pull a stunt that utterly annoyed me. Yet she—deliberately, might I add—crossed the boundaries of their relationship, despite knowing and seeing the mood he was in , so she could throw a completely childish tantrum, storm off, and vow never to see him again, without giving him a chance to talk to her, reason with her.

And what did her friends do? They sided with her. Because she did, and she knew it the morning after, once she thought it through.

Talk about drama queens. And what does the guy do? Really apropos to make it the last one. Aug 02, Tracie rated it did not like it. If Emma was in the room with me I'd throw her out the window. I can't believe Nora Roberts wrote such twaddle.

And it wasn't even just Emma. Her friends were just as bad. So a man has a horrible, stressful day. And her friends, who are supposedly If Emma was in the room with me I'd throw her out the window.

And her friends, who are supposedly his friends as well, wrap the blubbering idiot in the bosom of their affections, and leave Jack out in the cold without even being able to get a word said. Friends like that I've been listening to this on a digital downloadmindless stuff to listen to while working in the kitchen.

And I want to throw my computer out the window. And I'm down to the last 10 minutes. And I don't even know if I can listen to them. She's finally deigned to forgive him for all his sins against her, and he's going to do the big grovel. And I'm going to puke. I wish someone could tell me if somewhere in the last ten minutes she actually has a brain transplant or learns how to allow for him what she expects for herself.

I just don't want to listen to this last ten minutes if somehow she isn't going to redeem herself. If it was a book, I'd have skipped to the very last page a long time ago, just to read the "happily ever after". Mar 09, Jane rated it it was ok Shelves: I have all four of this series on my Kobo from the library and I'm going to finish them but I'm feeling suffocated in fondant and flower petals.

There's zero suspense. I knew from book two who all four would end up with over what, a period of a year? To get the smexing in, they hook up pretty soon in the book, then of course there's a misunderstanding I'm just about to start book three but I imagine it'll be the same.

This book. Oh boy. Lost all respect for Emma when she had a major melt I have all four of this series on my Kobo from the library and I'm going to finish them but I'm feeling suffocated in fondant and flower petals.

Lost all respect for Emma when she had a major meltdown because the man she'd been dating for two months hadn't declared his love, asked her to marry him, given her a key, and let her tart the place up with girly flowers.

Well, duh. Two months. Okay, he had Issues, but you'd have thought he'd killed kittens the way everyone reacted. And don't get me started on the fight between him and Del over Emma as if she was some kind of possession who couldn't choose her own date. I wanted some fun wedding problems, but they're few and far between and always handled so perfectly. Everything's perfect.

Though from the amount of wine and champagne they're always drinking, maybe not their livers. Bunu seviyorum. Sep 26, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this so, so much but then the last couple of chapters sort of melted into a big puddle of drama, and I couldn't really stomach half of that. Because while I of course didn't agree with Jack, I also thought Emma and the entire gang overreacted.

Jack was right in saying that he didn't cheat on her or slap her around or God knows what, but they were all acting like he'd literally stabbed her or something. Parker telling Jack "She's ready to talk to you, so I'm ready to let you talk to her. And I love Parker, but I think I like her a little bit less after that whole scenario, so my enjoyment of the book took a hit there. To be honest, I feel as if Emma basically showed Jack that it was either a marriage or a break-up in their future and wow, way to push a guy to ask you to marry him.

True love, ladies and gentlemen. After a full three months if that of dating. Even though I'm used to Nora Roberts' characters being very stereotypical Carter is the quiet, nerdy type; Jack and Del are the 'scared-of-serious-commitment-like-to-taste-as-many-fish-in-the-sea' type and I'm pretty sure Malcolm will be the former bad boy turned good.But the last place Emma's looking is right under her nose.

However, I know it will be worth the wait More Details Emma was the main reason this book worked for me, with her utterly romantic nature. But I will say I found Emma's parents' love story really sweet and romantic, it had me wishing Lucia and Phillip had their own book, I really loved their story.

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