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Able Fingerprint Guest Book

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Dreamcatcher Thumbprint GuestBook Alternative, Baby Shower or Wedding Guest book Fingerprint Guest Book Baby Shower Guestbook Dream Catcher. download Black and White Wedding Guest Book Fingerprint Tree - Simple oak finger The finished artwork is then digitized, so that we're able to personalize the print. Our fingerprint trees & guest books are a unique and personalised keepsake of your special day and all of your friends and family who were able to share this.

Set Up Sign-In Step 5: Add Fingerprints Step 6: Sign Name.

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Does anyone have any ideas or examples? This is such a weird coincidence.

I literally just looked these up on Etsy I'm recreating one for my day, too. I think it's relatively straightforward I'm just going to have the wedding party do it before the reception so people get the idea.

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Me too!!! I don't think we're going to do a poem though because people seem to be really confused about the concept "why would you want us to cover our hands in ink?!

Glad I'm not alone in this!! Rae- That is hilarious! You and hubby pick prime spots now, so that your fingers are clean on your wedding day.

Have your parents "sign" it now. Have your wedding party do it at the rehearsal???

Just don't want anyone in the wedding party to have colored fingers when you are taking pictures I'm doing the same thing but instead of doing the fingerprints I'm just going to have guests sign little paper leafs to attach to it.

Log in Join now. Expert July Fingerprint Guest Book Kiela , on June 5, at 1: Super October Master October Anybody know what kind of ink is best to use?

Super September Rae R. Master March My FSIL did that. She just had regular stamp ink washable and than had alcohol wipes.

VIP August I am just using something simple like this. Super February Cute idea!!

Expert September Cob Cottage 2pm 1c. Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts. At the end of the event, place complete art piece into frame and hang.

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Create a Color Scheme Step 4: I am just using something simple like this. Wedding Attire.

Insane Pools 1am 12c. Account Support. Have your parents "sign" it now.

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